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LG 34GP83A B Inch Ultragear Compatibility 3440X1440P, High Dynamic Range, Curved, G-SYNC Compatible, Height Adjustment, ‎34GP83A-B, HD

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img 1 attached to LG 34GP83A B Inch Ultragear Compatibility 3440X1440P, High Dynamic Range, Curved, G-SYNC Compatible, Height Adjustment, ‎34GP83A-B, HD
img 2 attached to LG 34GP83A B Inch Ultragear Compatibility 3440X1440P, High Dynamic Range, Curved, G-SYNC Compatible, Height Adjustment, ‎34GP83A-B, HD
img 3 attached to LG 34GP83A B Inch Ultragear Compatibility 3440X1440P, High Dynamic Range, Curved, G-SYNC Compatible, Height Adjustment, ‎34GP83A-B, HD
img 4 attached to LG 34GP83A B Inch Ultragear Compatibility 3440X1440P, High Dynamic Range, Curved, G-SYNC Compatible, Height Adjustment, ‎34GP83A-B, HD

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img 5 attached to LG 34GP83A B Inch Ultragear Compatibility 3440X1440P, High Dynamic Range, Curved, G-SYNC Compatible, Height Adjustment, ‎34GP83A-B, HD
img 6 attached to LG 34GP83A B Inch Ultragear Compatibility 3440X1440P, High Dynamic Range, Curved, G-SYNC Compatible, Height Adjustment, ‎34GP83A-B, HD
img 7 attached to LG 34GP83A B Inch Ultragear Compatibility 3440X1440P, High Dynamic Range, Curved, G-SYNC Compatible, Height Adjustment, ‎34GP83A-B, HD
img 8 attached to LG 34GP83A B Inch Ultragear Compatibility 3440X1440P, High Dynamic Range, Curved, G-SYNC Compatible, Height Adjustment, ‎34GP83A-B, HD
Screen Size34 Inches
Display Resolution Maximum3440 x 1440 Pixels
Special FeatureCurved,G-SYNC Compatible,Ultrawide Screen,High Dynamic Range,Height Adjustment,Tilt Adjustment
Refresh Rate144 Hz

About LG 34GP83A B Inch Ultragear Compatibility 3440X1440P, High Dynamic Range, Curved, G-SYNC Compatible, Height Adjustment, ‎34GP83A-B, HD

The pinnacle of gaming monitors, this ultra-wide WQHD (3440 x 1440, 21:9 aspect ratio) curved monitor immerses you in the action and increases your field of view, allowing you to see more on-screen. An overclocked* 160Hz refresh rate with 1-millisecond Motion Blur Reduction (MBR) keeps you firmly in the action while reducing blur and ghosting, helping you to respond to opponents quickly. With VESA DisplayHDR 400 high dynamic range compatibility and 99% sRGB, this monitor brings virtual worlds to life, elevating textures, elements, character movements, and natural light and shadow with highly accu...
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You won't regret the climb

This is a review of the LG 34GP83A. I've been saving money for months to get an ultra wide curved screen and I'm amazed at the quality that LG has to offer. Buying a monitor is a really confusing affair - the naming scheme is crazy, it's hard to…

Basically a good mid-range IPS monitor with an aspect ratio of 21:9

**Update in 6 weeks**: I'm giving it two stars mainly because they never provided the missing cable (although I worked with customer support for an hour to order it). but also because the OSD software is very clunky/slow. It's still a really good…

Much better definition of moving objects than 90% of screens.

If in doubt, check out this screen's review from RTings. I have two monitors installed and moving objects on this screen compared to another is absolutely night and day. LG really excelled at the math of LCD pixel color transitions. Many good…

1 week test with UltraGear on Linux.

I'm writing this mainly to let other Linux users who use Nvidia GPUs know about my experience with UltraGear, not "hey look at me, I'm a Linux user". I'm using the KDE Neon distro, RTX 2060 Super, version 470 drivers. Gsync works for me out of the…

Too bad about my old monitor.

