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"Global Finance is an English-language monthly financial magazine. It offers economic reports; GDP and trade statistics; information about the best and safest banks; and global financial news. Global Finance’s mission is to help corporate leaders, bankers, and investors chart the course of global business and finance. Its audience includeschairmen, presidents, CEOs, CFOs, treasurers, and other senior financial officers responsible for making investment and strategic business decisions at multinational companies and financial institutions. Global Finance was launched in 1987 and is based in New York, United States with offices in London, United Kingdom; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and Milan, Italy."

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Review on Global Finance Magazine by Ufuk

It's a financial magazine that provides monthly reports written in English only and is published in more than 150 different countries. It's also based in London, United States of America. This…See more

Global Finance Magazine: Digital financial magazine for corporations.

The magazine was founded in 1987 and enters a market where there are not only magazines of similar cut, but it will have to compete with corporations dedicated to providing economic and financial…See more


It is a monthly magazine that had been in existent since 1987, It based in New York. I had about this magazine when it declared one of my local bank in my country the best bank for the year. If…See more