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Review on Rosonway 5 In 1 USB C Hub With 3 USB 3.2 10Gbps Data Ports, SD/TF Card Readers, 2Ft Cable And Individual Switches, For PC, Laptops, M1 Mac Mini, IMac, MacBook Pro/Air, RSH-A104D by Madison Dickinson

Revainrating 5 out of 5

High performance, solid construction

Full Disclosure: I am reviewing this product at the request of the manufacturer. While some may conclude this will be biased, I hope that you would not skip over it as I strive to give an honest, biased-free evaluation of every product I review; even if this means the manufacturer will not be happy with the final conclusions.After reviewing the powered, 10-port USB hub from Rosonway, I was offered to review this product. Initially, I wasn’t too sure how different this would be than the 10-port hub, other than the obvious of having 6 less ports.Upon receiving the hub in the mail, like the 10-port hub, I will be honest and say that I was not overwhelmed by the outside packaging. It’s a single color print on a cardboard box. However, I noticed immediately upon opening the box that was going to be a similar to my previous experience with Rosonway. The hub was packaged in a similar fashion; sealed inside a tight-fitting plastic bag, and the connection cables and power supply were in their own compartment. Presentation of a product adds value for me, as it shows a company actually cares about their own product. While the outer packaging could be improved from my perspective, the way the product is packaged cannot be criticized in my opinion. I will also add that I would also prefer a company prioritize a budget on a product’s quality over packaging quality. And like the previous hub I reviewed, they absolutely put the emphasis on product quality. Once I had the hub out of the plastic, the build-quality is very impressive. Like the 10-port hub, it has a nice weight and the build finish is exceptional. There are no jagged edges, and everything fits together tightly. Again, the aluminum body construction definitely sets Rosonway apart from the other USB hubs that are primarily constructed from plastic. This is a really nice looking, solidly constructed unit. It comes with a non-removable USB type A cable and removable power adapter. Hooking this up to my PC was straight forward and did not require any drivers to be installed.Once I had the hub connected, it was time to see how it performed. As with the 10-port USB hub from Rosonway, I really like the option of being able to turn ports on or off at the touch of a button, as it gives me greater control over what is actually connected to my PC at any given time. The indicator light when a port is turned on is not obtrusive, either. It’s a very soft, blue light. I know the port is on, but the light doesn’t distract me. Turning the ports on and off is a little different than the previous hub I reviewed. The buttons have a very solid feel to their construction, but instead of being on the top of the hub, like the 10-port hub, they are on the side of the unit. The other difference is their construction. Instead of being a spring-loaded button, these buttons are more of a typical button… press to turn on, press and hold to turn off. The performance of the hub has been everything I had hoped it would be, based on my previous experience. The transfer speeds from USB thumb drives is fast and responsive. The transfer speed from my multi-card reader is just as good. I still really enjoy being able to just turn off the port when ejecting the drive from my PC. It’s a feature I enjoy more for convenience than anything else. The one area of performance that I was happy to see is that the power cord is optional. I tested the power output of each port without the hub plugged in, and each one was outputting 5V. Unlike the 10-port hub, this hub will be ideal for mobile options, as long as your device has power passthrough on the USB port this hub would be attached to. To further test this hub, I used the same test as I did on the 10-port hub, I inserted 4 data storage devices (3 USB thumb drives and 1 compact flash digital camera card) and transfer data to and from the devices while also recording audio to see if heavier use would affect the performance. I transferred large files from two of the devices, while transferring large files to the other two. The data transfer speeds remained stable and consistent. I also hooked up an external HD dock and transferred files back and forth, and the speeds did not falter. For my usage needs, I can comfortably say that this hub will handle everything I will throw at it with ease. I have yet to come across many instances where I said to myself that I wish this hub would do "X” and/or "Y”. Thus far it has matched all of my expectations.The footprint of the device I find to be just right given the number of offered slots. I did not have any issue finding an adequate spot on my desk, as it did not take up too much space. I also really liked that it is a top-loading device. I have used some "low-profile” hubs that were side loading that created some awkward issues connecting all my devices. Some people may find the button setup on this hub to be better than those on the 10-port hub, as they are recessed a little and may be less prone to being accidentally activated.I have only been using this hub for about two weeks as of the posting of this review, so I cannot say as of right now how durable it is. However, based on the quality of construction, and my experience with their other hub, I would expect this product to hold up. If there is any change, I will come back and edit this review. I also cannot comment on the customer service of the company since I have yet to have to contact them with any product issues. With that said, this hub comes with an 18-month warranty, which can be extended by an additional 6 months if registered. A two year warranty, with lifetime technical support, gives me a level of comfort that this product is built to hold up over time, and if it does not, RSH Tech will stand behind their products and make good by resolving any problems.As of right now, I don’t have any negatives on this unit. It is exactly what it is. A 4-port USB hub that can be used with or without the power cord. This is a unit that will be ideal for a mobile setup as the aluminum construction will provide durability.Overall conclusion: The same as the conclusion as the 10-port hub. Performance of this hub is excellent, being able to multi-task without any degradation of speed. The ability to turn on and off the slots is also a bonus, as it gives added control over connected devices. The build quality is fantastic. The aluminum construction feels very solid, and is on par with most high-end devices. The performance of this hub combined with the build quality, I would, and will, recommend this product to friends and family.

img 1 attached to Rosonway 5 In 1 USB C Hub With 3 USB 3.2 10Gbps Data Ports, SD/TF Card Readers, 2Ft Cable And Individual Switches, For PC, Laptops, M1 Mac Mini, IMac, MacBook Pro/Air, RSH-A104D review by Madison Dickinson

  • 3.9 x 1.6 x 0.9 inches
  • Poor build quality with flimsy switches and casing that is susceptible to damage and wear and tear

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