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Game console Sony PlayStation 3 Slim 3 320 GB HDD, black Review



Very good

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Description of Game console Sony PlayStation 3 Slim 3 320 GB HDD, black

Product Description

The Game Console Sony PlayStation 3 Slim 3 320 GB HDD in black is a versatile and powerful set-top box designed for immersive gaming experiences and multimedia entertainment. With its sleek and compact design, this stationary console seamlessly blends into any entertainment setup. Equipped with wireless connectivity options such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, it offers convenient and seamless integration with other devices for a truly immersive gaming experience.

Features and Performance

Boasting a powerful 320 GB HDD, the Sony PlayStation 3 Slim offers ample storage space for your favorite games, music, videos, and more. The console delivers stunning graphics and realistic gameplay, thanks to its advanced processing capabilities. Experience the thrill of playing a wide range of exclusive titles, including action-packed adventures, immersive role-playing games, and exhilarating sports simulations.

Moreover, the PlayStation 3 Slim provides seamless online gaming experiences, allowing you to connect with friends and players from around the world. Take advantage of its built-in Wi-Fi capability to access online multiplayer modes, downloadable content, and streaming services. Whether you're competing in intense multiplayer battles or exploring vast virtual worlds, this console delivers an unforgettable gaming experience.

Versatility and Compatibility

The Sony PlayStation 3 Slim is not just a game console; it's a complete multimedia entertainment system. With its Blu-ray player, you can enjoy high-definition movies, TV shows, and videos. It also supports a variety of media formats, allowing you to play your favorite music and view your cherished photos. Connect wirelessly to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop and effortlessly stream content to your television for a truly immersive entertainment experience.

Additionally, the PlayStation 3 Slim is compatible with a wide range of accessories and peripherals, expanding your gaming possibilities. From wireless controllers and virtual reality headsets to specialized gaming accessories, you can personalize your gaming setup to suit your preferences and play style.

Benefits and Usage

The Sony PlayStation 3 Slim is an ideal choice for both casual gamers and dedicated enthusiasts. Its extensive game library, including both exclusive titles and popular third-party games, ensures there's something for everyone. Whether you're seeking thrilling adventures, intense sports competitions, or immersive storytelling experiences, this console offers endless entertainment options.

Furthermore, the PlayStation 3 Slim can be used in various settings and scenarios. Here are some examples:

  • In the comfort of your living room, for solo gaming sessions or multiplayer fun with friends and family.
  • As a centerpiece for entertainment systems, providing access to movies, music, and streaming services.
  • At gaming events or competitions, allowing you to showcase your skills and compete against other players.
  • For fitness and exercise, as the console supports motion-based gaming experiences that encourage physical activity.
  • Immerse yourself in a world of entertainment and gaming with the Sony PlayStation 3 Slim. With its powerful performance, versatile features, and extensive game library, it offers a truly immersive experience for gaming enthusiasts of all kinds.

    set-top box type: stationary, wireless connection: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi



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    Who rushes between XBOX 360 and PS3, take PS3 without hesitation and the processor is more powerful and in general. In short, a great thing to pass the long winter evenings. Pros: Quality, because it's Sony. free network PSN + in contrast to the XBOX 360, 3D, but not all of them. Different cons: Expensive discs, but having bought a disc like Assassin's creed or god of war 3 and sitting down to chop in them, you forget about the price

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    One of the best deals, glad I bought this.

    Got pros: Chic exclusives, a bunch of Sony services, reads any formats, very convenient accessories, a lot of memory. With its cons: The price of the games is really too high, despite the fact that some of the quality is not very high.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    I do not cease to rejoice at the purchase, a very good deal!

    I advise everyone to buy a PS3 you will not regret it! I do not advise buying xbox from xbox only one plus is the price of games! Of course I advise you to buy a move in a set With its pros: The quality of the games is very good, not like on the xbox, the availability of a free PSN network, a convenient menu, the quality and convenience of the muv is much better than the kinecta, a convenient joystick, of course the graphics are perfect and there are many more pluses! Lots of interesting…

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Perfect purchase for me, exactly what I was looking for!

    Some pros: 1. Blu-ray 2. Lots of cool games 3. Free network game 4. Very cool design and silent operation Some cons: 1. We'll have to suffer with the firmware so that the pirate goes 2. Many games take a long time to load, you have to put it on the screw. 3. I didn’t really like Move, it seemed useless

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Valuable purchase, nothing but pluses!

    for lovers of quality games, this is an excellent copy. Who wants to get great pleasure from the games he plays. Sony is top notch as always. If you choose between ps3 and xbox 360 respectively ps3. Got pros: 3D support yes WI-FI reads blue ray yes bluetooth yes ps move. The games are of high quality. The system itself looks beautiful. I like the convenience of the gamepad, the sticks are nearby and it's very convenient. Cons below: the price of games and accessories is very high. Personally,

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Everything in the purchase suits, a very necessary product.

