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About Monki

We aim to be kind to the world and empower the young women in it. From the very beginning, this aim has inspired us to be our best selves, every day. At Monki, we believe sustainability and empowerment go hand-in-hand.

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Sustainably made with recycled materials

Are you looking for business ideas to start on Groupon Clone? Monki is an example of a business that was able to find it's way through this web platform which has made the possibilities endless regardless of your location. Today, Monke is already...See full review

About Monki

Monki is an organization that centers particularly around young ladies, assists young ladies with picking their garments and offers significance to the requests of little youngsters. This organization sells items on style. Young ladies can work...See full review

About Monki

Monki is a company that focuses especially on young women, helps young women choose their clothes and gives importance to the demands of young girls. This company sells products on fashion. Young girls can work with this company if they want. Girls...See full review

Review on Monki

Women are more likely to shop than men. Therefore, many stores focus on women's products. But Monki shop, based in Sweden, is for women only. You will not find products for men here at all. This store supports sisterhood, and any global actions of...See full review

Review on Monki

Monki is a fashion store for women. The Monki collection inspires every woman to express herself. This store was founded in 2006 in Sweden and is the store of the H&M group. This store offers a unique style. There are no clothes and goods for men...See full review

monki store - a place specially for women

Monki International Store, which focuses on apparel, can be viewed in 32 different versions for different countries. The monki store focuses specifically on women and does not sell any products for men. This can be seen from the website images at...See full review