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Walker Products 245 1062 Sensor Assembly

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BrandWalker Products
Item Dimensions LxWxH3.5 x 4 x 5 inches
Item Weight1.54 Pounds
Specific Uses For ProductAir Flow Sensor

About Walker Products 245 1062 Sensor Assembly

Walker Products Mass Airflow ( MAF ) sensor measures the amount of air by weight through changing voltages or frequencies. MAF Sensor sends information collected to the onboard computer. The computer uses this and other inputs to calculate the correct amount of fuel delivered. Symptoms of failure MAF include poor starting, engine surging, engine stalling, a check engine light, and no-start conditions. Sensors are non-serviceable, replace sensors that are non-functional. OEM Part Number: MF8302 64-1505 AF10045 29008 213-352 74-8309 5R8 MF8302N MA100 5S2696 213-253 SU1215 20980 59084 28302M 161-...
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Stop Running - Parts

Stops working about a month after installation. Conveniently about two weeks after the end of the return window. Don't waste money.

Pros & cons

  • MAF trouble symptoms include poor starting, engine pumping, engine stalling, check engine light and no start. Sensors out of service, replace non-working sensors
  • High Price

Return Item for Refund

The left bank and right bank rich gas codes installed on the car have been changed to different brands and are working well. Item returned for refund

Pros & cons

  • OEM Part Number: MF8302 64-1505 29008 213-8309 5R8 MF8302N Ma100 5S2696 213-257 SU1215 28309 917-827 4M-1043 MF8043 MF8 -0276
  • I vaguely remember

02 blazer repaired for parts

Good packaging fixed my problem with my 02 blazer. The only problem is that I think it's made in Mexico. I would have paid a little more for American

Pros & cons

  • Mass air flow sensor sends collected information to onboard computer
  • Some errors