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Review on Smartphone LG G6 64GB by Anastazja Kendziora- ᠌

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Not a bad purchase, worth the money.

The phone was bought by my friends for 40 thousand in Amazon. A week later they asked me to sell it, because. after Samsung it was unusual for them. While I was selling the phone, it was in my hands and I used it. From the first impressions, it seemed that LG was trying to create the perfect phone that would satisfy the needs of any person. And really . 2K screen, 821 Snapdragon, excellent camera, HI-FI sound, water and dust protection, Type C connector, NFC, a slot for memory cards of any size. There is supposedly nothing to get to the bottom of . But, unfortunately, there is something to do. This is bad optimization. A friend of Redmi Note 5 - games almost fly. I have a G6 - lag. How is it with the 821 Snapdragon? I thought maybe the screen resolution is affecting . But I had an Axon 7 with a 2K screen and a Snapdragon 820 - the games were great. And here are the brakes . The tanks on the middle ones are the brakes. Counter-Strike weighing 200 MB - brakes. Well, for dessert - the battery. Dies before our eyes. 2 hours of games and per outlet. The phone charges quickly - about 1.5 hours. But it also drains quickly. It's really stressful. I saw a 5000 mah battery case on Aliexpress, but it turns a pretty nice phone into a nasty monster that you immediately want to smash against the wall. How to get out of this situation, I did not understand. I really liked that the phone was stuffed from all sides, but the battery spoils the whole impression. As a result, the phone was sold to the store for 13 thousand. Believe it or not. I refused to take it even for this money. I don't want to charge my phone 3-4 times a day. In addition, the LG shell really quickly gets bored. All my impressions of this company have been ruined. And when I saw LG G7 in Amazon for 60 thousand, I was shocked. Stupid unibrow and a 3000 mah battery are just for chickens to laugh at. The fair price is 20 thousand. I would not give more. And in general, I no longer need LG

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  • Screen, iron, moisture protection, support for memory cards up to 2TB, NFC
  • Poor optimization, fast loss of value

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July 13, 2023
With its pros: great smartphone, optimal size, sound, screen, dust and moisture protection, and a lot of other things With its cons: nothing significant so far
July 04, 2023
Has some pros Akb normally holds. It lies pleasantly in the hand. I am supplementing the review after a year. It works very stably. Everything is class Cons below: The camera is worse than the g4, the sound through the speaker is quieter. Very easily soiled. The screen is very scratched.
May 30, 2023
Got pros: Beautiful, compact for such a screen, the sound is good, in the dusk there is a lot of noise in the photographs . Has cons: It scratches perfectly, despite the super fancy materials, even with very careful use. So don't skimp on the case!