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Review on PaySimple by David Olayide

PaySimple Does Make Paying Easy

PaySimple is an online payment and billing platform, that provides a lot of financially affiliated services for merchant accounts. Such services include the automated delivery of digital invoices, internet transfers, payments through debit and credit cards. The company is based in the USA, and was established in 2009.

Now you can easily accept payments virtually anytime of the day, and anywhere you are geographically. Recurring payment services are also part of the deal and you don’t need to have your clients calling you Everytime to get your payment details. PaySimple, makes all that very easy for you.

So essentially you can track payments, set up recurring payments, accept and receive invoices and even with an added option of customizing these services by making use of the PaySimple platform.

In case you are wondering if the whole process won’t be too technical for you, then you don’t need to worry too much because your billing system collects all the information that it needs automatically. I looked around and I found their customer support to be very efficient. If you need help all you need to do is ask.

The platforms service is not free though, so you will pay a monthly fee for the use of the software, some processing costs and then transaction fees too. Do you might have to decide if the PaySimple platform is for you and suits your needs.

All in all, the payment system is a reliable one that solves a lot of problem and saves you the stress of manually tracking every single transaction process. I think it’s great idea, but the fees are little on the high side. There will be strong competition along the line.

Pros & cons

  • PaySimple makes transactions very easy to carry out by automating the entire process
  • Track payments and receive digital invoices quickly
  • Recurring payments
  • Good customer support
  • There will be competition along the line