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LG G8 ThinQ (G820) 128GB GSM Unlocked (Not CDMA) 6 Review




Revainrating 3.5 out of 5  
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img 1 attached to LG G8 ThinQ (G820) 128GB GSM Unlocked (Not CDMA) 6
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Model NameLMG820QM7.AUSAPL
Wireless CarrierUnlocked for All Carriers
Form FactorSmartphone
Memory Storage Capacity128 GB
Operating SystemAndroid
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Description of LG G8 ThinQ (G820) 128GB GSM Unlocked (Not CDMA) 6

GSM Unlocked: Compatible with all major GSM U. S. carriers, including ATT, and TMobile and some prepaid carriers. Not compatible with CDMA providers including: Verizon and Sprint. 6. 1" QHD OLED Full vision Display. 6GB RAM / 128GB Internal Memory. 16. 0MP 12. 0MP dual rear camera setup with OIS, Dual PDAF, and Google Lens. IP68 rating: The phone is protected from dust and can also withstand being submerged in 5' of static water for up to 30 minutes.


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Type of review

Revainrating 3 out of 5

The carrier is bound to atnt. But a fantastic phone for the money.

it was not blacklisted and in mint condition. I wanted to use this phone on the subway but it was tied to atnt. The seller needs to change the name. I received a great product but had a problem switching companies. Please edit seller's name, some phones may be blocked by carrier.

  • great for a small home
  • security

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Great phone and price if you really are getting a T-Mobile phone

I was very happy with my purchase. I tried going the cheaper route with eBay and getting "unlocked" phones that were from other sellers but weren't fully compatible. The phone arrived in a box similar to the original, with the correct charger and headphones. No cheap imitations like phones on eBay. My phone was actually a T-Mobile phone as advertised. Everything worked great.

  • Dope 🔥
  • Zero

Revainrating 4 out of 5

A worthy replacement for my LG V30 so far.

The phone is very similar in functionality to my LG V30. What I don't like is the power button on the side. This makes watching movies and TV shows difficult, especially when trying to adjust the volume. The fingerprint sensor of the V30 also serves as a power button. The main disadvantage I found in the phone is the material (glass) used for the back cover. I don't use a protective case. Usually, if the surface you place your phone on is smooth, the phone will slide off. Glass makes the phone…

  • Good marks from testers for support and durability
  • Long delivery time

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Be careful and know what you need because they probably won't.

Long story short, I knew I needed a T-Mobile based phone, so I ordered a phone that was specifically advertised and apparently confirmed in the FAQ, a variant sent by AT&T instead and then being reassured emphatically that there was no difference between unlocked phones (and that unlocking was even more valuable), but oddly enough, once I made sure that the ubiquitous (and vital) Wi-Fi calling feature was installed, not the slightest surprise was registered AT&T does NOT work. Telephone with…

  • Absolute Legend
  • Repair

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Best phone and camera on the market in its price range

I've been using the LG G series since the LG 4 and have always found them to be far superior to any other phone in their price range on the market. Therefore, it is not surprising that this latest update has been satisfactory. I love the camera, especially the video camera. This phone runs smoother than the G7 and has a huge upgrade to the selfie camera, which now surpasses the main camera in terms of quality and resolution. It feels a lot more premium than the last two previous versions and so

  • Pleasant
  • A bit shabby

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Choose the right seller

So this phone works and it works very well. I love it! However, if you're doing what I love to do and reading all the one-star reviews, you're probably wondering if buying a refurbished phone is worth it. In my experience, it all depends on who you buy from. I bought my cell phone from Re-Cell and I was very satisfied with the product. When I opened the box, there was a piece of paper with contact information and basic instructions for setting up the phone. The document emphasized that if I am…

  • Quality construction
  • Very expensive

Revainrating 5 out of 5

LG G8 ThinQ Better value than the Samsung A51 ($399.99)

Re-Cell: The LG G8 was in near perfect condition when I received it in less than 100 hours. The LG G8 was well packaged and protected in a foam sleeve with a standard charger and cable. Wireless charging is sold separately and I have found that wireless charging generates more heat and feels noticeably hot. It is good to place the fingerprint on the back, which works accurately and quickly. 3.) Notch on screen. Well, I thought it would bother me, but it doesn't. LG's QHD+ OLED can run at 1440p…

  • Handy part
  • Great price

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Defective from day one.

this phone is great. For the price it looks really high quality and feels great in the hand. However, I've had so many problems with this phone that I can't in good conscience recommend it. The battery overheats the first day of using the included charger and keeps overheating.2. I could not receive or read group texts or texts with pictures. I got this spinning circle icon telling me to load but when I touched the icon nothing happened and it kept spinning. When I called Reliant for help, they

  • great product
  • periodicity

I feel like people tend to read negative reviews more than positive, hence my rating is 1 star. However, the phone itself is amazing and I dare you to find a better one in this price range. First of all I would like to provide the details of the seller whose name is "bayshine trading". After the initial confusion when another seller sent me the wrong version of the phone (more on that later), I contacted "bayshine trading" to make sure I got the correct version the second time around. Less than

  • Elegant design
  • Price