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🍪 Muscle Juice Revolution Gainer Cookies and Cream - 5040 g for Ultimate Nutrition Review




Revainrating 3.5 out of 5  
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Description of 🍪 Muscle Juice Revolution Gainer Cookies and Cream - 5040 g for Ultimate Nutrition

While exercising, we always want to achieve results earlier than they usually make themselves felt. Seeing the tangible result of training, we get the most genuine dose of motivation, and we continue the exercise even more persistently, which allows us to surprise loved ones and delight strangers in the shortest possible time. What can help us in this? And one of the best gainers in the world Muscle Juice Revolution (5 kg) can help us with this. This gainer contains even more proteins and carbohydrates per serving than all previous developments in the sports nutrition industry. That''s 56 grams of protein and 175 grams of carbohydrates. Moreover, the carbohydrates contained in this gainer are all of the slow type, which allows the gainer to act for a long period of time, and there are already eight types of proteins in Muscle Juice Revolution (5 kg.). It also makes sense to buy Muscle Juice Revolution (5 kg.) because it contains the most useful BCAA amino acids that can dissolve all the fat you need and, together with the protein-carbohydrate complex, stop the catabolic process and build muscle. In our SportPitEkb store. en you can order Muscle Juice Revolution (5 kg.) at a low price. In addition, you can find out people''s opinions about Muscle Juice Revolution (5 kg.). The reviews they leave are really encouraging._____________________________Serving Size: 4 scoops (approximately 265g) Number of servings: about 19_____________________________ Ingredients per serving (4 scoops - 265g): . norms Quantity (portion with milk 2% fat)% of days. norms Protein 56 gr. 112% 74 gr. 148% Calories, incl. mg 6% 190 mg. 8% Total carbohydrates 170 gr. 57% 390 gr. Calcium 40% 100% Iron 4% 6% Typical Amino Acid Composition per Serving: Name Quantity L-Leucine (BCAA) 6163 mg L-Isoleucine (BCAA) 3250 mg L-Valine (BCAA) 3183 mg L-Lysine 4943 mg L-Threonine 3047 mg .L-methionine 1151 mg. L-phenylalanine 1828 mg. L-tryptophan 813 mg. L-arginine 1490 mg. L-aspartic acid 5959 mg. L-cystine 1151 mg. L-alanine 2505 mg. histidine 1016 mg. L-proline 4198 mg. L-serine 3250 mg. L-tyrosine 1557 mg. Total BCAAs per serving: 12596 mg. Total Essential Amino Acids Per Serving: 24378 mg. Total Amino Acids Per Serving: 56,000 mg. Ingredients: Protein blend (whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, calcium caseinate, egg white), maltodextrin, crystalline fructose, medium chain triglycerides, natural and artificial flavors, beet color (for color). Suggested Use: Add four scoops (approx. 265g) of Muscle Juice Revolution to 532ml. water or milk. For maximum results, take one serving in the morning and one serving 1 hour after your workout. On rest days, take between meals: one serving in the morning, the second in the afternoon. Warning: Before use, consult a specialist, keep out of the reach of children.


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Revainrating 4 out of 5

I did not regret the purchase, everything is fine.

- It is clear that it is more convenient to pack products in a bucket. But for everyday use it is not convenient at all. Several times I just woke up prot on the table. - Lumps when mixing. On the package, it is recommended to stir a portion (265g) in 800ml of water or milk, but this is clearly not enough for this putty. - In general, the rules, you can drink, but I will not take it again.

  • - Ingredients for 4. If not for so much sugar.
  • - Comes in lumps. - A bucket of putty is a fierce game.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Very high quality product, it's not the first time I bought it.

I took strawberries, I always take only them (I hate chocolate flavors), I used to drink BSN 1200, a strawberry milkshake, as for me it has better taste and texture, and in general I liked BSN more. Well, to each his own taste and color, in the digestive tract both this and BSN are perfectly absorbed and there are no problems in the future, but drinking is much, really much more pleasant than BSN. As for the result, it all depends to a greater extent on training and basic nutrition, gainers in…

  • Composition, USA production, price/quantity.
  • I read reviews that it’s very sweet, I didn’t believe it, because for me there is never too much sweetness. I tried to dilute 2.5 measuring spoons (the one in the kit) with 0.5 milk, it’s really hard to drink, they really borscht with a sweetener very strongly, and the taste is chemical, if you drink BSN like a grandmother’s strawberry cocktail, you want more and more, then it’s like cough medicine, you drink and think when it's already the bottom. But it’s not so bad that it’s impossible to drink, just after BSN the difference is noticeable. Well, it stirs, there are no lumps like in BSN, but it turns out some kind of gel-like snot at the bottom, if you wait a little 2 minutes after the first mixing and stir again, then everything seems to stir more or less, there are no obvious shortcomings, you even get used to the wild sweetness. Aaaaa well, a bucket, guys, a bucket - it's very inconvenient to open and close . use a bag to use.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

One of the best deals, glad I bought this.

It mixes well even in a shaker (with a whisk inside, of course). The taste is good, I like banana more. The result is in combination with creatine, BSA and hard training 5 times a week. I didn’t give more than 5 kg to weight.

The smell boiled up, it smells pleasant of protein and a little chemistry, the cocoa smell became cloying, what kind of protein is not there, it lagged behind at the top, a protein coating appeared, the color of coffee with milk, it seems to be not bad, until it’s clear just started using it With its pros. The jar is full, up to the lid, the measuring scoop is on top) the smell is pleasant. Got cons: There is a strong smell of cocoa, it tastes good with milk, there is no feeling of satiety from

Revainrating 3 out of 5

The average quality of the product, especially for such money.

With its pros. The bucket was filled to the brim, the spoon lay at the very top - I didn’t have to get it out of the mixture. The taste of "Vanilla" is very pleasant (with milk), not cloying. Cons below: It does not mix well (on 3 out of 5), there are a few lumps left - I stir it in a shaker.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The best price for such a product, I will buy more!

In its price range, this is the best gainer I have ever tried. Try to find a 5-kilogram foreign bucket with the same composition for the same price - you will not find it. For a high-carb gainer, there is a lot of protein here. It is digested smartly, there have never been problems with the gastrointestinal tract because of it. The composition is ok. If you have a head on your shoulders, you can adequately fit it into your diet in order to gain.

  • Price, efficiency, digestibility
  • Missing

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Best thing I have ever used, highly recommended!

I’ve been drinking for a year and a half, three scoops per shaker, two a day, I fall asleep and put it in the refrigerator, I drink half at a time, at this concentration it’s quite liquid and not very sweet, I mix it with water, an average of 8 kg per month, which is surprising any taste is pleasant enough