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Review on Miguel Saco by Jennifer Campbell

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Expert in furniture conservation and restoration

A month ago I read some rather negative comments and remarks about MIGUEL SACO and staff. Here is my comment:

I work for Miguel Saco Men's Wear as a tailor. We had our uniforms assigned by the company more than five years ago. Our requests to change the style of the fabrics were denied (we asked for 100% wool, but we received fabric with 70% wool). But this was not the only reason why we complained. Since last year we had issues with shortages of important materials such as buttons, zippers or linings among others; these problems affected all departments and sections: retail, office staff and production sections (tailoring and sewing). At first we thought that these shortages occurred because of inventory errors, bad timing of orders or other mistakes, but then we realized that this was not the case. The problem did not originate from inside of MIGUEL SACO, but from its owners: they did not want to order the necessary supplies and invested their money in anything else.

img 1 attached to Miguel Saco review by Jennifer Campbell

This is not a matter of economy or bad management. It's just lack of seriousness and commitment with the company and employees. This problem can be easily resolved by buying what is needed at once (this would also help us get rid of more than fifty tons of fabric which are stored at Miguel Saco). We were promised that all shortages would be solved this year; however, after only one month more problems have arisen: for example right now we do not have lining for our suits and we will not be able to produce for this week (if we don't manage it today, people could not get their ordered suits by next Saturday).

This company has been in crisis for three years now. But because of the way it is managed, nothing good has come out; there are problems all around: with production materials, services, deliveries and client complaints (sometimes because of missing or bad-fitting items). We feel like we're the only ones who actually work here. I can understand that Miguel Saco Men's Wear is an expensive store and that these kinds of problems may cause clients to find other places to spend their money; however if the majority of employees were consulted about decisions as important as these things.

  • Provides ultimate museum quality furniture that is high-quality, functional, and beautiful
  • Focus on preserving histories that are often lost in society
  • Established success with work for many prestigious museums
  • The company has been in crisis for more than 3 years.
  • They had shortages on important materials such as buttons, zippers or linings among others.
  • Material shortages lasted more than a year.