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Amazon Pay

Amazon pay, a solution for convenient, secure and anonymous payment

Many times I found myself leaving my selected goods and products on the cart and abandoning it all for three major reasons:

1. It could be because I don't trust the available payment option.

2. It is taking too long for me to understand how to use a payment system

3. I don't have the payment system required.

Amazon pay, a multioptions online payment system is the answer to all these problems. The payment system established since 2007 and sincenthen has been providing a simple, easy to use payment system that can be used not only with Amazon but also with other third party e-commerce once it is accepted.

Personally I love the security and anonymity provided and the fact that I can put all my payment methods I'm one account.

Good to note is that Amazon pay does not charge on the use of the system which mean that the transactions fee is zero.

Pros & cons

  • It is convenient for both e-commerce platforms and buyers on the platforms
  • It is muliti purpose payment system accepting many methods and usable on multiple e-commerce shops
  • Information stored on Amazon pay are not safe and secured with the best encryption mechanisms
  • Some online shops do not accept Amazon pay