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Review on AOC U2790VQ 3840X2160 Frameless DisplayPort Tilt Adjustment, Wall Mountable, Blue Light Filter, ‎AOC P2 Series Monitor, HD, HDMI by Walter Mercado

The best 4k monitor I've ever seen

I have used multiple monitors for my flight simulator/work/casual photo editing. I started with an old 24" 1080p IPS panel but trying to fly with just one monitor isn't fun, everything else was fine. I've assembled 3 22" 1080p TN panels which are fine for flying but not great for working or photo editing. I then bought 3 24 inch 1080VA 144Hz panels, the high refresh rate was good but the color was inferior to TN panels. I returned them and bought 3 of AOC's 27 inch 4k IPS panels. Here are the pros and consPros: -Great color compared to anything I've used before -Amazing clarity of text and photos -No noticeable backlight blur -Excellent viewing angles -Minimal bezel looks great in a multi-monitor setup -Color calibration and Certificate of uniformity on each monitor and the certified measurements are absolutely incredible at this price point, the average color DeltaE is between 0.4 and 0.5 for the monitors I've received and the uniformity is close to perfect 100%, one of the Monitors has 99% in one of the monitors the measurement locations, I know where it is from the certificate but I can't see any brightness variation with my own eyes - 3 inputs allow me to dock my PC, Mac and laptop without an expensive 4k kvm triple monitor to run (I have a simple USB switch to toggle keyboard and mouse) - Scales lower A Resolutions very good, 1080 and 1440 have minimal blur. it's HDMI 1.4 and the manual doesn't mention which is which (I don't know which is which at the moment as my mac and laptop dock both have a max speed of 4k 30, my job ordered the dock from Dell D6000 , which does 2 monitors at 4k 60 and a third at 4k 30. I'll try to update when I find out which port is which) -EDIT- HDMI 1 4k 60, HDMI 2 4k 30 - The area around the inputs looks "cheap" off The black plastic cover has some big gaps around the input area so you can see the metal inside and the silver band background Price for 144Hz, at least for now - Not freesync or variable refresh as above: The panel has 10bpp but I don't think it supports 30bit color input, all my computers show 24bit color with no p 30bit selection axis. 24-bit mode is enough for me, so I didn't investigate it further. I am very happy with these monitors, great price for such a great display. I have a different brand 4k monitor in my office that is almost double the price of AOC and to be honest the AOC looks a lot better.

img 1 attached to AOC U2790VQ 3840X2160 Frameless DisplayPort Tilt Adjustment, Wall Mountable, Blue Light Filter, ‎AOC P2 Series Monitor, HD, HDMI review by Walter Mercado

Pros & cons

  • A.O.C
  • Ghosting: This is when traces of motion or images remain on the display after an object has been moved or removed.

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