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Razer Mamba Wireless Programmable Gaming

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Connectivity TechnologyWireless, Wired
Movement Detection TechnologyOptical
ColorClassic Black
Number of Buttons7

About Razer Mamba Wireless Programmable Gaming

High-Precision 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor: Offers on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment through dedicated DPI buttons (reprogrammable) for gaming. Customizable Chroma RGB Color Profiles: Includes 16.8 million color combinations w/ included preset profiles. Improved, Ergonomic Design: Rubberized side grips reduce fatigue over long use sessions. Ridged, Rubberized Scroll Wheel for Maximum Accuracy: Small, tactile bumps increases grip and helps with more controlled scrolling in high-stakes gaming situations. 7 Programmable Buttons: Allows for reconfiguration and assignment of complex macro functions thro...
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Think twice before you buy-the product is disgusting.

Even with a super-cheap mouse from a regular supermarket, there were no such problems. To be honest, I really don't like it when they put 1 star unreasonably. For example, if there is only one defect, or if the first product turned out to be defective. But in this case, a bouquet of jambs confidently pulls exactly one. Actually, this acquaintance with the brand is over.

Disgusting, not happy with the purchase.

23 days later: there was a double click on the LMB, very frequent in fact every 10-15 double clicks, it's time for the sizer to return the party. The mouse is full "G", the second mouse after replacement from the box (new) double clicks terribly! I'm waiting for a response from the store . most likely I will return the money! I do not recommend buying a mouse!

Pros & cons

  • Ideal Shape Practical materials Build quality Wireless gaming mouse Duration of work without recharging Convenience and functionality of the software
  • I would like a richer package Cheap packaging, the price of a mouse at the moment was about 9k, I would like premium packaging with vacuum film, thick cardboard, etc.

Not satisfactory, upset with the product.

Been a razer fan for over 10 years, used to have a razer deathadder and got worse and worse with each mouse. If the first lived for years, then broke down, then this one was not enough even for two years. No matter how beautiful and comfortable it is, everything spoils the quality of the mechanisms.

Pros & cons

  • 1. Design. 2. Form. 3. Weight. 4. Wireless. 5. 4-5 days without recharging.
  • 1. After some short time, double clicks appeared! 2. The scroll wheel is broken. 3. The quality of the coating, a chip appeared next to the side buttons. 4. Rubberized side surfaces collect a lot of dirt. 5. Wretched software, constantly crashing after each ate.

I definitely recommend buying, I didn't notice any disadvantages.

In general, the product is pleasant, suitable for every day. The charge holds decently. If you are not alien to the Deathadder line - take it!

Pros & cons

  • Ergonomics. Design. Style. The quality of materials. Positioning is accurate.
  • By timeout, the sensor falls asleep, this is normal. But when he wakes up, Synapse does not see the mouse. And the backlight doesn't work. Well, at least DPI does not fly off . Treatment: unload Synapse, run again. This is not a solution, but a temporary move. : something has been ated in the software, now there is no glitch when the mouse is not detected after hibernation.

So-so quality, price doesn't match quality.

When assembling a PC, I took all the peripherals from Razer, for a long time I was pleased with everything, including the mouse. Recently, the listed problems have begun to actively manifest themselves, which is why I decided to change the mouse. I really don’t want to leave the “ecosystem”, but judging by the reviews, Razer mice have similar problems from time to time. It seems to me that mice of this class should serve much longer than 3 years, so 2 points.

Just a terrible product, very upset.

Very good quality inside. From above it is now terrible, I don’t want to take it in my hand. A real example, in the photo you can see the serial numbers directly. I'm using a different mouse. The official dealer immediately froze, the warranty period of 1 year has passed, in what conditions the mouse was stored, I don’t know. (Yes, I keep all devices over 100 dollars on the stove.) Well, what can I say in the final - it's strange, the price is high, I would like it to work a little longer. It is difficult to say whether I will take a new one again. I'll try to find the case, but you can't officially buy it, and no one will change it after a year either.