    Satisfied with the purchase. The price is very tasty - 11200 (SP3 320Gb + Uncharted 2 + God Of War 3). It remains to buy a move controller and try it in action. Its pros: -Games quality -Ability to use as a media player - Wireless joystick -Quality localization for games Got cons: - Games are a little expensive (but if you buy 1 new product or 2 platinum per month, then it's bearable) -Not a lot of 2022-language games. -Does not play *. mkv (can be solved via DLNA)

    Revainrating 3 out of 5

    A completely ordinary product, nothing remarkable.

    It's better to take the xbox360! You won't regret it! And don't pay attention to those who don't approve of my review! Buy xbox360! Good luck and health! Play well! ! Pros: So let's start! There are not many advantages, but not very few ! Ishra are just super cool ! The graphics are lovely ! With its cons: So there are problems ! In this regard, xbox360 wins ! PS3 has more shortcomings ! 1. Expensive games! 2. No HDMI cable inside! Although they gave me a gift on xbox360! 3. One joystick! 4…

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    The best thing Ive ever used, a great item for everyone!

    I bought it in January as a gift to myself on NG (and the release of MK9 provoked) for 16k along with GT5 and HDMI cable. Satisfied! The picture quality is better, much better. Its pros: 1. Japanese creation, and only quality things come out of Japan. 2. Wireless manipulator 3. Support 1080p 4. BD-ROM 5. wifi 6. Animated wallpaper 7. Build Quality etc. big list Has cons: 1. Slight difficulties in setting up wifi 2. Recently something has been going on with the PSN online store 3…

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Great product, a pleasure to use.

    I advise you to read the review The article is actually quite meaningful. The author shared his experience, what he bought, what he sold and why. I did not have an Xboxa, but as for the PS3, it is writtencomrrectly. Icomnsider it necessary to flash thecomnsole in several rather specific cases: 1Console for children to play everything that is, but access to thenetwork is limited. 2. For a fan of games (if any) who are interested in all games and about everything. For an adult, 3-4 games a year…

    • Applies only to Sony PS3: - performance quality. Sony level. - very comfortable pad - thoughtful and highly customizable menu - quiet and doesn't get hot - great graphics. I've played Crysis on a PC and a Sony PS3. You don't pay attention to details like 4x anti-aliasing. - games that you just can’t play on a computer or other sensations (NFS) - a lot of games for 5 years in almost all genres. Top games that are more than a year old are sold at half price. 30-40 dollars for example unchurtered 2
    • All of the following applies to prefixes in principle: - expensive new games around $60-80 - to play shooting games you need to relearn how to manage. I've been playing Wolfenstein for a week now and I can't get used to it. In addition, those who play very well by the standards of the console on the network are still very constrained in their movements. due to the nature of management. Who played on a computer in Q or Q2 only with a keyboard will understand. - no games like Elite (space) - strategy is also not a console type of games.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    One of the best deals, glad I bought this.

    7. It's 2022. Sony releases consoles with 160 and 320 GB hard drives. Microsoft got stuck in 2022, put 256 MB and 4 GB flash drives into their consoles (I'm not talking about the new model with 250 GB HDD). Want to increase the amount of memory Buy an ordinary 2.5 inch 5200rpm hard drive and put it on a PS3, you won't even have to disassemble it. Do you want to put a hard drive on a box? 8. Well, little things: a blue ray drive (unlike a DVD drive on x360. By the way, many games for it are now

    • So firstly I’ll write that it’s not necessary to compare PS3 with PC (many people write that PS3 does not read mkv, there is no multitasking, not a very good browser on it, etc. ) The prefix should be compared with other prefixes, namely xbox 360 ! Therefore advantages and disadvantages I will write about xbox 1. The console from Sony is suitable not only for games, but also for multimedia, which cannot be said about x360. Playing 3D movies, blu-ray and many other formats makes the room with the console the main place in the house =))) Yes, and mkv can be redone to the official m2tc format in 3 minutes using a special program 2. Graphics in games on consoles are approximately equal, BUT There are many games that you can play on a PC by downloading them for free from the Internet, and therefore each console has its own exclusives: ps3:infamous 1,2; killzone 2,3; little big planet 1,2; gran turismo 5; heavy rain; resisatanse 1,2,3; motorstorm; heavenly sword; uncharted 1,2,3; metal gear solid 4, god of war 3 and a few more that I can't remember =) xbox replies: halo 3; gears of war 2,3, forza motorsports 3,4; alan wake; fable 2, PGR 4 Yes . in the end, on ps3 there are 19 REALLY COOL EXCs (if you count all the parts of the series) ON xbox only 8. You can play the rest of the games on the PC and not give money for them 3. Joey, accessories, etc. do not have to be official! Joey, headsets from Ashot will fit PS3, x360-no 4. Until recently, games from the store could be bought "in the top five" at a price of 100r to 540r (I bought bf3 and fifa 12 so-so) 5. Free online service psn. Do you want to play on xbox with friends over the network ? 6. Browser . Yes, it's not very good, but it plays videos from YouTube, rutuba, and many other sites. x360 DOES NOT HAVE A BROWSER AT ALL !
    • 1.2 usb, against three in boxing (decided by usb hub) 2. Boxes released before the summer of 2022 are easily stitched, but for me personally this is not a special plus 3. Kinect, although it slows down terribly, it's still a little interesting I don't know what's wrong with ps3

