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Daisies and Conkers

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About Daisies and Conkers

Daisies and Conkers is a children's wear clothing brand specialising in beautiful, timeless pieces.

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They have garments for infants

DAISIES AND CONKERS are online store that is supposed to be among the main stores with an extremely wonderful, extraordinary and remarkable planned of garments and textures. They have fabric for children, youngsters and babies. They convey…See full review

They have clothes for babies

DAISIES AND CONKERS are online store that is said to be among the leading stores with a very beautiful, exotic and unique designed of clothes and fabrics. They have cloth for babies, neonates and toddlers. They deliver their goods all over the…See full review

Daisies and Conkers, Beautiful assortment for your children

Daisies and Conkers, a fashion for babies, toddlers and children aged 3 months to 12 years, is a children's clothing brand with the aim of providing stylish and practical children's clothing that is affordable. Clothes for children are beautifully…See full review

My view about Daisies and Conkers

Daisies and Conkers is said to be a popular brand for beautifully designed fashion pieces for newborn babies, toddlers and unisex wears for kids between the age of 3 months to 12 years. Although Based in London, they run an online store. In order…See full review