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Review on Smartphone LG G6 64GB by Adisorn Chuamuangpha ᠌

Revainrating 4 out of 5

The product suited me, I will recommend it to my friends.

Continued disadvantages: 6. Availability of spare parts. Attempts to search in St. Petersburg for the original rear panel, even in official services, did not lead to anything, everything is made to order, the terms are from a week or more. For the same samsungs and apples, they literally sell on every corner. 7. Combined fingerprint scanner and button. It happened when you want to block the phone and put it in your pocket, you press the button, and when you release it, the phone manages to grab the fingerprint and unlock it again. Of course, you get used to it, you start using a double-tap on the screen or blocking it with a finger whose print is not registered, but objectively this is inconvenient. 8. From the experience of parsing to replace the back cover with a non-original one, with plastic instead of glass. The fingerprint scanner on the cover is connected to the main body using a contact pad with spring-loaded contacts, so if you do not maintain the correct installation depth, the scanner may not work correctly. The same Samsung, by the way, uses a snap-on cable, which is much better. To summarize: It would seem that the shortcomings did not even fit into the character limit, but I really think the phone is not bad. At least, this is one of the last phones that still has a mini-jack (and even with a built-in amp), which did not add a miserable unibrow and other dubious trends. It will probably stay with me for at least the duration of the unibrow plague.

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  • 1. A sufficient range of screen brightness, and in the dark the eyes do not burn out and at least something is visible in the sun. 2. The main camera is excellent. Allows you to take quite decent pictures even in low light. To do this, of course, you need to use the manual mode and understand what you are doing. The camera is also equipped with a very good stub, which allows you to shoot handheld at high shutter speeds (I personally managed to shoot 1/2 without blurring, although sometimes not the first time). Naturally, we must not forget that this is a phone camera and do not expect phenomenal quality from it, the matrix is ​​still small. 3. The wide-angle camera is good and at times useful, but only in good light, in dimming light, the pictures turn into noisy soap. 4. The sound is great for a phone. The amplifier is not some kind of marketing lure, but really does its job.
  • 1. The main and main ones are body materials, the camera glass is quickly scratched, which negates the charms of the camera, the back cover shattered from a fall from 10-15 centimeters, the photo shows the consequences of the fall. Glass is generally very convenient, it slips in your hands when it breaks, the fragments stick into your fingers and bring an unforgettable experience. We need more glass, I suggest making a glass frame, why is there metal there. 2. LG shell software solutions. Honestly, I have never met a more illogical and strange one. In the settings, I often had to use the search, many settings are hidden not at all where you expect them. If you insert a memory card, when you start the camera, it starts asking if you want to save photos to the card, with two options, either agree or postpone for a while. Constant stupid advice from the built-in optimizer utility. The dumbest implementation of the basket. Example: there is a heavy video, say 10 gigs, while there is still 8 gigs of free memory left. We delete the video, the memory is not released, because the video remains in the trash. Let's say the video was deleted by accident and we want to restore it. But no, it won’t work anymore, for recovery it is necessary that the free memory be at least the size of the file being restored. 3. Standard for android, a lot of memory, a lot of processor cores, performance is sufficient for games with good graphics (and it really is sufficient), but the interface of the graphical shell both slowed down 5 years ago and slows down in current flagships. Yes, not always, most often everything works quickly, but as a fact, there are brakes and often significant ones (it used to go out for 5 seconds when switching the application). 4. Autonomy will not get tired of all modern phones to write in the minuses. It’s somehow enough for daylight hours, but often when used a little above average, by the end of the day you already need to look for a charge, or carry it with you. 5. When listening to music in the car from the phone and charging from the cigarette lighter at the same time, interference from charging enters the sound channel.

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