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Review on AOC U2790VQ – 4K Frameless DisplayPort Monitor with Tilt Adjustment, Wall Mount, Blue Light Filter by Alexander Balasubramani

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The best at this price and for my needs

Bought as a gift in late 2019. I wanted a monitor that would be good for gaming and illustration. Here is a summary of my specific requests: > 27" monitor (I found the 32" too big. I would have ordered a 24" but that was also a gift for me and I liked that size very much in comparison) > LED monitor + IPS monitor > 4K Ultra HD resolution > High brightness > Wide color gamut > Low response time > High refresh rate > Anti-glare/Matte coating > VESA mount does not do everything I wanted The U2790VQ is NOT an LED Monitor but a WLED backlit LCD which is better than a non LED backlit LCD. It also doesn't have a high refresh rate, it's limited to 60 fps (tested and true). But compared to other 27" monitors with similar specs at this price point the U2790VQ was still the best option. This monitor has the highest brightness of 350nits compared to similar monitors at this price point. There were others that had a higher refresh rate, but had lower brightness and color gamut. Since I was planning to use my computer for illustration, refresh rate wasn't as important a factor as brightness and color gamut. There were more expensive ones that could do EVERYTHING I wanted, but I was expecting a price increase of at least $150 that I didn't want to shell out. That said, I was willing to trade those two points for savings. ---------------------- I came back after a year just to see if there was something going on in the market that met my needs in the 200 price range up to $300 could be a better match, but it still seems like the best option. I've been using it practically every day for a long time, especially since COVID, and it has never let me down. No bleeding, no dead cells, nothing. It's as good as it was right out of the box. I don't have to use it at full brightness, especially in the room it's in, but it's nice to have the option. The screen isn't as color-consistent as I'd like from different angles, but it's minimal and only slightly distracting when I'm doing my illustrations. It's much better than a regular LCD monitor. Sometimes I want higher fps, but I'm used to gaming at lower fps anyway, so it's nothing to worry me about - exactly what I'm looking for when I'm switching to a monitor that costs more than $500. Until then I'll stay tuned.

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  • blue light filter
  • Dubious purchase for older people

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