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Payoneer: The global powerful portal in paying and getting paid.

Alright everyone, let me tell you my experience about Payoneer on how I became a client of this remittance procedure and other transactions with Payoneer. I got a card last 2015 when I was still in our freelance journey. I liked it because there are a bunch of security measures and they do have like virtual cards wherein you could use and receive funds from your clients if they are abroad and you are a freelancer. That is the power of Payoneer.

Most of other payment processors, it is taking longer to pay and get paid. Not with Payoneer. Instant and almost fee-less transaction for me. They do also have both apps available for ios and android so I can switch mobile phones easily if ever what I am holding for the moment for checking the balance or paying using Payoneer. I also used it to buy from online sellers and it is smooth-sailing. I am telling you guys. The conversion is accurate and the spread is not that too far from each other.

Overall, Payoneer is one of the best cards to pay and get paid globally. A virtuality inside a virtuality is too cool.

Pros & cons

  • Global
  • Has a virtual debit card for abroad transactions
  • Sending the debit card globally
  • Secured aspects with the card
  • Quick expiry date of the card
Merve Duru
I use payoneer for over five years for receiving monthly payments from one of the top performing ad platform and I seriously like the services but Payoneer Card didn't work as I thought and even though there are delays in regular Bank Transfers payoneer is still best solution for receiving payments from lot of freelancers and content publishers. 1