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Chemical dry closet Thetford Porta Potti 365, 21 l Review



Very good

Revainrating 5 out of 5  
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Description of Chemical dry closet Thetford Porta Potti 365, 21 l

Dry closet Thetford Porta Potti 365 WhitePortable dry closet Porta Potti is an indispensable thing on country trips, riding a yacht or a small boat, in a country house, in a country house - anywhere where there is no sewer or water supply system. The use of the Porta Potti dry closet can make life much easier for people who have difficulty moving due to old age or illness. Convenient, practical and durable portable toilet Thetford Porta Potti is made of lightweight, high quality, durable plastic. It consists of two tanks that are easily connected to each other. Its clever design makes it easy ...


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Revainrating 5 out of 5

Excellent product, the best quality.

Unfiltered product impressions.Pros below: No smell. Easy. Quality made. Took for an elderly grandmother Cons: Not suitable for a big . 56 - 58 size woman sit not comfortable

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The best purchase in my life, I will definitely buy it again.

We have been using it for a little over a month, there really is no stink, the waste tank after filling is heavy, a fragile woman, a pensioner cannot lift it. Satisfied with the purchase. Some pros: Looks good, durable plastic, comfortable for this type of toilet Cons below: The valve slides forward, sometimes you aim it with your feet or clothes, you can break it. When ordering in the picture, there is a starter kit of liquids in the kit, in fact they are not

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The best thing for the money, Im glad I chose this option.

Tip: do not cut on consumables, buy original filling fluids. You can use the most ordinary paper, but know the measure, do not throw a lot. Has pros: Compact, thoughtful and simple design, does not creak or crunch, holds 120 kg. Has cons: The docking station is small in size, at least 50 millimeters in diameter would have been made larger, moderately well-fed 2022 people are forced to take into account its miniature dimensions, although the height of the product is the same as an ordinary…

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I do not cease to rejoice at the purchase, a very good deal!

The company is well-known for producing this item, and customers have expressed satisfaction with it. I placed an order, and the goods arrived on time and in good condition. I would suggest this product to others. For a long time, we considered purchasing this item for use on visits to the seas by savages, but we did not do so until after we had already tried it.

  • The shipment came on schedule.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

The quality is spoiled, the product is bad.

An excellent plan that resulted in yet another headache for the customer! It is not possible to find a repair service, there is no information anywhere on how and where to turn for a solution to the problem, and there are no instructions on how to remove or repair. Pros: Everything is fine as long as the flushing system is working. However, as soon as the piston pump failed, it stopped pumping water, and problems began. With its disadvantages: Everything is fine as long as the flushing system…

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Just super, the product is made wonderfully, very satisfied.

we use 4 months. very comfortable. very economical water consumption. no foreign smell (when using special products that last for a long time). stands in the house. everyone is happy. especially a child. ordered a similar one, but without an indicator, for an outdoor toilet. a big plus is that in the country such a toilet can be used even in winter (the main thing is not to forget to drain all liquids before leaving)

  • all good
  • No

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Great product, a pleasure to use.

Operation: used this summer mainly together on weekends in the country. It’s enough for two and a half days with a margin, but if you leave it for the next weekend without utilizing it, then it’s already back to back, and processing in this case suffers. So, I settled on such an algorithm - we use it on the weekends, then during the working week there is processing, then on Friday, upon arrival at the dacha, recycling and a new refueling of the lower tank. The upper one is refueled no more than

  • Small, light and quite comfortable.
  • For some reason, it was not included in the test slurry kit.

Satisfied, everything is fine, once again I will advise those people who like to travel, for example, go to the sea as savages or various hikes or like in my country house. Pros: It is very convenient to use, it takes up little space, I won’t talk about the material from which it is made and how it is assembled, since this is a top brand in production in this direction. I reviewed a lot of reviews (I didn’t really believe that this miracle would really work as they say), but no, it’s really all

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A good quality product, I rate this purchase perfectly.

This dry closet added comfort on vacation at sea. Didn't have to use a public toilet that wasn't quite clean. A bit heavy when carrying "your stuff" to a public toilet to empty. Used liquids not original, not from the manufacturer. There is almost no smell. Rather, there is a smell, but not biological waste, but a slight smell of liquids (lavender), not disgusting. In general, a convenient thing. Enough for three people for about 3 days. I recommend.

  • Comfortable and roomy. Fill indicator.
  • If it is good to rinse off by pumping with a pump, then the liquid enters the toilet seat. If you rinse gently and slowly, it does not wash off the entire area.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The best thing for the money, I'm glad I chose this option.

There are no complaints about this model. But overall I am disappointed with my purchase. Expensive in content, and the whole problem is to wash off something more serious. I think to return to a simple tank. Wasted money. Some pros: Smell! Of course, not the dry closet itself, but in general when using it. There was a country toilet with a tank for collecting waste products - the corresponding smell and flies all summer. Now for some nice flavors. Got cons: Liquids are expensive, especially…

Bought in addition to the outdoor toilet in the country, used on weekends last summer and this spring. As a result, they left it as an option for use by children, since it overflows quickly enough, every 4-5 days it is necessary to take out the lower tank. And it's quite labor intensive. Good option for 1, maximum 2 people, subject to the presence of a man in the family to take out the tank

  • Possibility of use in the absence of sewerage
  • It fills up quickly, inconvenience in carrying out due to the large weight. Low.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Best price for this product, will buy more!

Has pros: compactness . mobility. you can use it even at home. even in the country Some cons: expensive original fillers. analogues are cheaper. practically in no way inferior to the original

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Just super, the product is made wonderfully, very satisfied.

I bought it for the dacha in exchange for the amenities on the street. I am very satisfied with the purchase. I use one season. for one. two people. an irreplaceable thing. Easy. mobile. made of quality plastic. has an aesthetic appearance. easy to clean . perfectly keeps odors. well thought out design. big bottom tank. one is enough for a couple of weeks. for two 5-6 days. all specified parameters are confirmed by the manufacturer during operation. I recommend using only the liquids specified…

  • Comfortable. easy to operate. reliable and thoughtful design. big bottom tank
  • not identified

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Valuable purchase, nothing but pluses!

Its pros: Pleasant appearance, compactness, reliability, ease of use, filling sensor, large lower tank, Cons: Before that, there was a model 465 with an electric drain pump, but now there is no such model, I'll have to get used to the new model,