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Review on Jumbo 4 In A Row Game With Coins - Wall-Mounted Giant Connect Four By GoSports by Dawn Jackson

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A Classic Wall Version For Your Game Room!

This is a large, attractive and well made wall mounted version of the classic, Connect Four game. The game board is large (33.6 inches wide by 30 inches high) with a dark stained wood. The plastic playing pieces are about 3” in diameter and very solid. You get 21 blue, and 21 red. Everything you need to mount this on a interior drywall is included, including the drill bit for the drywall anchors! The design includes a slanted bottom shelf and a wooden "release bar” that resets the game and prevents all the playing pieces from simply falling to the floor. They even include a "clear plastic” wall protector to keep the playing pieces from scuffing up your wall! Nice!It took about 20 minutes to set this up and install it on my wall. I used the "drywall anchor” method as I wanted it centered on the wall I had designated for it, and that wouldn’t line up with any wall studs. It feels very secure, and I have no worries of it coming loose. They suggest in the mounting instructions to use two people when mounting, however I did it myself with no issues. I marked out my desired height, (low enough for the kids to reach yet comfortable for adults sitting at the pub card table) and held it in place with a one foot level on top. I used a sharp punch to mark the six holes, drilled the holes with the provided drill bit, tapped in the drywall anchors provided and screwed it into the wall using the six provided drywall screws. Done! The only issue I had was they also provide six wooden hole covers to cover the screw holes. On mine, it seems the right three holes predrilled into the game board were drilled just "slightly” larger then the left side. The hole buttons would all fit snugly on the left side of the board, but were loose on the right side and would fall out when you dropped a playing piece into the play field.I easily fixed this by adding a bit of wood putty to each hole cover to snug them up. This was the only small issue, as the game came well packaged with no other issues at all!Overall, this is a very nice piece of "game wall art” that if you have a game room, or even a child’s bedroom would make a nice addition. My wife and I will enjoy it, and anticipate the grandchildren will also have fun!

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  • Suitable for businesses, schools, or recreational facilities
  • May be difficult to see the playing field from a distance