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Review on Seedstars by Özgün A

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An entrepreneur focused project

Seedstars is a community platform that provides entrepreneurship education using blockchain technology. It has attracted a lot of attention from many developers. As a result of this, the project developed and many cooperation agreements were made. These;
+ International Finance Corporation + United Nations Development Program
+ United States Agency for International Development
+ Secret
+ Unicef
+ Facebook
+ Google
+ IOE.
These non-governmental organizations are the world's leading institutions.
Seedstars aims to raise awareness of people by organizing conferences on some issues that are problematic around the world.
-Sustainable Economic Development
Climate Change and Environment
+ The Development of Gender Equality and the Place of Women in Society.
You can be an entrepreneur at Seedstars. If you have interesting ideas or useful thoughts for the community, you can find support by sharing them on this platform.
Seedstars can operate in many areas. These;
1) Public institutions and organizations
2) Private sector
3) Companies
4) Investors
5) Mentors
6) Entrepreneurs or developers.
It is aimed to pay off the initiative made in Seedstars. The aim of the project is logical but difficult to implement. Many organizations already collaborate with legal entrepreneurs. Do company owners trust a blockchain-based project that has not yet been approved by all countries? This is the question mark.
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  • A useful program for entrepreneurs and especially developers
  • You can find support in many subjects and implement your projects
  • Addresses many issues for the benefit of society
  • I think its applicability will be difficult