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Review on Comerica Incorporated by Douglas Cachazo

Comerica Incorporated: Important financial institution

Comerica Incorporated is considered among the 20 best financial institutions in the United States, a country in which there are many good and large financial companies with which it must compete, in addition to U.S.

regulations, banking customer requirements make the institutions have a quality of services consistent with the demands of the market.

Comerica accepts the challenge and today is among the best financial service providers, it is not global but it offers its services to North American countries, among the most outstanding services we can find:

Something good for small or emerging companies is that it allocates part of its credit portfolio to support these new businesses, non-refundable loans also called PPP for individual entrepreneurs and small businesses to support them for losses due to the pandemic. It offers international and domestic credit cards, everything related to financing, payments via mobile devices and payment points, tools to facilitate global commerce with e-commerce solutions, fraud prevention, efficient mechanisms for bank transfers and other services inherent to a financial institution.

Pros & cons

  • Considered among the best financial institutions in North America.
  • Offers prestigious financial services
  • Supports small businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • Payment Mechanisms
  • Nothing to say