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Review on Amazon Pay by Douglas Cachazo

Amazon Pay: Mission to facilitate your payments on Amazon

I have always maintained that the big beneficiaries in this frenetic process of globalization are social networks and e-commerce giants such as Amazon, Ebay and Ali Baba. However, each of them has had to evolve and offer facilities to users to have a greater speed and facilities to make their payments, precisely the reason for the existence of Amazon Pay.

This payment method has benefited many people who sell their products on Amazon and even more to the experienced people who have created their virtual stores and sell their products in their stores, the service is not exclusive to Amazon as you might think, it is open to be used on any website or platform that wants to use the service.

Something very practical is that you don't need to make an additional registration to use Amazon Pay, they take your data directly that you used when you registered at Amazon and use it in the payment platform, such as payment method, bank accounts, credit cards, telephone and more. To have the service you just have to accept the conditions and that's it. The service is very friendly and has options for both small and large businesses.

I highly recommend their service because of the versatility it offers when making your payments in a fast, practical and safe way. The strongest requirement for its use was already filtered at the time of registration at Amazon, as are the country, if available and the other essential requirement is to have an international credit card or bank account in countries where Amazon has operational offices.

Pros & cons

  • Service used by millions of people around the world
  • It makes your payments much easier and if you are a seller those of your customers
  • No registration or additional verification required
  • Restricted to very few countries
  • Excellent intermediary with your financial payment options
  • Nothing to say