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Review on The Norinchukin Bank by Umut Yıldırım

Review by Umut Y.

The Norinchukin Bank is an organization supporting industries Norinchukin claims that the Bank of Agriculture and forestry in Japan on a large level and deliver this product to develop and improve the production quality of life and the global investment in Japan to improve livelihoods. This system works in agriculture, fisheries, forestry and the economy to develop money for capital owners. It is working on a safety network for the system, and a program for work and Industries has been developed for the fiscal year 2019 until the year 2023, and it is working to invest for this plan and supports this system Ja, JF marine Bank and Jforestgroup. With the support of these people, this system in 2019 earned a profit of 2219 billion yen. This system aims to become the first to support agriculture, fisheries and food production and work to address climate change, which is one of the priorities of this company to develop its work in April 2019. This company has been financially supported and done by the heads of this business to maintain the level of profits in the risks of climate change on the business. In my personal opinion, this company supports the largest group of people, workers, industrialists and investors and is considered a global network in the development of money for capital owners and generates and maintains its level of energy.

Pros & cons

  • Bank concerned with agricultural, social and food support
  • No cons yet