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Review on BDC Consulting by İlqar Agayev

My thoughts about BDC Consulting

Hello there. My review today will be about BDC Consulting. BDC Consulting was created in 2011. This company's job is to support companies, entrepreneurs, small businesses and help them grow. Even though it is a new company, authorities claim on its website that this company has more than 100 years of experience in total. I couldn't find any evidence of this, so it didn't seem very convincing to me that the company had such great experience. If what is written is true, I think it would be better if the authorities released evidence of them as soon as possible, otherwise the trust of the customers in the company may decrease.
I really like the design of the official website of BDC Consulting. In addition, the placement of information on this site and some other features seem very convincing to people visiting the site. This is a very good feature. While some companies don't pay much attention to the website, I think BDC Consulting realizes how excellent its strategy is. The company sends its employees to conferences and courses frequently and thus tries to increase their experience, which I think is one of the most excellent features of the company. That's all for my review, but I'll keep you posted on developments. 

Pros & cons

  • Workers are very experienced, and they are often sent to courses to increase their experience.
  • BDC Consulting has a very good website
  • Some information about the company needs proof