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Review on Smartphone LG G6 64GB by Jagat Buana ᠌

Revainrating 3 out of 5

The product did not cause delight, but you can use it.

- Almost all applications that you install will run in the background and drain the battery, you can’t turn it off, the only salvation is the power saving mode, but it cuts the functionality - The RAM after launch is already loaded by more than half, as the number of running applications increases even more, although I never caught friezes because of this. -Battery. After the purchase, I thought I was lucky, I kept the smartphone for a day, but after I installed all the necessary programs over time, it became difficult to grab the phone until the evening, so I always have a small power bank with me for one full charge. Fast charging works, but both the phone and the adapter get very hot, the adapter "hisses" during charging, asked to send another seller, the same problem, as a result, I was left with two original effervescent adapters from LG. -The most unpleasant surprise was the shutdown in the cold when the battery charge is below 50%, in the heat it turns on again with the same charge. After the iPhone, I hoped that this problem would not exist, but alas. It also gets very hot in games like pubg and when there are a lot of applications in the background, from a browser or video. I ordered a phone from aliexpress in the summer of 2022, I have no doubts about the originality, with all the discounts and cashbacks it turned out 20 I think that for a smartphone with such shortcomings it is expensive, therefore more expensive than 15 I don’t recommend it, I also advise you not to consider used models, but there are cool chips, but against the background of all the shortcomings, they fade, and rather quickly. I do not recommend buying.

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  • LG G6 is the flagship of 2022, the first smartphone with an aspect ratio of 18:9, with an interesting design and an original solution for a combined power button and a fingerprint scanner. Separately, I liked the device: -large screen, very convenient to read, work in applications, play games, videos on YouTube without frames look very nice, - at the same time, the smartphone itself lies comfortably in the hand, it cannot be called big or "shovel", even in the case everything is very convenient - premium appearance, everyone pays attention. At first I noticed the face of the robot on the back cover, after a couple of days I got used to it - there was a headphone jack, a trifle, but nice - the scanner button is really convenient, it works great, but sometimes you need to rewrite the fingerprint if you start using it without a case or vice versa in a case. Thanks to this solution, only the volume rocker remains on the case, all other edges are even - the flash sim tray is comfortable, does not creak or play - moisture safety, it's nice to know that the phone is additionally protected, but I don't use this property in my life - dust protection and shock protection are really useful, helped out more than once when the phone fell into mud, sand, on hard surfaces - a wide-angle camera, this is a really useful thing, many times thanks to it everything and everything that was needed was placed in the frame) No one has such friends, they are very surprised when 5 people fit on a selfie By filling: - LG has a clear and simple shell, the first time you turn it on, it's very easy and convenient to set up, good synchronization of accounts - there are no problems with installing applications, they work, basically, without freezes and crashes - many handy built-in functions like always on display is really convenient to use - very good sound from the speakers (pleased) - NFC convenient to pay for purchases - 2 sim cards or additional memory, but for me personally, the built-in 64GB was enough - catches the net well - fast charging is really fast
  • The more time passes from the purchase, the more disadvantages appear, and most of the advantages also have their drawbacks. - Screen - for some unknown reason, eye 3 burned on the front side, while 5 burned on the back, so I immediately bought a protective glass. - The case is very susceptible to fingerprints, so be prepared to carry your smartphone in a case most of the time. - Headphones in the kit, although they promise good hi-fi sound, in reality they don’t sound very good - The built-in lower speaker stopped playing sound a couple of times during use (resolved by rebooting) - Since we are talking about the sound. Many praise 5 built-in microphones, I hoped that the interlocutor would hear perfectly, but everything turned out as always. The settings even have a separate function for suppressing external noise, which does NOT work, in fact, you will be heard better if it is turned off. - Camera (photo below). An important point for many. This is definitely not a camera phone, except for the wide angle in the camera, everything will upset you. Starting from the front camera from Nokia 2022, ending with the overall quality of the photo. From personal experience: the photos taken several times were not saved in the gallery, you can shoot in an 18:9 ratio, but the smartphone itself warns that it is not necessary, you don’t count on a series of photos while holding the button, the camera thinks too long, often the pictures are blurry, in the dark you can’t even get it for a day, once again, the front camera is just a shame. - Half of the chips from LG do not work, no cloud synchronization, the maximum possibility is to turn off the smartphone lock when connected to home Wi-Fi. A very unpleasant surprise was that LG does not support their smartphones after release, which means you will receive ates to the next android last. After 4 months of use, the smartphone began to freeze and refused to charge, reporting moisture in the usb connector, I had to reset it to the factory settings. More in the comments, character limit