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MSI MPG SEKIRA 100R Premium Mid-Tower Gaming PC Case: Tempered Glass Side Panel, Liquid Cooling Support up to 360mm Radiator, Two-Tone Design Review



Very good

Revainrating 4.5 out of 5  
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img 1 attached to MSI MPG SEKIRA 100R Premium Mid-Tower Gaming PC Case: Tempered Glass Side Panel, Liquid Cooling Support up to 360mm Radiator, Two-Tone Design
img 2 attached to MSI MPG SEKIRA 100R Premium Mid-Tower Gaming PC Case: Tempered Glass Side Panel, Liquid Cooling Support up to 360mm Radiator, Two-Tone Design
img 3 attached to MSI MPG SEKIRA 100R Premium Mid-Tower Gaming PC Case: Tempered Glass Side Panel, Liquid Cooling Support up to 360mm Radiator, Two-Tone Design
img 4 attached to MSI MPG SEKIRA 100R Premium Mid-Tower Gaming PC Case: Tempered Glass Side Panel, Liquid Cooling Support up to 360mm Radiator, Two-Tone Design

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img 5 attached to MSI MPG SEKIRA 100R Premium Mid-Tower Gaming PC Case: Tempered Glass Side Panel, Liquid Cooling Support up to 360mm Radiator, Two-Tone Design
img 6 attached to MSI MPG SEKIRA 100R Premium Mid-Tower Gaming PC Case: Tempered Glass Side Panel, Liquid Cooling Support up to 360mm Radiator, Two-Tone Design
img 7 attached to MSI MPG SEKIRA 100R Premium Mid-Tower Gaming PC Case: Tempered Glass Side Panel, Liquid Cooling Support up to 360mm Radiator, Two-Tone Design
img 8 attached to MSI MPG SEKIRA 100R Premium Mid-Tower Gaming PC Case: Tempered Glass Side Panel, Liquid Cooling Support up to 360mm Radiator, Two-Tone Design


MaterialTempered Glass, Aluminum
Hard Disk Form Factor3.5 Inches
Cooling MethodWater
Fan Size120 Millimeters
Motherboard CompatabilityATX
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Description of MSI MPG SEKIRA 100R Premium Mid-Tower Gaming PC Case: Tempered Glass Side Panel, Liquid Cooling Support up to 360mm Radiator, Two-Tone Design

Enhance Your Gaming Setup with the MSI MPG Series SEKIRA 100R

The world of gaming continues to evolve, and with it, the demand for high-performance hardware that can keep up with the latest titles. One essential component of any gaming setup is the computer case, which not only houses your precious hardware but also adds a touch of style to your rig. The MSI MPG Series SEKIRA 100R is a premium mid-tower gaming PC case that brings together both form and function, making it a fantastic choice for discerning gamers.

Immerse Yourself in a Two-Tone Design

One of the standout features of the MSI MPG Series SEKIRA 100R is its stunning two-tone design, specifically on the front panel. This design not only catches the eye but also serves as the perfect backdrop to showcase the brilliant ARGB fan located in the front. With a seamless blend of colors and a sleek finish, this case adds a touch of elegance to any gaming setup.

Unleash Your Creativity with Styluses

When it comes to gaming, having the right tools at your disposal can make a world of difference. The MSI MPG Series SEKIRA 100R is not only a powerhouse of a gaming case but also supports liquid cooling systems up to a 360mm radiator. This means you can keep your system cool and perform at its best, even during intense gaming sessions. With enhanced thermal management, you can focus on what matters most—gaming without compromise.

A Versatile Solution for Gamers and More

Aside from its incredible gaming capabilities, the MSI MPG Series SEKIRA 100R offers a range of features that make it an excellent choice for various applications. Whether you're a content creator looking for a sleek and functional case to house your creative workstation or a professional seeking a reliable and stylish solution for your office setup, this case delivers on all fronts. Its spacious interior, tempered glass side panel, and flexible configuration options make it a versatile choice for a wide range of users.

Where Can You Use the MSI MPG Series SEKIRA 100R?