Bad product, not worth the money.

The mouse is fire, but literally on the very first day it scared me once and slightly disappointed me a few times. She scared me by the fact that when she went into standby mode, she turned off the backlight, but did not turn it on when she exited it. It was decided by turning off and on the "Brightness" item in the software (the mouse itself worked, but without backlighting). And I was disappointed by the crooked definition in the software after restarting the PC. The mouse itself works with a PC, but the software does not display it. Resolved by reconnecting the connection adapter. I am adding. I do not advise taking for any money. Doubleclick appears very quickly and this is not just a single defect, it happens with every mouse. I changed it to Logitech G603 and I am satisfied with it as much as possible.

The product sucks and the quality is terrible.

a tight connector at the cable on the side of the mouse with an individual profile (you can’t turn on the left one), after 2 months of operation it ordered a long life (cable) - no one answers the phones from the raiser site during working hours. when they answered, it turned out that you can’t buy a cable separately (in the 2022), with a guarantee, too, not to them, but to the seller (s - service, p - support). in total, I didn’t succeed in restoring the device to a hot work at my own expense, I’ll have to contact the service and rely on the responsiveness and efficiency of the seller. in the worst case, I will get my hands on a dead device worth 7k (because the cable cannot be bought separately).

Pros & cons

  • comfortable, nimble
  • two months later the cable failed (replacement $ 14), service and warranty support

A bad product, not worth the money.

Changed my rating from 5 to 2 stars after 6 months. The switches started to fail, you will have to give it under warranty and try to return the money. Judging by the review above, all mice with a similar marriage. I just wonder how professional cyber cutlets can use such devices?

Pros & cons

  • Build quality, omnivorous to surfaces. Minimalistic design. The absence of a wire is completely imperceptible. Without a wire as with a wire.
  • Switches are buggy after half a year of use. A bit wide for my palm, took some getting used to.

Not happy with this product, bad in use.

Purchased on the internet with delivery included. The software ran smoothly and there were no issues to report; everything is user-friendly. Yet, I was somewhat aback by how rapidly a mouse that supports a double click and costs that much became available. These Omrons have a lifespan of only 20 million clicks, whereas the Noname switches in office mouse may be purchased for 500 British pounds. I am following the store's warranty and sending it in by mail; we will see what they have to say about it. I am adding. Already in the second month of use, the rubber bands on the mouse that was replaced because it was defective and sent back to the manufacturer under warranty began to peel off. The new mouse is slightly lower in quality than the old one (on the old one they were in perfect condition at the time of the exchange). After three to four months, there was an extremely unusual double click. I am very careful with the mouse, and I never let it out of my sight. Everything from games to

A normal product, but they wanted more for the money.

In general, the deficiencies could be tolerated if it weren't for the deterioration occurring within such a short period of time. A mouse that costs between 7-8k ought to be able to function for a lot longer in my opinion. Based on what I've read in other reviews, it seems that this and other pricey models are prone to the same kinds of malfunctions. Has pros: The body is made of high-quality materials, and it has an attractive and comfortable fit in the hand. Many disadvantages, including: - Software that occasionally glitched and settings that frequently crashed. Because of this, I had no choice but to store everything I needed on the mouse itself and uninstall the software. - Given that the backlight was always kept down, the device did not have the most impressive battery life. - A squeaky wheel that finally gave out after a year and a half and a month of use. Because the guarantee was good for a period of two years, I was able to get my money back.

The worst purchase in my life, don't repeat my mistake

I have been using it for more than a year, during this time 2 such mice have been replaced under warranty. And now with 3 problems. The quality is complete, in the first there was a marriage of side buttons that began to cling to each other after a month, in the second double click on the left button and the hold on the right button did not work, now the third and again the problem with double click and now with the battery, practically does not hold. Money down the drain, mice for half a year, I will not take more products from this manufacturer.

