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Model NameIPhone 7 Plus
Wireless CarrierAT&T
Form FactorSmartphone
Memory Storage Capacity32 GB
ColorJet Black
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About Apple IPhone 7 Plus Cell Phones & Accessories

This device is locked to AT&T only and not compatible with any other carrier. Please check with your carrier to verify compatibility. When you receive the phone, insert a SIM card from a compatible carrier. Then, turn it on, connect to Wi-Fi, and follow the on screen prompts to activate service. The device does not come with headphones or a SIM card. It does include a generic (Mfi certified) charger and charging cable. Tested for battery health and guaranteed to have a minimum battery capacity of 80%.

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Exactly as promised by the manufacturer, high quality.

I switched to it from SE (the most ideal device in its price category, I swear), which I used for almost a year. That one completely suited me (there, by the way, the camera is also cool, only slightly inferior to 7 plus), I just wanted to replace…

One of the best deals, glad I bought this.

I specifically bought the plus version, because. I needed a big screen and a great camera. Before that there were Iphone 5s, 6s, SE. None compare, a completely new feeling of use. As if you are holding a rocket in your hands, the phone is so…

The perfect product for any user!

My workhorse from April 26, 2022 to January 19, 2022. I ated my iPhone and decided to write a review about my assistant. Practically did not let me down. Especially the first two years of use. It is necessary to make a remark - iPhones in normal mode live for two years. Then you can already change either the battery or the iPhone itself. I'm not the only one who thinks so, I hope. At the time of mid-2022, the phone was the flagship not in words, but in deeds. Excellent camera, super speed of the system. I just enjoyed every day of working with him. Unpacking then still delivered ecstasy, not like with new versions) Now, of course, it's irrelevant. But at the time it was the bomb. Now you can buy for a child, like the first iPhone, or you can find it cheaper used on other services. Great phone with great features!

Not a bad product, quite normal quality.

I never liked iPhones, I'm still not proud of this device, but I bought it. I haven't found anything better on the market. The phone is very good, I did not regret my purchase even for this money! Although before that I never wanted to have an iPhone . The device works so far with a bang!

Normal product, but wanted more for the money.

In 2022, this phone has + only in the operating system. For the money that they ask for it in stores, it does not even do 1/3 of what competitors can do 2 times cheaper. Battery 2900 mAh, which is charged from a standard charger for 3.5! hours from the socket and is discharged in active use in 3.5 hours! up to 30% (Navigator + car music). Tired of charging a NEW phone several times a day - the main disadvantage. In general, an ordinary iPhone, nothing interesting in the rest. As a dialer - a pisalka - a sender of letters works well. The keyboard is very comfortable, typing texts is easy even on the go. The camera is normal, there is enough memory for the OS and basic programs, for the rest there is an icloud cloud. Died in 3 weeks of use, the screen lit up with purple-green colors, artifacts disappear when you press on the bottom of the screen, but then reappear during the day 10 times. That's Apple quality for you. Not worth your money.

I expected mediocre quality, but it was a pleasant surprise.

This version of the iPhone is already obsolete. Beware of rebuilds, including non-factory ones that have flooded the market and are sold in almost every online store. It is extremely difficult to distinguish them, visual inspection and punching numbers do not solve this problem. The stability and reliability of such copies leaves much to be desired . Many people buy out of ignorance. I myself encountered such a situation, then the phone died, and they refused to accept it under warranty at an authorized service center. The same goes for boo copies. And if they were opened, you practically can’t determine it in any way, and it will no longer meet the standard of protection against moisture, and even more so it will cease to be waterproof. So if you are buying an iPhone, especially not a new model, do not be stingy, buy better in proven and preferably real offline growth stores and with a guarantee. This will protect you from problems in the future.

The best purchase in my life, I will definitely buy it again.

I didn’t take 8 plus because of the glass cover and obsolete frames in 2022 . I compare it with 6c + and 7, the difference is noticeable in everything, I’m only sorry that the screen frames remained in the 2022 design, it’s unfortunate!

Pros & cons

  • The sound is really loud, the camera is bomb, I liked the portrait, speed, response, startup, the percentage copes with a bang, 3GB RAM in reserve, I liked the touch and the speed of its work. The screen can be seen that it has been finalized. In terms of performance, it bypasses many xiaomi and honors of 2022 . a reason to think)
  • There is not enough charging for at least 1.5 amperes, it's time to put a protective glass in the kit and at least a cover for ! For that kind of money! And a free subscription to Murzilka magazine on iTunes)

The best price for such a product, I will buy more!

I had almost all iPhones with 4s and ending with this device, compared to iPhone 7, this one holds a charge better, which pleases me the most, 6 and 6es nervously smoke on the sidelines. The phone is simply a miracle of technology, it tires absolutely everyone.

Pros & cons

  • The size is just right, the quality of the display, the functionality of the screen, the camera that does not lose quality at 2x zoom at all. The portrait mode is just a bomb, the pictures are amazing and everyone is jealous. The battery, despite the fact that I almost use it all the time, keeps an excellent charge, enough for the whole day. Image phone.
  • The price tag, of course, is fierce, but more justified. The camera sticks out a lot, so I carry it in a case just in case.

The ratio of price and quality is very pleasing, I will repeat the purchase.

Its pros: A good phone, I bought it at the age of 17, it took a year and a half and then I gave it to my mother and she still walks with him and he does not fail! Very high quality! Its cons: There are none (well, if only the color is black gloss and everything is visible on it), but this is not a minus, but an integral part of this color

The item is of good quality, there is only one minor defect.

