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Dawn Professional Detergent Regular Gallon Review




Revainrating 5 out of 5  
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Description of Dawn Professional Detergent Regular Gallon

Comes in a 1-gallon professional size that lasts a long time. 1 gallon makes over 640 gallons of dish solution. Cuts through grease with the fast-acting power you expect from Dawn.


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Revainrating 5 out of 5

Good thing he had a bag!

My dawn gal just arrived today. The price was great. He came with a pump. The bad news is that a quarter of the bottle ended up in the bag it came in! Why not just leave the lid on and put the pump in the box? It's a mess! I am seriously considering ordering this again! Update: This is probably the fastest review update I've ever done. Just got an email from the seller. Due to the mess my order came in, they are refunding me in full! That's cool! Very good customer service. Now I give 5 stars…

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later Do the math and see how much cheaper this wholesale size is. Just don't throw away those small empty grocery store-sized bottles lest that monster sit on your countertop. This stuff is a great garage degreaser and arguably the best tool for preventing poison ivy as well. If you know you've come into contact with poison ivy, wash with it. Apply directly to dry skin and rub vigorously without water until it is time to wash off. You'll be amazed. You will either get no reaction to poison ivy

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Product wise this is an excellent product. I really can't figure out if this is exactly the same as the original Dawn or a newer version, but I suspect it's more like the older variant - it works at least as well. My only two complaints that don't detract from the 5 star rating for actual benefits of this product is the smell (a common complaint with too many products - some people, including us, are very sensitive to all smells). flavors that are added to products these days) and the fact that

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