1. Gaming setups: Transform your gaming experience with a visually stunning case that provides superior cooling performance.2. Content creation: Utilize the spacious interior and liquid cooling support for powerful hardware configurations ideal for resource-intensive tasks.3. Professional workstations: Enhance your office setup with a case that combines elegance, functionality, and efficient thermal management.4. PC enthusiasts: Embrace the premium design and impressive features of the MSI MPG Series SEKIRA 100R to showcase your high-end hardware and customization skills.

In conclusion, the MSI MPG Series SEKIRA 100R is a remarkable mid-tower gaming PC case that not only offers a striking two-tone design but also delivers exceptional performance and versatility. With its liquid cooling support, spacious interior, and premium features, this case is a fantastic choice for gamers, content creators, professionals, and PC enthusiasts alike. Elevate your gaming setup or workstation to new heights with the MSI MPG Series SEKIRA 100R and experience the perfect blend of style and functionality.

Two-Tone Design: A stunning two-tone design on the front panel to show off that ARGB fan in the front. ARGB Fans: Equipped with 4x ARGB 120mm fans and a 1 to 6 ARGB LED Hub, your options for customization are limitless. Tempered Glass Side Panel: A screw-less tempered glass side panel lets you show off everything you have.



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Revainrating 5 out of 5

I'm very happy with the product, it's very satisfying.

I bought the case to replace Zalman Z9, decided not to save money and in general I am satisfied with the purchase, especially since I decided to assemble the entire system using MSI components, everything will be with Mystic light backlight support. The case is made soundly, thick metal, nothing rattles, does not vibrate, does not bend. Cable laying is convenient. It is blown well, tested at the temperatures of the processor and video card, there are dust filters on magnets, it is convenient to

  • 1. Plenty of space for hard drives, flat cables, large motherboards. 2. Magnetic side panels without bolts, VERY CONVENIENT. 3. Decent space for cables and ties (compared to my previous case). 4. Removable grille with magnets, again, VERY CONVENIENT. 5. 4 RGB fans included, I personally don't care about the noise level. The fans keep the computer cool, and good air circulation is important in a large case. 6. The overall feel of a uniquely premium product (weight, brushed aluminum, etc.). Everything is of very good quality. 7. Excellent quality of all parts, assemblies and body materials (it's hard to find better for this money); 8. Beautiful design; 9. Good ventilation and Shumka; 10. Cute backlight; 11. Roomy enough for builds with large graphics cards.
  • No flaws found, great case!

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I'm very happy with the product, it's very satisfying.

This case was bought to replace the Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced nVidia Edition. After upgrading the computer, I decided to change the case . and the choice fell on the MSI MPG SEKIRA 100R, since I have almost all MSI components with Mystic light backlight. I am completely satisfied with the case. good quality assembly. strong metal and tempered glass. and the most important thing is the ARBG Mystic light backlight (I have it on the video card, motherboard, and mouse with keyboard. all from

  • Of the pros 1. Good quality build 2. Looks stylish 3. Four pre-installed ARBG fans 4. Tempered glass 5. USB type C on the front 6. Three dust filters 7. Large (a lot of space for video cards) 8. Velcro straps for cable management 9. Support mystic light
  • 1. A little soiled, but it's not very critical 2. Two slots for HDD 3.5 (I would like more)

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A good quality product, I rate this purchase perfectly.

I am completely satisfied with the functionality of the case. Connected all the necessary equipment, everything works without problems. I can't help but note the backlighting of the coolers, which can be synchronized with the help of my motherboard from MSI. It looks very cool and not very festive, given the strict design of the case. Also, I really liked the front interface for connecting usb, headphones and backlight control.

  • Bought to assemble a computer. I saw the main criteria for myself: ATX, length (since I have a video card with three Nvidia coolers), front panel functionality (the ability to connect devices via usb), not a catchy design. At first I thought that it was rather small in length, but then I realized that it was even better. This case satisfies all my criteria.
  • It is difficult to mount cables and connect them, for this there is not enough space for cables in the side of the case. That's not the point. However, I understand that this is a budget option. Who needs convenience and the ability to easily mount equipment in this regard, it is better to consider the option of a higher segment.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A wonderful product, its nice to use.

He gave a decent amount for me personally for the system unit and he did not disappoint me. I think the price / quality message is normal, there is something to compare with. Some backlit turntables for 4k will definitely pull if you buy separately. A very cool purchase, I am satisfied, which I advise you, if you decide to take it, I hope you will also be satisfied.

