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Review on UPERFECT Portable 1920×1080 Raspberry Cellphone 2560X1600P, Glossy Screen, 2560*1600, 2K, Wall Mountable, Blue Light Filter, DS13302, LED by Yahya Webb

Hidden treasure in the world of portable monitors

I've been looking for a good portable monitor for the last 1-2 years that can be used both as a large screen portable for gaming (android phone or switch) and as a portable monitor for working on the go or away from home. from my typical table setup. I use Microsoft Surface products which have some pretty great monitors so the bar is already set pretty high as the portable monitor sits alongside the Surface device in my setup. I've seen a few reviews praising this Superfect monitor but had to see it for myself. In a few short words I was amazed. I'll list a few great features: - The monitor is very bright, especially when using the included AC adapter or other high power source. A great feature is that when the power supply is weak, the monitor regulates its brightness to a lower level in order to be able to work independently. - Colors are rich and vibrant, even compared to a Surface device or my bright phone screen. - after using multiple portable monitors and other devices that require Micro HDMI, Mini HDMI, etc. It was surprisingly convenient to just plug standard HDMI into this monitor. Great feature that I didn't know I wanted. It uses a series of buttons to control the monitor settings, NOT joysticks or spinning wheels which break and are brittle like other brands. I am very confident that these buttons will last a long time and not be damaged when the monitor is shipped (like other brands). After all, this is a PORTABLE monitor. The 13.3 inch size is surprisingly small and portable, but large enough to be used very conveniently. I have to say that the monitor is very light overall, which makes it even more portable. Other small features that make this monitor flexible and practical for any use: a micro USB pass-through port for using a wired keyboard/mouse, 2 USB-C ports (one for signal, one for power), a mini display port (Mac) and a headphone jack if your device doesn't already have one (usually these days), the body is metal, giving more confidence in overall strength. When using a monitor I can easily work with the pen method, or when I need more angle versatility I use my Moko tripod (small and easy to carry). Since the monitor is very light (no battery), any light stand will do. The only negative opinion, and it is very small, is that the suitcase is quite cheap and not very comfortable. I'm working with Superfect to fix this. Because the picture and overall quality is so high, I'm really looking forward to potentially upgrading this monitor with a higher refresh rate (120Hz) and touch input but keeping the same size should they decide to go that route. Highly recommended for your PC, Phone, Nintendo Switch (with dock of course), Raspberry Pi, SFFPC and applications I haven't figured out yet. It's so nice to see that the brand finally got it right!

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Pros & cons

  • High price for the features offered.

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