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Review on Travel Booster by Kevin Witherspoon

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Travel Boosters is pretty amazing software for organizing your travels !

The best thing about travel booster was their customer service as they always respond quickly to my questions or concerns that I have regarding any of our products in general (i am an account manager). They are very organized with different projects going at once which helps us keep up! Nothing i dislike yet but nothing really stands out either so no complaints here also!! We love using this product because it has helped me organize all aspects within one place instead if having many spreadsheets/documents etc., It's great how everything comes together into something bigger than its parts alone would be able create themselves; we can now add things like flights &amp hotels without needing multiple programs running separately from each other - saving time while working efficiently through tasks quicker too. The best thing about travelbooster as an agent or tour operator it's that we can have all our clients in one place at once with their itinerary details which helps us to manage them better than before! I dislike nothing so far but maybe more features would be nice like booking of hotels/accommodations etc., It has made managing my client much easier by consolidating everything into 1 spot rather then having multiple emails from different sources regarding same information (itineraries).

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  • Very organised system, easy access even for non tech savvy people.
  • Great way organising your work flow
  • Ease accessing data fast when needed most(especially during emergency)
  • Easy navigation between main pages via tabs located right above top menu bar across entire page making navigating throughout program effortless&nbsp
  • None