  • From the pros: + Stylish + Quality performance + Thick metal + 4 illuminated fans included + There is a route for laying cables + Large capacity for the video card + RGB lighting + Tempered glass on the side and front + Sufficient number of connectors on the top of the case + Dust net on magnets + Good cooling system
  • I will say this . too little time has passed to talk about the shortcomings, when buying a marriage and there were no negatives from this purchase, so I can’t say about the minuses. If I suddenly find problems, I will try to tell about them as they are.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I am amazed at how well made the product is, just magical!

Bought this box to replace an old one. The appearance attracted attention, and of course the illumination of four fans. I really liked the functionality, namely: - tempered glass front and side - so it will not scratch - there are a lot of holes inside for high-quality and beautiful cable management - good ventilation - 4 turntables are immediately installed in the kit, which also glow, there is also a set of screws for attaching ssd drives, a motherboard and a power supply, and 6 plastic ties.

  • Good breathability. Strained glass. Good materials, nothing sticks out anywhere, the metal is processed with high quality. Luminous turntables do a good job of cooling. Fully switchable fan lighting. Looks great, unusual design.
  • Not found

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I'm amazed! It was definitely worth the money!

Pros below: I've been using this box for over a year. Everything suits me. Materials and quality are high. Tempered glass front panel. I definitely recommend buying it, but when installing different elements, you need to accurately check the dimensions so that the part fits into the case normally. Its cons: I wanted more capacity. But this case is positioned as a medium size, so the minus is biased.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Not a bad purchase, worth the money.

At the beginning of the year, I looked closely at the older model of this MSI MPG SEKIRA 500X case, but in reality it turned out to be just huge, obviously for a custom CBO, or a colorful server. But this model is ideal for me in terms of assembly, 420mm. in depth at standard ATX height and width. I put CBO 360mm on the front and there is still room for the video card (asus rog strix rtx 2080 super). 2xHDD; 1x2.5 SSD 2xSSD PCI-E is no longer needed in my system. PSU Seasonic Ulrta also looks…

  • Almost the entire body is made of metal, a minimum of plastic parts. The front panel is made in the style of "brushed aluminum" with milled edges, with the exception of the bottom tempered glass mat for visibility of aergb turntables (there is exactly the same case, but with an all-aluminum front panel). Of the obvious advantages, one can note: - looks very expensive, at a relatively affordable cost. - 4 pre-installed aergb fans; - 3 dust filters (front, top cover and power supply) by the way, plus that the top dust filter is hidden behind a metal perforated cover, and not just a magnetic grid. More aesthetics. - rubber inserts inside at all places for cable entry to the motherboard and video card, and not miserable "through holes". - own aergb controller with button control on the case. - splitter for fans. -USB type C
  • - the front dust filter does not look very good, it is constantly illuminated by a fan. while clean norms, but in the process of operation the dust will be visible. Weekly cleaning required for frequent use. - the thickness of the metal is of course not quite sad like that of aerocool, but it falls far short of phanteks and fractal design. - the inscription "made in china" is directly stamped on the back panel, and even 42 font. They couldn’t just make a sticker, or at least they knocked it out on the bottom. - side hardening would be better toned a little.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I didn³'t expect the quality to be this good.

The case is optimally sized - no problems with components, while not taking up too much space. Beautiful and stylish due to good materials and lighting - it can be adjusted directly with a button on the case, there are plain and multi-colored options. Comes with 4 RGB fans. Doesn't make noise, doesn't rattle. The metal on the front panel is a little soiled (fingerprints remain), not critical.

  • very beautiful, quality materials, roomy, silent
  • not found yet

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The best thing I've ever used, a great item for everyone!

It's time to assemble a new PC, the old one has completely stopped pulling even indie games. I spent a lot on iron, even went beyond the limits, so much so that the purchase of the case had to be postponed. Fortunately, it was a birthday on the nose and the corps received as a gift from a loved one. This is my fourth personal assembly in almost 20 years and the first with a case of this level, usually I saved on them and took more budget models. The first thing that rushes is a rather large…

  • chic appearance High quality materials 4 quiet fans included Well blown
  • Not identified, a small nitpick can be called a branded front panel, but one movement with a dry cloth and the case is ideal

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I am delighted, the product is really worthy.