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Everything in the purchase suits, a very necessary product.

    The set is really worth the money. And now I want to explain the difference between XBOX 360 and PS3. Many owners of boxes choking with saliva screaming that "XBOX is more powerful than PS3! " You can talk about this and argue a lot, but does it really change anything? Games are made optimized for each console and the difference is MINIMAL. The XBOX360 will soon be far behind as it already hits the DVD capacity limit when the PS3 uses Blue-Ray discs. So the PS3 is the future. Then there are the

    • 1) Build quality. Nothing creaks, everything is done conscientiously. 2) Heat dissipation. Excellent heat dissipation as well as cooling. 3) Quiet during operation (but if there is a disk in the drive, the noise will increase slightly). 4) The ability to shove a USB flash drive and immediately either watch videos, or listen to music, or look at photos, and also save it all to the hard drive of the console. 5) Graphics quality. Yes, the console is quite old, but the picture is very good! The main thing is not to play on a huge plasma, since they have a lower pixel density, and soap comes out. 32 inches is the best option (but not for a large room). 6) A huge number of really high-quality and interesting exclusives (such as Uncharted, GoW3, Killzone, Gran Turismo 5, Metal Gear Solid, Little Big Planet, InFamous, etc. ). XBOX 360 cannot boast of such quany and quality. 7) PS Move. A very interesting thing, it tracks all movements (even the smallest ones), makes many games much more interesting. 8) Free PSN service. Bought the game, logged in, playing online. Want to play online on XBOX 360? Pay first for Gold, then play. 9) In the PS Store you can buy games from PSone and PS2 for a fairly small price. 10) Support for a huge number of accessories from third-party manufacturers (that is, joysticks, headsets, etc. ) On XBOX 360, if you please, buy a branded joystick specifically designed for XBOX, since others will not work! 11) Reads quite a lot of formats. 12) Simplicity and convenience of operating systems. 13) Perfectly plays Blu-Ray and DVD. 14) You should not worry about whether the game will go or not, since everything is adjusted and optimized for the console. 15) The ability to make a replacement hard drive (and it is SATA`shny) 16) DOES NOT BURN AND WILL NEVER BURN. 17) 3D support (which the XBOX 360 can't boast of) 18) There is a dust cleaning function (the console itself blows dust) Yes, and all the pluses can not be counted, there are really too many of them.
    • For me there are only two: 1) Reads only FAT32, NTFS does not read. 2) Options are not serious. They could add something else, it would be more profitable for them. The cost of games is not a minus. I buy a few used games a month, and I also borrow from friends to play. Grabs above the roof.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    I am delighted, the product is really worthy.

    I think that both boxing and PS3 consoles are different. Which is better? - you ask. Here is my answer, people are different for someone who likes box 360 and someone likes PS3. But since people can’t decide which is better, why then Microsoft and Sony compete , A? No one understands this, they just want to play the game of who will earn the most money. on prefixes. And why do they need all this? Yes, then what now everyone is competing, everyone is trying to get rich, to become businessmen,

    • 1. Good graphics 2. Support 3D(movies in 3D can be watched in games in 3D play) 3. Good PSN service 4. Games are so real (that is, good graphics, so realistic) 5. The joystick vibrates (the game becomes more realistic) (S. M 4) 6. There are a lot of exclusives and all in HD quality and all exclusives are interesting, but they can be completed in two days at least or at most in four. 7. Blu-ray support 8. An excellent and at the same time delightful multimedia center, it was created specifically for gamers like me. 9. She deserves her money 10. It is easy to flash and download games from the Internet.
    • There is one drawback. For example, with games such as Sniper, Ghost Warrior and Mass Effect 2 They come out first on box, viishka and PC. And then only on PS3. That's all the shortcomings.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Good product for me, no problems at all.

