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University program and investment

Startups all over the planet have a similar chance on the scene and are preparing to make up for the local space with them. It was founded in 2012 and has won numerous victories. He started running…See more

congregation of institutions and mentors

Supporting academic institutions is contributing to the training of professionals and the growth of science and technology. This constitutes one of the fundamental pillars for the development of…See more

My review on Berkeley SkyDeck Fund.

Berkeley SkyDeck Fund is a company that helps the next generation of entrepreneurs and combines experience and investment with traditional accelerators and has its own program to create a strong…See more

Berkeley skydeck fund is a leader among academic accelerator

Berkeley skydeck fund is an academic accelerator. It is in partnership with UC Berkeleys skydeck accelerator programme which is made up of Haas school of business, college of engineering and…See more

Berkeley SkyDeck Fund

Hello there. My review for today will be about the Berkeley SkyDeck Fund. Berkeley SkyDeck Fund is a US-based university program created in 2017. I have written about many university programs before…See more


Startup all over the world has same opportunity on the platform and ready to build community with them. It founded in 2012, with many success recorded. It has started running remote program due to…See more


The platform was established some years ago, It is University program and venture capital. I really love the color mixture of it official platform, but if the platform is well designed without the…See more

My Review on Berkeley SkyDeck Fund

Berkeley SkyDeck Fund is a venture capital fund that supports and invests globally in promising high-potential startups. When I reviewed the Berkeley SkyDeck Fund's website, the most interesting…See more

My review on Berkeley SkyDeck Fund company.

Berkeley SkyDeck Fund is a supportive company for academic founders, entrepreneurs, students, graduates and initial entrepreneurs, containing support and solutions that radically and significantly…See more

A company looking for future entrepreneurs

Berkeley SkyDeck Fund is a globally operating company that helps develop and support entrepreneurs. It operates based in the United States but supports global initiatives…See more