Pros+ This is the first monitor in almost a decade that didn't have a single dead pixel on my first try. LG on this product Acer x34 with its own gsync module. Also no flickering with gsync enabled.+HDR10 - Don't underestimate it, the panel is…

Great monitor for the money

EDIT 1 -------- Sometime shortly after my first check, I found 1 stuck pixel about 3 inches down and to the right of center. It just appears on a completely black background so I really think it's stuck and not dead. It's not noticeable in practice,

Great monitor in my opinion

Have wanted this for a few years but didn't want to pay more than $800. I recently bought it on the Revain sale for $599 and am very pleased. I've had several other 165Hz IPS monitors and luckily the colors on this one are out of the box. I don't like messing around with settings too much. The 160Hz overclock works well, leave it on the fast response setting. I haven't tried HDR so can't comment on that. Great if you prefer colors that stand out from the contrast. There are no dead pixels, normal ips lights up, but this is the best of my other monitors. Once again from LG, the included DP cable is about 4 feet long. So if your computer isn't next to a monitor, you might want to consider buying a longer cable. Bought from Ivanka. I have a 32GN850 and could never get the colors right but this ultra wide is good. I have a 3080 and haven't noticed a huge drop in performance compared to my 32" and 27" 1440s. Height and tilt adjustment, that's it. Took a long time but I'm glad I bought it

It's wide. Not as impressive as advertisers say.

If you have a larger, decent 1080p 144Hz monitor, you won't see or feel a significant difference. You're more likely to fret over sublime blacks and oddly over-the-top colors. I used a colorimeter for calibration. It's better than older technology in some subtle ways, and a lot worse in some seriously annoying ways. The drop in performance on a nice 16x9 screen at 144Hz at 1080p is huge and very frustrating when using the 3070ti which is a very powerful graphics card. Build quality is significantly worse than older predator monitors. It has virtually no features compared to my old Predator, which had much better blacks along with built-in eye tracking. A wide screen is great for desktop use, but is it good for hundreds of dollars? 50/50 on that. This leaves a very depressing impression.

Pros & cons

  • ‎3440x1440
  • Miscellaneous Miscellaneous

The game literally changes

I never really liked Ultra Wide Curved 144Hz monitors until I decided to try them. And when I did, man, I needed a second one! I received 2 of these monitors within 5 days. I didn't realize how capable good monitors can be when it comes to gaming. I've been playing 23" 1080p 16:9 60Hz monitors for almost 10 years. They literally change the rules of the game. So soft. I'm glad I got them because they look like $200 more than they did when I got them !

Pros & cons

  • computers and accessories
  • expensive insurance

overwhelming difference

To be honest I didn't sleep much last night because I was very nervous about the dead pixel display. In some reviews this seems to be an issue, but the fact that there are few reviews out of several thousand reviews probably should have been more telling. Needless to say, my display is flawless. The picture quality is confusing. I don't even feel like I'm playing the same games. Going from 1080p@60Hz to 1440p@144Hz is an insane difference and the color quality blows my old monitor off its feet. To be honest, I'm mad at myself for waiting so long. Tired as I am, I've found that I can track fast actions in battles and connect shots more reliably. Also, I became more aware thanks to the expanded field of view (my field of view in Apex went from 96 to 110 since the screen is much wider). ) . ). Although I'm dead tired, I've just played some of my best games. Assembly is very easy, they include a display port cable that must be used in order to get the maximum refresh rate, and it seemed…

This is a monitor that actually does what it says it does.

The monitor's specs are clear enough, and thankfully there are plenty of good YouTube videos unpacking and showing what it's capable of, so I won't get into those. I didn't buy this monitor for gaming, although I did play some high FPS and HDR games on it just to test it out. It does what it's supposed to do and that's why I gave it five stars. The HDR capabilities are pretty bold and handy. It works well with Windows 11 with the display always set to HDR. The refresh rate works like a charm and the image quality is close to fantastic, which is why I use it (video editing and design). The contrast is so high that even though it's only certified for HDR 400, it really bothers my eyes when I'm shooting a white screen. If you're using a monitor to watch an HDR streaming contract, be happy that HDR is automatically chosen by streamers. Default. I bought a VESA desk mount but I didn't see the point of it because the monitor has a very practical and beautiful stand. On default settings it…

This is an excellent monitor. Just be prepared for how demanding it will be on your GPU.

When you install a powerful GPU, start thinking about how best to use it. do you choose 27 inch 4K or ultra wide 1440p? obviously if you are reading this you are seriously considering the latter option. I installed 3090/10900k/32GB RAM with this monitor and you can max rdr2 and get around 90 fps. Personally, I'm aiming for 60 fps in this particular upscaling/TSS game. It looks amazing and the field of view you get from the ultra wide gameplay is amazing. Note, however, that the additional real estate comes at a high cost to your setup. You may need to lower your settings to adjust the width and I personally don't think it would be worth it if you don't get 60 frames. this is only my opinion. The monitor itself is great, just make sure your setup meets your graphics performance standards

Pros & cons

  • ‎34GP83A-B
  • Missing OSD functions

Great product best in my rating

After so many hours of searching for the perfect gaming monitor, I have settled on this monitor as the best in its category. I know there are better monitors out there than this but the price is the best in this price range. For gaming and even watching movies, the resolution is incredible. The resolution on the box says 1440, but if the source can do better, the monitor can project 2160. That's really impressive. The only downside: black looks gray in dark rooms.

