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Review on CIBC by Dowlet Orazgulyyew

CIBC Introduction.

There are never more than 2-3 working and business people. There is a constant row, so you will have to wait a long time. This bank has good employees, but there is a regular lineup. They have no business direction, so they have to stand in line mixed with buyer accounts. No one comes out to help them get out of work. I WOR WORK CIBC Branch.

I have been with CIBC for over 15 years and this is probably the scariest help I ever wanted.

There is enthusiasm and arrogance here, which gives the CIBC a terrible name. Make an appointment at 2pm with a tip to open a shared service. We took two days off to be safe during the storm. After 10 minutes, there is no instruction other than a reporter telling us that he is surrounded by a customer (not in our opinion). Nothing happened after 10 minutes, and then we were done.

Pros & cons

  • Annual Price Target Message.
  • I don’t want to open a record with them after the help of this weak customer.