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Review on πŸš— Upgrade Your Ride with SecosAutoparts Automatic Gear Stick Shift Knob for Buick Verano 2012-2017 and GM Vauxhall Buick Regal Opel Insignia 2009-2013 by Kevin Ayala

Revainrating 3 out of 5

A lower quality item than stock but it serves its purpose.

This was a cheap replacement for a good production model of our Buick Verano. The old knowledge was a real agony: first you pull up the plastic cover under the shifter. The fur is held on the stick by a zipper that is too small. You can either break it up and replace it, or try to loosen it and then try to put it back in place with pliers. I then recommend removing the plastic covers from the existing handle. In particular, the beautiful leather that your palm rests on. A small screwdriver should help you squeeze the little plastic tabs holding it in place. Then you need to pull out the old handle. A video I found says you have to press the button under the old handle to do this. I used a screwdriver to hold it in place and yanked on it for 20 minutes until the damn thing came loose. The difference in the quality of the plastic bits is very obvious when you look inside the original and the new pen. What I did was take this nice leather sleeve off my old pen and replace the twitching one with a new pen. At least the feeling is the same and now the button on the handle is reattached. In short, it was a cheap but intense renovation. I recommend this to save a few hundred bucks at the dealer, but you are buying a lower quality than a standard Buick part. Still worth it in my opinion.

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