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Review on πŸ’Ύ Crucial BX500 1TB 3D NAND SATA - High Speed Internal SSD 540MB/s by Sasha Hsiao

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Crucial BX500 Computer starts up very fast - my review about it

Good day. I'll tell you about SSD crucial volume is not so much important, but it depends for what purpose you need it. If for the speed of the computer, then you will have enough for 64 and 120 only for the operating system. You can of course put on it such programs as Adobe Photoshop and similar programs where there are a lot of different / used files. Photoshop has a lot of functions and various additional files and inserts (This program is taken as an example) And in order to unload you need to put photoshop there. exhaust will be more in this case. It should not be used as a regular hard disk and for the purpose of overwriting it is not worth it, roughly speaking, there is an overwriting limit. Using it as an external one is not worth it either, the problem lies in the amount of overwriting. but you can still use it. data transfer is fast, but of course, in this case, you need to use USB 3.0 at least. Using a special case. The difference between a conventional hard drive (Solid) and an SSD drive is that a hard drive has data transfer in the region of 50-60mb-sec for an SSD 560-600mb-sec There are also differences in the SSDs themselves, there are ordinary ones and there is 3D memory, they are also called three-dimensional, that's just the same with 3D memory, both the service life and the number of overwrites will be better. When buying, this point should be clarified. I would also like to note that this disk has a structure like a regular flash drive, so it is not so much afraid of falls and bumps, but you should still avoid it. And it’s not yet clear why, but their price jumps constantly, about 700-800 rubles, depending on the time of year, by the school year, the price rises after the new year. There were such cases, of course, not from this SSD company, but it happens that it starts to stupidly fail and it manifests itself like this, either it completely fell off, or it supposedly works but deletes the information, but when you reboot, the information reappears. In general, the Crucial SSD is not as popular as the Kingston WD and. etc but it will be better WD grin, Kingston has been checked more than once.

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  • Speed, Size 2.5, Memory 3D
  • They are not here.

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