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About Poolin Wallet

Founded in December 2017, Poolin Wallet is headquartered in Singapore with offices worldwide. Our vision is to provide clients with edge tools to gain exposure to the cryptocurrency and bearing this in mind has led Poolin Wallet to gradually evolve into an industry-leading custodial wallet that integrates comprehensive crypto financial products including Custody, Swap, Earn, Loan, Derivatives, DeFi, and so on. Strengths: - Top security & professional risk management, assets is secured by the best-in-class technology and infrastructure - Attractive yield, in-depth liquidity, and market-leading interest rate - Provide comprehensive & capable crypto financial products - Easy-to-use application with supportive & responsive customer service

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The most convenient and lighting-fast wallet to invest crypto.

This wallet has many advantages that make me satisfied, the most important of which is that it is really convenient for us miners to invest our crypto. I used to mined at AntPool, and I needed to reach the minimum threshold before I could transfer...See full review

The great wallet with a user-friendly design and a simple & elegant interface.

Currently, the Poolin wallet supports about 25 cryptocurrencies custody. It is known as a popular multi-cryptocurrencies assets wallet that supports both mobile and website, and with a great large amount of users Poolin Wallet works on IOS, Android…See full review

Poolin Wallet, one of the most easy-to-use and functional wallets.

I have been using Poolin Wallet for more than two years. To be honest, it is a really really amazing wallet just as the website slogan says “One-Stop Digital Asset Financial Platform”. You can find everything you want in this lightweight wallet...See full review