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TomTom ONE 3rd Gen 3.5" Portable GPS Vehicle Navigator with Manufacturer Discontinuation Review




Revainrating 4 out of 5  
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Are Batteries IncludedYes
Screen Size3.5 Inches
Human Interface InputTouchscreen
Item Dimensions LxWxH3.8 x 1 x 3.2 inches
Map TypeNorth America
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Description of TomTom ONE 3rd Gen 3.5" Portable GPS Vehicle Navigator with Manufacturer Discontinuation

Product Description: TomTom ONE 3rd Edition 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Vehicle Navigator (Discontinued by Manufacturer)


The TomTom ONE 3rd Edition 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Vehicle Navigator, although discontinued by the manufacturer, remains a reliable and versatile GPS device for your vehicle. With its compact 3.5-inch screen, this portable navigator provides clear and easy-to-read maps, ensuring you never lose your way. The device boasts an intuitive user interface, allowing you to navigate through menus effortlessly and access its helpful features.

Similar Products

If you are in the market for a portable GPS navigator, but the TomTom ONE 3rd Edition is no longer available, don't worry! There are other excellent options to consider. One alternative is the popular Garmin DriveSmart 51 LMT-S, known for its advanced navigation features and comprehensive map updates. Another option worth exploring is the Magellan RoadMate 5635T-LM, which offers a larger display and voice-activated commands, making it incredibly convenient while on the road.

Problems Solved and Important Parameters

The TomTom ONE 3rd Edition 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Vehicle Navigator addresses the common challenges of navigating unfamiliar routes. With its "Help Me" emergency menu, you can quickly access essential services such as emergency contacts, nearest hospitals, and roadside assistance. Additionally, the device's real-time traffic capability provides up-to-date information on congestion and suggests alternative routes, saving you time and frustration. Turn-by-turn spoken directions ensure you stay focused on the road while receiving accurate guidance to your destination.

Here are some important parameters to consider when choosing a GPS device:

  • Screen Size: A larger screen makes it easier to read maps and directions at a glance.
  • Map Updates: Regular map updates ensure accurate and reliable navigation.
  • Voice Guidance: Turn-by-turn spoken directions allow for safer driving.
  • Real-Time Traffic: Provides real-time traffic updates to avoid congested areas.
  • Emergency Services: Access to emergency menus and assistance when needed.
  • The TomTom ONE 3rd Edition Portable GPS Vehicle Navigator excels in these parameters, making it a valuable tool for drivers seeking reliable navigation and peace of mind.

    Use in Various Settings

    This versatile portable GPS device finds applications beyond just vehicle navigation. Here are some scenarios where the TomTom ONE 3rd Edition can be beneficial:

  • Outdoor Adventures: Whether you're hiking, camping, or exploring unfamiliar territories, this portable GPS can guide you through nature trails and off-road routes.
  • Traveling Abroad: When visiting a new country or city, the TomTom ONE 3rd Edition can help you navigate with confidence, even without a mobile data connection.
  • Geocaching: If you enjoy geocaching as a recreational activity, this portable navigator can assist you in locating hidden treasures and navigating to their precise coordinates.
  • Use for Remote Work: Freelancers or remote workers who frequently travel for business can rely on this portable GPS to navigate to client meetings, conferences, and remote workspaces in unfamiliar areas.
  • With its discontinued status, the TomTom ONE 3rd Edition 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Vehicle Navigator remains a sought-after device due to its reliability and diverse range of applications.

    Help Me , emergency menu and real-time traffic capability. Turn-by-turn spoken directions. Millions of points of interest; TomTom MapShare instant map updates. The world's #1 selling GPS; preloaded with maps of the United States and Canada. Pocket-sized design; 3.5-inch touchscreen with 2D and 3D views.



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    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Excellent quality, absolutely not expected for such a price.

    Got pros: Excellent model. It so happened that I got two navigators of this model in a cheaper and more expensive variation. And now, interestingly, it turns out that the more expensive option is a product certified for the 2022 and, apparently, Canada, and the cheaper one, apparently, is the Asian version. Moreover, in a more expensive configuration, the device works absolutely clearly, which cannot be said about a cheap version. In general, it should be noted that the device is very pleasing.

    Revainrating 3 out of 5

    Overall it's good but I expect more, there are some downsides.

    In general, for the first time will go. After the acquisition, it is advisable to find the firmware and change the indicated glitches (I hope they fixed them), then the device will be worthy of this money. Some pros: small, light, easy to fit. There is a forum for them with support and maps. After turning off the charging, it can turn itself off, this is a big plus, but when connected, it does not turn on by itself. Good voice over. With its cons. The first thing that infuriates is the…

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    A good quality product, I rate this purchase perfectly.

    In my opinion, one of the best solutions for auto-navigation. As soon as support from the 2022 office improves, tomtom will definitely be the best :) Tomtom works very fast, the interface is extremely convenient, the program is extremely stable. After several years with iGo, Navitel and Autosputnik, I am very pleased that I abandoned them in favor of a simple tomtom. Keep in mind, TomTom ONE LS, ONE 130, ONE 125 are the same device with different names. Officially it is called TomTom One…

    • Unique Map Share technology - the ability to edit maps and share map edits with others for free. At the end of March, more than 5600 edits are available for the map of 2022, the Baltics and Finland.
    • Some delay in ating maps. At the end of March, version 815 map based on the TA 2022.07 map base is available. Version 825 based on TA 20222022 is expected very soon. About the map based on TA 2022.02 while the Internet is silent.