    Well, in general, I want to add, if someone doubts whether to take a curling iron or not, because it is already outdated, as some say. Definitely take! It's all nonsense that it is outdated and it definitely will not become obsolete for the next couple of years. Especially now it costs very little and there are a lot of games, both used and new, at very low prices. Well, in conclusion, I want to say a few words for those who think that taking x 360 or ps3, it’s natural to take ps3 even those 5…

    • Very cool console, a lot of advantages. 1. The quality of the console itself is at the highest level, it does not make noise, does not heat up, the disk in the drive works silently (unlike the compeor xbox 360) 2. There are a lot of exclusives and almost all of them are at the highest level in terms of plot, graphics, gameplay (in unlike xvox360) 3. Ps plus though I don't use it myself, but it's a cool thing for 1950r a year you can download a lot of games on ps3 and ps vita for free. This is a huge savings for people who play a lot (again, unlike xox 360) 4. Free multiplayer, i. E. bought the game and play on your health over the network whenever and as much as you like (unlike 360) 5. Joystick with built-in battery, besides it is very light and comfortable (unlike xox 360)
    • There is only one drawback, and that is not very significant - this is the lack of compatibility of games from older versions of Sony consoles (I mean disk versions of games, not downloaded from the store). But in general they just don't exist.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    The right product for me, there were no problems.

    If I was asked a year ago what game console I would recommend to buy, I could not give an unequivocal answer. Since not everyone can afford to buy such expensive game discs . pay for a disc from 1000, and sometimes it can be 5000, not everyone is ready . and this WAS the only drawback. In comparison with competitors, PS3 is an order of magnitude more productive and, in my opinion, better. If compared with cars, then PS3 is a muscle car, with an 8 liter engine and high fuel consumption, if you…

    • In fact, there are a lot of advantages, for whom what is more important. For me the most important thing is: 1. It is excellent graphics in games 2. Great sound 3. Wireless joysticks, remote control 4. Support most video formats
    • 1. No MKV support 2. Price for games.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Wonderful quality, one hundred percent satisfied!

    Like many, I chose between xbox 360 slim 250 gb and Playstation 3 320gb. At first I was firmly convinced that I would take the first one, then I looked towards the PS3. I decided to take it, then after watching a ton of videos on YouTube and after reading the reviews and reviews, I leaned back to the xbox 360, then again read a million reviews and watched a bunch of videos, still settled on the PS3 . Why? You ask, this is an eternal question. 1. Boxing is good, but I wanted to have not just a

    • 1. A complete media center, with support for blue-ray, as well as 3D. 2. The build quality is excellent, nothing more. 3. The price is more than justified. (I bought for 12990 (320GB) Uncharted 2 and God of war 3 went together). 4. Excellent and easy to navigate menu. 5. I just love exclusive games (Heavy rain, Uncharted 2, Gran Turismo, inFamous, Resistance 3, KillZone 2, Little Big Planet 2. ) 6. Joystick with built-in batteries. 7. All new games and exclusives are carefully translated, compare in stores the number of games in "fully 2022" for ps3 and xbox 360 8. You can continue for a long time in general. =)))
    • 1. I would note here the presence of only 2 usb, or rather, only that they are in front, no, they would have screwed 1 in the back. =)) 2. Does not see the NTFS file system. (I heard it will be fixed in a future ate. ) 3. The joystick is not very convenient for First Person Shooter, but for fighting games like Mortal Kombat (2022) it is just perfect. 4. About "Supposedly expensive games. " Sorry, but the prices for xbox360 and ps3 games are the same, at least in the main retail chains of our vast country. Yes, I need a couple of games from the salary. Enough for a month. )))

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Excellent product, the best quality.

    I would like to say about the cost of the console and dispel the myth about the unreasonable cost of games. Companies that market game consoles do not make money on the sale of consoles, but on the sale of games for them, consoles are always sold at a price that is lower than the cost of the console. Pros: Excellent prefix The graphics are slightly behind the XBOX 360, but you need to understand why and what this can lead to, the XBOX 360 processor loses its power much faster, which can…

    I took it for 12 thousand, already flashed, 120gb memory, with an HDMI cord. I changed the hard drive to 500gb if anyone is interested, I advise you to take Hitachi SATA II 500gb HDD 2.5, downloaded more than 20 games. In general, as a game console, it’s just a BOMB! downloaded a sea of ​​​​games and literally drowned in them - this is Assassins Brothehood, GTA4, and of course FIFA and PES - I say as a football fan it is a pleasure to play and not come off! And also just a bunch of games that…

    • 1-Excellent design. 2-Does not make noise. 3-Virtually does not heat up 4-Crazy games, list them for a long time, for taste and color. 5-Replaces the computer in terms of games completely, as well as a dvd-blu-ray player. 6-convenient joystick. 7-Freebie is flash and download games ! The quality of games at a high level just flies everything! Fits perfectly into the home interior and takes up little space. Awesome HD and Full HD in games!
    • One, it's better to sit on the Internet through the computer, as the browser does not like IMHO)))