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Very good

Revainrating 4 out of 5  
Venture Capital Funds (VC), University Programs

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Revainrating 3 out of 5

Berkeley SkyDeck Fund

Hello there. My review for today will be about the Berkeley SkyDeck Fund. Berkeley SkyDeck Fund is a US-based university program created in 2017. I have written about many university programs before and I think this program is not much different from other similar programs. So, this program is not trying to innovate and runs almost the same business strategy as other similar programs. I think if program managers found newer and better strategies, it would be better for this program. According

  • One of the very few programs that i'm hopeful for its future
  • Always trying to please its customers
  • I think it could be more innovative
  • I don't think it can grow too much for now

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A company looking for future entrepreneurs

Berkeley SkyDeck Fund is a globally operating company that helps develop and support entrepreneurs. It operates based in the United States but supports global initiatives. Berkeley SkyDeck Fund has partnered with the University of Haas. Research and development and engineering works are carried out through this university. There are communities formed by Berkeley SkyDeck Fund. Activities are carried out through these communities. These communities include entrepreneurs…

  • Presenting your project to them is very simple. It is enough to send e-mail from websites. They will contact you
  • They provide comprehensive support services. They provide support even at the A + stage
  • They believe that science will overcome many problems
  • They organize numerous events and encourage entrepreneurs who have projects but do not have courage
  • -

Revainrating 4 out of 5

My review about Berkeley SkyDeck Fund

Hello to everyone. Today I will be writing about the Berkeley SkyDeck Fund (BSF). BSF is one of the university programs created in the USA in 2017. This university program operates as a venture capital fund. BSF's main goal is to support and assist the next generation of global entrepreneurs. People's interest in this program is also growing, as this accelerator was created by university students. The program assures people of outstanding service and does its best to create a strong…

  • Investing in next generation investors and I think this is a very good strategy.
  • Strives to create the perfect environment for customers
  • Strong partnerships are made
  • The number of customers is not very high like other programs

Revainrating 4 out of 5

congregation of institutions and mentors

Supporting academic institutions is contributing to the training of professionals and the growth of science and technology. This constitutes one of the fundamental pillars for the development of nations and peoples. Thanks to the infrastructure developed by the Berkeley SkyDeck organization; it is possible to provide formal support to developing companies and in different stages of training, as well as making contributions to educational institutions through donations. The organization is…

  • Offers a multidisciplinary group to support companies in training
  • Provides advice from recognized tutors worldwide
  • Promotes the formation of a network of former students and investors who provide support to startups
  • Support the academic and research growth of UC Berkeley through donations
  • Restricted to founders from the USA

Revainrating 5 out of 5

My review on Berkeley SkyDeck Fund.

Berkeley SkyDeck Fund is a company that helps the next generation of entrepreneurs and combines experience and investment with traditional accelerators and has its own program to create a strong business among startups and the SkyAdrisors website connects large companies of investors. The company works with expertise and capital to grow its business and reach the best, supports research and education in the world and donates 50% of its heart to the University of California. It supports startups

  • Seeks to develop the technological world everywhere
  • No cons

Berkeley skydeck fund is an academic accelerator. It is in partnership with UC Berkeleys skydeck accelerator programme which is made up of Haas school of business, college of engineering and office of the Vice Chancellor for research. This makes the Berkeley skydeck fund an academic, University backed accelerator which is interested in funding all academic research from fields like sciences, engineering, biosciences etc and building these into marketable business which in return equiped…

  • It is backed by a team of professionals in fund management
  • It has successfully mentored above a hundred startups
  • i love the encouragement given to qualify academic research through their academic accelerator programme
  • it is well represented on the social media
  • There are lots of positive comment about them online
  • Being an academic accelerator may hinder other non academic founders to access the programme

Revainrating 3 out of 5

University program and investment

Startups all over the planet have a similar chance on the scene and are preparing to make up for the local space with them. It was founded in 2012 and has won numerous victories. He started running the remote program due to the epidemic. That is, it is a worldwide working organization that helps business people with development and support. It works in the United States, but supports events around the world. Berkeley SkyDeck Fund met with Haas University. Exam progression and design research…

  • Comprehensive help management
  • Useful data on the authorization stage
  • Anything organizations can implement
  • Implementation made simple
  • More polish needs to be added
  • Nothing for the present

Revainrating 4 out of 5


Startup all over the world has same opportunity on the platform and ready to build community with them. It founded in 2012, with many success recorded. It has started running remote program due to pandemic. All companies across any industries can apply. I like how the platform handle the program during the issue of global pandemic that restricted movement from one place to another, this another evident that the team behind the platform is doing great. The demo day is amazing, though recently…

  • All companies from all industries can apply
  • Detail frequently asked questions
  • Application is made easy
  • User friendly platform
  • Nothing noticed for now

Revainrating 4 out of 5


The platform was established some years ago, It is University program and venture capital. I really love the color mixture of it official platform, but if the platform is well designed without the needed information it will be meaningless. The way the platform provides details about how the platforms runs is amazing, the apply now icon can be access almost every page of the platform, i appreciate this because it make the user to access the information without started looking for it. It is…

  • Established in 2012 and still active till date
  • Customer service are easy to reach
  • Helpful information on the official platform
  • Demo day
  • Information on how to apply can be easily accessed
  • Well secured
  • More languages should be added

Revainrating 4 out of 5

My Review on Berkeley SkyDeck Fund

Berkeley SkyDeck Fund is a venture capital fund that supports and invests globally in promising high-potential startups. When I reviewed the Berkeley SkyDeck Fund's website, the most interesting thing was that the study team consisted of 2 people. When I look at the work that the Berkeley SkyDeck Fund does, the projects that it supports, and the investments that it makes, it's really great that only 2 people have achieved all this. The Berkeley SkyDeck Fund believes that science has no…

  • Supportive for promising initiatives.
  • It works believing in the power of Science and creative ideas.
  • There is not enough information on the website and it needs to be improved.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

My review on Berkeley SkyDeck Fund company.

Berkeley SkyDeck Fund is a supportive company for academic founders, entrepreneurs, students, graduates and initial entrepreneurs, containing support and solutions that radically and significantly change their lives by training and teaching them the right and successful way to manage their startups until they become a high position in the commercial and economic market. It supports educational projects and research and thus provides the greatest scientific and economic benefit to students who…

  • A company concerned with educational and research support
  • Donations to the University of California
  • The company's official website lacks a lot of information and experience
  • I've only seen two people from its team on its official website.