    Revainrating 4 out of 5

    Satisfactory product quality, good price.

    Good device. He knows his business and does it. If you need a unit that provides high-quality and fast routing, and not a multimedia system with the makings of a laptop, then this is a great option. If you do not regret throwing 3-4 thousand to the proposed cost. rub, you can get a unit of this company, but with a GPRS receiver, and therefore your route will be laid taking into account the current traffic situation.

    • Ease of use. Stylish design. Clear sound. Convenient location of the stylus and SD card slot. Fast and adequate laying and rerouting. Offers three routing strategies. THE MOST CONVENIENT, from what I have seen, is the search for an address or a metro station.
    • Charging from the cigarette lighter fell apart after a couple of months (I had to buy a 220V converter, because I couldn’t find charging through the cigarette lighter. In the entire history (7 months) it hung only a couple of times, but, as they say, it doesn’t happen to anyone. It can lead to a brick or the like, but this is not a jamb of the device, but the fault of the map developers. You have to convert the video before watching. ates don't come out as often as I would like.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Everything in the product suited me, the price is generally perfect.

    I think that this is the best device in terms of price-quality ratio. It is especially suitable for those who do not want to delve into the technical and other features of the GPS, but just want to put it on, turn it on, enter the point of arrival and get there (without overshooting turns, exits on the wrong road, extra turns, etc.) . The overall assessment is: Made for people.

    • Well-developed algorithm of reference. The messages at the interchanges are accurate, and this is very important, because. some navigators "comment" the turns in such a way that you have to stop during the maneuver and figure out exactly where to turn (or drive in). I was pleased with the possibility of automatic online ating of maps and, in general, the availability of an advanced Internet service. Finds satellites quickly and reliably. The method of fastening to the windshield was invented coolly (another confirmation of the ancient rule - everything ingenious is simple).
    • The map of the Hong Kong region is not very detailed. The outlines of houses are not marked on the map, there are only the coordinates of their location (the visibility of the map suffers a little from this, but in general, when you enter a specific address, GPS brings you to the desired point). The built-in memory is 1GB :(, i. E. it cannot be expanded in any way, which is not very convenient, because when installing maps of one region, you have to remove maps of another from the device (for those who need to travel only within the 2022, this is accordingly not relevant) .

    Revainrating 3 out of 5

    Fantastic value for money!

    I bought one of these 3rd edition units for my parents who were going on a trip. Dad is hard of hearing and good with computers, so I wanted something easy to use with good volume. It worked like a charm and they really like it. Dad can hear him well while driving, so I can calm down a bit when they're driving. They convinced me to buy the same. As I do astronomical research I had some special needs and needed a GPS that would allow me to enter latitude and longitude, intersections and two…

    • Sturdy construction
    • Minor issues

    Revainrating 4 out of 5

    Simply the BEST car GPS

    I used to have a TomTom Navigator 5 then a Navigator 6 which I used with a Palm Treo phone and loved it. Then I got a new job that required GPS several times a day. That's when I realized how slow my old system was. It was great for a long trip but too long for many short trips in one day. So I started googling and reading customer reviews on Revain.com. Since I only knew about TomTom and was satisfied with their products, my research mainly focused on their products. I started reading about…

    • Easy to use
    • Expensive

    Revainrating 3 out of 5

    Normal for younger models, but not enough.

    Don't get me wrong, this is a good budget phone, but it's missing a thing or two that I feel are essential. Don't have a simple "Back/Find your way back" button? If you're staying at a hotel or at a friend's house and going sightseeing from there, you'll need to set your favorite places for that place. Not a terrible process, though. Second, I often visit Canada. I can tell it to show kilometers on the screen, but the voice still says distances to turns in miles or yards! My odometer is in…

    • Pleasant
    • Almost never

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Overall fantastic with a few SMALL glitches

    I received my TomTom yesterday and it is 99% as expected. I didn't need anything very fancy, I was fine with not naming street names (most times when I get lost it's because the street sign is missing anyway!). Some of the features that come with this thing are BIG! I like how the volume changes with speed, I've never had hearing problems although I usually listen to the radio louder than I should. The instructions are clear and repeated quite a bit so it's very hard to go wrong. I only noticed

    • Everything is great!
    • Low maintainability

    Revainrating 2 out of 5

    A bit confusing: Car GPS

    This is my first GPS. I've been using a Garmin in a rental car and have been tossing and turning between buying a TomTom and a Garmin. I chose TomTom because it had much better reviews. I first used it this week to travel from western Massachusetts to Baltimore, Maryland and have also used it to navigate Washington DC. Here's my review now that I've used it: On the Freeway/Interstate: You might want to get one that has exit names on it. Unless you're very good with meters, this GPS is a bit…

    • Very Impressive
    • Disappearing

    Revainrating 4 out of 5

    not really worth the money

    If you want to use the TomTom Home software to connect your GPS to your computer, MAKE SURE YOU BACKUP YOUR GPS BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE! Then immediately make a copy of this backup. Every time you back up your device to your computer, the previous backup will be erased. TomTom Home tends to crash your device when installing updates. TomTom does not have a working solution for this. According to TomTom's customer support (replied two weeks after opening a support ticket on their website), if

    • Stupid
    • not trendy