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About Lucy & Sam

Unique, unisex and original baby and kids fashion. 100% organic, 100% plastic free!

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family business that works with love for the little ones

Designing children's clothing, in addition to being a passion for those who enjoy creating dreamy outfits, is a serious commitment that involves selecting the most appropriate materials to provide comfort to children from their first months of life…See full review

Lucy & Sam overwiew

Lucy & Sam is a fashion brand that offers clothes that will delight our little friends. It shapes the clothes with prints that are environmentally friendly and will delight the little ones. Many garments are designed to be washed at low…See full review

Lucy & Sam, а family business full of creative people

Lucy & Sam is a fashion brand for small children and babies with a huge heart and lush imagination, which have in the foreground to make happy parents, baby and the planet. Their products are of phenomenal quality shaped on beautifully soft…See full review

Review on Lucy & Sam

Lucy & Sam is an organic fashion brand for babies and toddlers. It was founded in 2012 in London. They build their own independent brand. Lucy & Sam works closely with fabric technologists at source and have established links with factories…See full review

Lucy & Sam in 2021.

Lucy & Sam is a shop that caters to both parents and children. The business continually maintains items that are great, sturdy, gorgeous, and suited for everything, body, and picture. It also provides clients with the finest methods that allow for…See full review