First of all, the presence of 4 cooling fans at once is very pleasing. You don't have to worry about overheating anymore. And the dust filter comes in handy. Easily removed and washed with normal running water. Special respect to the MSI team for the stylish case design. It is also worth noting a large number of connectors on the front side of the case. For every taste and color! Very quiet fans, almost inaudible at night. Well, where in our time without windows? The tempered glass is top…

  • 1) The presence of fans in the kit. 2) ARGB backlight. 3) Design. 4) Silence.
  • A little dirty, but it's not very critical.

Inside, everything is very smart. I built a computer for myself. Managed himself without anyone's help. The weight is not even very heavy. Inside, you can put a water cooling system and several additional fans, which will have a very good effect on the temperatures of all components. in general, definitely satisfied with the purchase. Has pros: According to the advantages, as for me, I can single out the quality of materials and assembly. Strict classic design came to taste very much. The side…

Revainrating 3 out of 5

No quality control - although high quality materials are used

First impression - I haven't had a chance to put my PC in it yet because I literally only got it 12 hours ago and just got home from work; So these are just my first impressions. The box arrived immaculate from the USPS and my face literally lit up like a happy baby for 20 seconds - because she looked so pretty when she took it out of the box! But then I noticed something odd about the top vent - it has a distinct dent as shown in my 1st photo! If it wasn't for the dent I'd probably give it a…

  • Acceptable
  • There are nuances

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Nice case but needs better airflow

This case is very, very big. Before purchasing the case, I measured my office using the measurements provided and had no idea how much space it would take up. That being said, the extra space inside the case is nice to have and will be very helpful if I eventually make the switch to liquid cooling. The body is very elegant and beautiful, and the hinged glass doors provide easy access to the interior. My biggest complaint about this case is the fans, so I took a star off. The fans are positioned

  • Nice packaging
  • Poorly thought out

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Nice, solid case, poor slot for the power supply

Worthy design and very beautiful. The side panel mount is unique yet easy to use. A great looking and above all functional ATX case. Deducting 2 stars for several reasons: 1) The mystical body lighting, while nice, has issues. This MSI case in combination with the MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Edge WIFI motherboard does not allow software control (via MSI Dragon Center) of pre-installed MSI RGB controllers and MSI RGB fans. The only way to control the pre-installed RGB fans is with a button on the…

  • Price
  • I'll write later

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Very unique case Best in Computer Components

To be honest I bought this case mainly for the unique aesthetic and it is a very nice case indeed. It's not just about looks. I will list some features that I like! 1. Plenty of space for hard drives, custom cables, large motherboards2. Tool-free magnetic side panels that are very convenient3. decent space for cables (compared to my previous case) and zip ties!4. Detachable heatsink mount, once again surprisingly comfortable 5. The general feel (weight, brushed aluminum, etc.) is of very good…

  • Best
  • Old

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Fantastic case price

Let me preface my review why I'm only giving it 4 stars instead of 5 (wrong ) but due to the thickness of the heatsink on the block holding the last fan I had to go without it at first Install the fan and then slide the fan down between the space around the cover and the front of the case and then screw it in. The HDD cage also doesn't fit with the fan and power supply installed (which is why I only have the HDD sitting on the bottom of one of the sleds). The last reason why this is the very…

  • Satisfied so far
  • Crumpled packaging

Revainrating 5 out of 5

2 weeks owned, problems

First impression of the case. fabulous. The tinted glass and body construction are fantastic. The fans that come with this case aren't that awesome. The first complaints come from the fans to the right of the box, as soon as they spin you can see how crooked the MSI logos are, it looks awful when spinning, like its death wobble. After 2 weeks of ownership my top rear fan started to fail. It makes an awful sound like something hit the blades, but it's okay. The case seems to get very VERY hot…

  • Cool
  • Can't remember

Revainrating 2 out of 5

I am writing this for the second time.

Of course I have to write this a second time, how did MSI remove my first review? 1 star because the fingerprints of the person who picked it up are left from the box on the entire inner surface of the glass on the case. Additionally, the other 240mm fan starts making an internal rattle every time you turn it on. Called MSI to see if they know of an easy fix. As it happens to all fans at different times, I know NO, I'm the only one this has happened to. No information, they told me to…

  • Pleasant to use
  • Little things