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Review on Smartphone LG G6 64GB by Aneta Jaszczyk ᠌

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I'm disappointed with my purchase, products are no good.

I am a simple person - I fell for the brand. It is unrealistic to adjust the manual mode each time under certain shooting conditions. Pulled out - took a picture, it's not about this model. Before that, I used Xiaomi mi 5, the quality of photos is many times better (although the resolution is lower). My wife had an iPhone 6 - the photo is also much better when compared. Even the old Samsung Galaxy 3 took better photos (yes, with a lower resolution, but the colors and clarity are better) Do not chase after the numbers from the manufacturer, before buying any phone, be sure to test its camera in bad conditions, and the screen in bright light. In the photo, auth. mode. In weak twilight, on a bright contrasting day. Noise, daub, poor focus. The shadow is generally like jelly - no clarity. At the same time, the objects are static. I did a double stupidity that my wife and I bought 2 identical phones. Therefore, I exclude the marriage of a particular instance. I will never buy LG again.

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  • This phone is suitable only for work indoors, in the subway, in short, where there is no sun. Lovely monitor colors when viewed in the dark or indoors. With sufficient light, the camera works well, for static objects in good lighting too. Charges fast (discharges too) Looks good As a phone, it justifies itself. But as a gadget, no.
  • Moving objects, photos at dusk, photos against the light, photos with high contrast (for example, to be clear in the shadows and in the light) - will not work Fast shooting is not about this model at all. Under a good shot, you will have to spend precious seconds, and then if you know where and what to turn on. Auto mode blocks the flash and adapts very slowly to shooting conditions Photos are noisy, blurry, focusing is slow and sometimes there is none at all. Water resistance is good, but using a wet screen is unrealistic. Everything will twitch and press on its own THE MOST TERRIBLE - in the bright sun the screen is not visible at all! Having unscrewed the brightness all the way, you will have to squint and always take off your sunglasses. Discharges quickly (but within reason) Fragile - needs a cover I bought an assistant, got a brick of problems.

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May 29, 2023
For such a price, do not hesitate - run to buy!