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Review on MicroVentures by Douglas Cachazo

MicroVentures: Venture Fund for Technology Entrepreneurs

Of great importance are all these companies with venture funds at the service of entrepreneurs who create the new companies of tomorrow, something vital because without funding the task would be very uphill.

Founded in 2009, MicroVentura is a global company whose main feature is that it is open to inject venture capital to ventures anywhere in the world and at the same time provides investment opportunities in an analogous way to any person or company that wants to invest in new ventures and become part of MicroVentura either as an associate founder or join the network of investors, which differentiates it from many similar companies.

The company relies on its website to provide its service and from the same receives requests from entrepreneurs and attracts new investors either as an associate or simple investor, the amount to invest can exceed one million dollars and the opportunity to invest starts at $ 100, ie anyone can enter as an investor. As for the numbers are very encouraging has invested more than 400 million dollars, has more than 180 iml investors and generally the portfolio of ventures waiting for funding is approximately 900 companies, ie there is plenty to choose from.

The portfolio of financed companies is quite extensive and it is striking that we can see the name of already consolidated companies that have received capital from other funds that resort to this fund because of its global nature, these already successful companies I imagine they do it to scale, they have an advantage of raising capital more quickly.

The company has a good team, founder and advisor that support it.

To attract financiers the steps are very simple from their website, register, invest the capital you want and manage the investments online, that goes from selecting the company to be financed, to follow up,

Something very important that I should mention for investors is that if you are associated as an investor, when you want you can sell your shares, the company Microventure helps you in this, another important thing is how to recover the investment, there are many ways, it can be return in money or the most used option is to capture shares of funded companies, the option to sell their shares of companies is also open, that is important.

Pros & cons

  • Important global company with venture capital
  • Since its foundation it has financially assisted successful ventures.
  • It has good and recognized investment partners, as well as individuals.
  • The portfolio of investors exceeds 190,000.
  • The amount to be financed can be high
  • Accepts ventures and investors anywhere in the world.
  • Successful and consolidated ventures have knocked on its door to scale.
  • Absolutely nothing to say.