With its pros. Yes, a normal phone rings, squeaks, goes online, takes a photo, takes a video, shoots more, I don’t need it. Some cons: Of course, the memory is probably not enough for this amount, but I didn’t see any more sense in overpaying for five caciques. I'll be reading more often, so what?

The quality is top notch and I recommend the product for purchase.

Its pros: The phone was bought by my daughter on Dr, she is happy. Everything suits me. Large screen, good photo quality. Different cons: The price and I really don’t understand why Yablofon is better than Samsung and others like him .

The ratio of price and quality is very pleasing, I will repeat the purchase.

Some pros: I use 4 years! I'm not overjoyed! Samsung daughter in the same price segment, bought together, the battery is already dead))) Different cons: There is only one headphone jack and one for charging, BUT there are sweats)))

A valuable purchase, some advantages!

With its pros. Switched to 7 Plus from SE with the same amount of memory: compared to it, 7 Plus has some pluses. Screen, camera, Taptic Engine, new Home button - everything is great! Different cons: Unless 32 GB may not be enough for someone. But my last iPhone SE had a similar amount of memory, so I did not feel any inconvenience.

Average product, you can do better.

Has some pros Beautiful color Jet black, high-quality materials, the speed of work satisfies. iOS is better than android no matter what anyone says Cons: The price in wooden ones is high, the body is scratched in Jet Black color, the screen would be better in 2k, the battery quickly runs out if you are not sitting on energy saving.

The product is good, there are only a few minor flaws.

Different pros: Camera. Simply beautiful: depth, white balance, everything is gorgeous. Design. Autonomy. Enough for one day. Its cons: Screen reliability: cracked when dropped from 15 cm onto the parquet. Touch ID doesn't always work the first time.

Not perfect quality, there is a small defect.

If we honestly evaluate this phone, then it lags behind competitors for a long time. The only thing that saves its sales is the zombification of customers who have not yet paid off the loan for 6S, but they urgently need to upgrade to the cherished 7 Plus BlackJack. Yes, the sensor works quickly, yes, enemy protection. Yes, good sound. But the phone got thicker! And specifically. Two cameras - yes, it was implemented by huawei earlier by half a year and cheaper by half. In general, I like Huawei P9 with an android tailored for iPhone more than Iphone7Plus. Of course, the iPhone is superior in some ways - for example, the convenience of typing is either a sensor or a feature of IOS, but typing on it is a pleasure. The rest of the Huawei P9 is better. For example, a camera, photos in Chinese are much brighter. At the same time, you don’t need to bother with filter applications and so on. 7Plus shoots pale pictures - the depth of focus cannot be adjusted. In general, a lot of things…

Exactly as promised by the manufacturer, high quality.

smart phone is great! I switched from iPhone 4 . maybe I would have gone further from 4, but new applications stopped installing due to the fact that ates are not supported. Initially I wanted 6S, but when 7 came out with a dual camera and moisture protection, I swept away any doubts. Touch ID does not work with wet hands, but it’s still convenient to use in the bathroom, I often watch videos during water procedures)) now I’m not afraid to splash the device or that a drop will fall under the home button. The sound is louder than my 3 iPad, the camera is better than that of a friend on 6s. I use it with pleasure, and people look at this device with interest - it is beautiful!)))

Pros & cons

  • big, good camera, ios, fast, holds the battery well, moisture protection, stylish design pleasant to the touch, loud stereo speakers, dual camera for bokeh effect
  • scratches, but I do not want to wear in a case

The best thing I've ever used, a great item for everyone!

Before Iphone 7 Plus 128Gb, ​​there were models: 3Gs, 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 6S, never before there was a PLUS version, so the main problem on all models for me was the time of work. With this device, this problem is 100% gone, if you do not play games, then the charge is enough for 36 hours, subject to constant connection to the Apple Watch. (except at night time). Has pros: There are a lot of advantages, almost all that this phone has is its advantages. :) Has cons: In my opinion there are 2! 1. The price, yes it is expensive and nothing can be done about it, I took a new one, in the official store (PCT), but any model from the "apple" is expensive and many are used to it. 2. Camera. It is normal, no more and no less, I compared it with Samsung s7 and s8 and also with Huawei honor 8 (normal version, not Lite), the picture is juicier and brighter, there is clearly less blur, and the iPhone’s bokeh effect is clearly not completed, often blurs the desired part of the photo.

It was a reasonable purchase, I will order more.

I decided to see what is there in the camp of iPhones after many years of using smarts on Android. Before that, the last iPhone was 5S 16GB. At that time, 5S was a good smart phone, but in my opinion, there were more interesting devices in the android environment. First of all, I didn’t like the small screen, which was no longer suitable for modern content. Yes, and 16GB of memory, of which 11 is available for everything about everything . to put it mildly, it was not enough. So about 7+ 256GB. On the pictures, videos, it looks much easier than in the hand. Heavy, monolithic, it gives the impression of an expensive thing. For example, with the Galaxy S8 +, the opposite is true - at first glance, “wow!”, And when you take it, it turns out to be light and somehow plastic-toy. IOS does not change itself even now. Well, yes, it is gradually changing, but fundamentally it does not acquire functionality, and there remains a closeness and attachment to the damned iTunes. Screen 7+ is good…

A good product, more pros than cons.

Those who have never seen an iPhone in their eyes will be happy. Those who last held an iPhone 4s or 5s in their hands will be happy. Brand fans will be happy. I'm tired, no emotions. But you can't hide user experience anywhere. I really want the stability of an iPhone in my Samsung. Thoughts creep in (periodically) to buy it again. In any case, we'll see you again =)


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