Pros & cons

  • No
  • The whole mouse has one flaw.

Feel free to buy, for such a price, the quality is simply amazing.

For its price, the mouse is generally so-so, because many people have a problem with mics and a wheel, if not for these problems, then it's normal. But for me it's not scary, everything can be fixed. The mouse is quite easy to disassemble, there is access to the replacement of everything you want. If you are afraid of these disadvantages, then it is better to choose another manufacturer, or put up with the fact that you will have to finish it after a short time.

I like everything, the price and the quality are both ok.

Its pros: good design Works by wire and wirelessly (works 2-3 days) RGB backlight, but I don't use it Some cons: Rare double click LMB, noticeable only during testing Sometimes the Synapse application is buggy

The product suited me, I will recommend it to my friends.

With its pros: Works for a long time. On the average backlight, 40 hours is obtained. The transmitter is powerful, not interrupted even at 5 meters. Doesn't break. Suitable for any grip. All buttons click nicely. Good quality cable and adapter. Has cons: Software, synapse 3, color setting is very inconvenient, overloaded. . Charger. Do not work while charging from the mains. Micro usb is heavily recessed, you do not use any cable. Slippery elastic bands on the sides. Plastic is not the most expensive and pleasant, in the main body.

Matches the description completely, very satisfied.

The main buttons are pleasantly pressed, it is convenient to click. Pleasant soft wheel, clear middle cutoffs. No backlash. Working hours are promised 50 hours. I use it at a distance of up to 3 meters from the transmitter, I did not notice any signal loss or sensor breakdown. Pros below: The best optical sensor, Ergonomics, laconic look, tenacious rubber sides. Some cons: glides are too thin. You can hear the mouse scratching its sides on the carpet! I ordered to replace the legs, it was for this model for 200.

Excellent product, the best quality.

I have long wanted to buy it for myself, but they stopped negative reviews, there was a discount on it, I took it and did not regret it, I use it and enjoy it

Pros & cons

  • Beautiful, fast, convenient, high-quality wire included, battery lasts for a long time, convenient transmitter stows away in the mouse, light enough, razer
  • Not detected

Unusable to use, bad product.

But the most important joke is that you can infect only with the cord that comes with the kit, since guides are made at the entrance and another cable simply does not climb. Who do you think you are, apple? This is just rudeness, I lost the lace and now I can’t use it, it’s not clear where to buy a new one.

Pros & cons

  • quite comfortable mouse, but not for big hands
  • discharges quickly

A bad product, not worth the money.

If you like to rearrange the mouse in the process of moving, and the minimum range of the sensor when you take it off is critical for you, then this model is definitely not for you. It is impossible to use such a sensor, when lifting and rearranging the mouse, the cursor walks and follows the hand. (Razer Manticor carpet) For serious gaming activity, I do not recommend it at all if all the higher features are important. Better get a new DeathAdder

Pros & cons

  • Ergonomic shape. (easy to go from DeathAdder); High-quality assembly and materials; Weight (identical to DeathAdder model); Signal transmission adapter; Ability to use both wired and wireless.
  • The tear-off range cannot be set to less than 2-2.5 mm. Too large area of ​​the sliding feet. (the mouse gets stuck on worn hard carpets)

A little disappointed, a bad purchase.

Bought online with delivery. There were no problems with the software, everything is convenient. But I did not expect that a double click on a mouse with such a price would appear so quickly. Noname switches in office mice for 500r live longer than these omrons with a resource of 20 million clicks. I send it by mail to the store under warranty, we'll see what they say. * I am adding. The mouse was exchanged under warranty for a new one, which is slightly inferior in quality to the old one, already in the second month of use, the rubber bands began to peel off (on the old one they were in perfect condition at the time of the exchange). After 3-4 months again a rare double click. I use the mouse carefully, I do not drop it. Games, work, everything is convenient, until the appearance of a double click. I doubt it's just luck. Apparently just before the end of the warranty period there will be a second replacement under warranty.