Pros & cons

  • ‎China
  • Neutral

Ultra Wide is a very pleasant experience.

2k resolution with lush goodness and a little love, this monitor creates an immersive experience with its enclosing curved monitor, it really changes the way you watch your games, almost like a movie screen. I would recommend however if you are going to set up a dueling or even triple monitor then you need a strong monitor mount. The standard stand can be limiting, especially given how far the counterbalance stand protrudes. Basically the front legs will get in the way of keyboard placement, depending on how close you want to mount the monitor I have poor eyesight which forced me to buy a monitor mount. The delivery of this product was pending, I was only vaguely told that I would receive it in three days, but it was delayed another five days, but arrived a day later than the originally expected date. In addition to this oddity, I recommend!

Pros & cons

  • 3440x1440 pixels
  • Too bright in the dark

He does his job and more

Monitor arrived safe and sound, well packaged. It was connected and ready to use in minutes. No dropout pixels. The large screen offers good peripheral vision. When watching HD and Blu-ray movies, the screen width is too big for the height and the excess area turns black. Works perfectly.

Pros & cons

  • With compatible NVIDIA G-SYNC and AMD FreeSync Premium graphics cards, you can virtually eliminate screen tearing and minimize stuttering in high-resolution and fast-paced games for a fast, smooth gaming experience.
  • So-so

Perfect for work and play!

I am very happy with this monitor! I work with visual effects and motion graphics and was looking for something I could use for both work and play. Most of the options I considered start at $1,500 and up. I had to make some small compromises on color, HDR and resolution, but that's a HUGE difference between my two old 27" 1080 monitors from 2014 2014. I've been using smaller I think 22" 4K monitors, and it was difficult. sometimes see the user interface in my software. I'm a bit blind so the pixel to inch ratio on this monitor is perfect for me. Everything worked right out of the box - it comes with a displayport cable, I tested it for dead pixels and there weren't any. I don't play anything super intense, just Persona 5 Strikers or Destiny 2 lately and everything works great on my GTX 1070. I look forward to upgrading my GPU now that I have a good monitor! Most games don't seem to support the ultra-wide screen. So if black bars on the sides bother you, this monitor isn't for you. I…

Does the job! - my new rating

So far so good though. The product must include a USB 3.0 cable as this is the only way to use the USB ports on the back of the monitor. Maybe HDMI too, so don't expect any of that to be in the book. There is a generic DP cable that I believe is 1.4 compatible, but I bought my own DP 1.4 just to be sure.

Pros & cons

  • 34 inches
  • Expensive

So far as good as I think

Very happy with this purchase. The monitor works great. The only real problem is that when it's turned off, weird specks appear on the display, like scratches or something. It worries me a little, but there are no problems with it yet.

Pros & cons

  • G-SYNC compatible
  • Monitor contrast is too low.

Once you go ultra wide.

SO MUCH SCREEN! 32 inches end to end on a stand that allows for a 4.5 inch height and approximately 20 degree angle change. This is the bottom of the screen from a minimum of 4 inches from the desktop to a maximum of 8.5 inches (if you plan to put something below). The bend is PERFECT. With a screen this big and supposedly close to you, the curve feels natural and relaxed. Unfortunately the stand doesn't work. NOT swivelling, but such a big screen needs stability. The main downside is the lack of speakers :( Usually it bothers me because I don't like desktop clutter, but the screen is so good I've seen it. On the back of the monitor, there IS an AUDIO PORT. - Downside 2- To use the 2 built-in USB ports on the back to power the monitor (example of powerful speakers), you must first connect a USB 2.0 cable (A Male to B Male) from the computer to the back of the monitor .Almost the same cable that you use to connect the printer to the computer.This allows you to use speakers or…

That is amazing.

It has Philips Hue bulbs plugged into it and is a lot of fun to play with. Playing Guardians of the Galaxy is a pleasure on this monitor. I will try to update the video.

Pros & cons

  • An overclocked* 160Hz refresh rate with 1ms Motion Blur Reduction (MBR) keeps you moving by reducing blur and ghosting and helping you react quickly to opponents.
  • The monitor connections are too difficult to reach.