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About Houston Angel Network

The Houston Angel Network (HAN) is the oldest angel network in Texas and most active angel network in the USA according to the Angel Resource Institute. Its members have invested more than $61.7M in 198 deals since its inception in 2001. In 2014, HAN members invested $15.3M in 66 deals. The typical individual HAN member is an accredited investor seriously interested in providing capital and coaching to early stage companies. HAN also has institutional members such as seed funds, accelerators, universities and other networks within the innovation ecosystem. HAN is a non-profit association that does not charge fees to entrepreneurs; its revenue consists of membership fees and sponsorships.

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Houston Angel Network

Houston Angel Network review Houston angel network can be said to an organization based on capital provision because it focuses it attention on giving people a lovely coaching on their investment and to also live a healthy life to overcome the...See full review

HAN, true angels for entrepreneurs.

Houston Angel Network (HAN) was founded in 2001 and has since invested, as a group, more than $61.7 million in 198 deals. In my view, a not-for-profit company that is dedicated exclusively to supporting entrepreneurs and early-stage companies...See full review

My research on this company

I will be telling you about Houston Angel network which is established in the year 2001 and it's 20 year's plus now and is set to be the oldest established company/organization and it is the oldest recognize angel network in Texas, however, they...See full review

Houston Heavenly messenger Organization

Houston heavenly messenger organization can be said to an association dependent on capital arrangement since it centers it consideration around giving individuals an exquisite instructing on their speculation and to likewise carry on with a solid...See full review

The USA's most active serving angel investors

Houston Angel Network(han), as the name suggests, is a community/company of angel investors that provides funding for entrepreneurs and start-ups. This company supports entrepreneurs not only financially but also with expertise and mentorship. The...See full review

They need to improve on a few small things.

Houston Angel Network, as its name suggests, is an angel investment group company established in the USA. This platform, which entered this market about 20 years ago, enables entrepreneurs or people who already have companies to have different...See full review

Houston Angel Network review

Houston Angel Network is one of the most active angels in the territory of the US. It was founded in Texas and is the oldest angel in this state. Houston Angel Network goal is to empower investors and founders to make a difference. You can easily...See full review

Houston Angel Network

Houston Angel Network. This is the oldest angel networking in texas and in the USA according to the resource institute. This company has a lot of members and the members has invested more cryptocurrencies since the inception in 2001. In 2014...See full review


HAN is an capital investment platform that requires no profit charges from provided solutions offered to companies. It is non-profit Oreinted and aims at supporting universally every early stage business initiatives by grooming it with the needed...See full review

The best Angel network so far

Houston Angel network was established in the year 2001 as the most highly oldest recognized angel network in Texas USA Houston Angel Network is a non profit organization that their aim are targeted in developing the innovation ecosystem in...See full review