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ROOBEE: Financial platform for investment

Interesting project born in the UK which breaks with the paradigm that investments are for individuals or groups that make strong professional investments or advised by them in the various stock exchanges, Roobee opens a door to small investors with little knowledge in traditional investment methods, It is based on the Ethereun blockchain using the versatility of smart contracts and the BSC chain, the project is fully decentralized and is based for its operation artificial intelligence technologies for various aspects, such as to evaluate investment opportunities and warn in risky investments. The good news apart from the financial innovation it represents, is that you need only a minimum investment of $10 to start as an investor, this will give you in scaling as a small investor, the type of investment could be in cryptocurrencies, ETF packages that are set of minority shares with small investment, Real Shares, real estate properties and even invest in the so-called IPOs in which you can invest in small companies or projects before their startup. I was able to read an article in the prestigious financial magazine Blooberg in its digital format, an article in which they mentioned Roobee as a good option for new investors with accelerated growth, The project is supported by the ROOBEE token which is of the ERC-20 type of the Ethereum platform, at the time of writing this review it was trading in the order of 0.0047 dollars with an upward trend, it is used not only to financially support the project, it is also used for additional investments, discounts on transaction fees. I really liked the project but in my opinion it should use more the power of social networks to project itself more, especially videos on the Youtube platform, another important aspect is that it lends itself to get good strategic partnerships that accelerate its growth and drive to ultimate success. Tam incelemeye bakın

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ARPA Chain

This year has definitely been a tumultuous year for the cryptocurrency market with regulations and bans have impacted it negatively.However, in October the market experienced an interesting recovery, I think mostly due to the acceptance of cryptocurrencies in European countries. Payments giant PayPal will accept 4 cryptocurrencies initially in the United Kingdom. Now to ARPA. I am a firm believer that many projects will disappear, and it is a fact that many are already inactive. I do not think this is the case of ARPA as it is a good project, which seemed to fade in the middle of the year, its currency lost almost 50% of its value, however like the rest of the market it is in recovery. It is worth mentioning that in just 30 days it has doubled its value. What Does ARPA Offer Us? Security and exchange of highly private data is its greatest strength and the technological deployment it uses for this purpose is its greatest feature. It allows you to manage data portfolios and data management through efficient smart contracts in the ARPA network. The utility token is the ARPA, which is a token based on the Ethereum blockchain. Using ARPA, you can process transactions maintaining security of information, whatever its origin. This allows the consolidation of databases, information for banking and insurance processes, and in general, prevents fraud or data misuse. This is the main objective of the ARPA project, to keep data secure and reliable. The project is based on the Ethereum blockchain but also compatible with the EOS chain which is excellent for further developments. With enhanced and private smart contracts, it is ideal for financial developments. Both data and applications run outside the Ethereum chain, this is important because it gives the option to operate in any blockchain, and all data is encrypted. Users can be sure that their information can not be violated by anyone to carry out fraud and the information is also protected from unwanted computer attacks. Who is Behind ARPA? The project has funding from major accelerators and other financial institutions such as GBIC, Leader Capital, Arrington capital, and Genesis among others. It has a host of important partners such as: Alibaba cloud, IOST, and Blockcloud among others. Conclusion - Is ARPA a Good Investment? In my opinion ARPA is one of the leading projects in fraud prevention and bridges the gap between traditional finance and cryptocurrency. Personally, I have a small portfolio of projects to invest in and of course ARPA is already included. The ARPA token is available on several of the most important exchanges such as: Binance, Coinbase, and Huobi Global. Currently the token ranks 346th on CoinMarketCap's ranking of the top cryptocurrencies. ARPA is expected to have a strong rebound at the end of the year, and at the time of writing this review was hovering around $0.074618 with a clear upward trend. The annual growth has been 1,200% and in 30 days it has doubled its value. Not bad if we take into account that it was launched at the end of 2018. They have met their roadmap and ARPA is currently integrating the ETH 2.0 standard, quarterly token burns based on enterprise contracts and the final ARPA mainnet 1.5 is in testing Tam incelemeye bakın

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KuCoin: Money exchange for cryptocurrencies, the new the best!

If you are looking for a safe, fast and very good exchange house, here you have it. It gives the impression that they took the good things from other changes and added it for their creation, Many benefits, Founded in 2017, operates in Hong Khong, operates with many cryptocurrencies and tokens, has a high volume processing capacity, additionally it has a very attractive incentive package, includes being able to earn interest, the lowest commission on the market. Every company has to have more than one supplier of its inputs that it needs to operate for various reasons. By analogy I recommend having several exchange houses for its cryptocurrencies since each one will have what you need, in fact I registered in kucoin and it will be another of my favorites, registration is very easy, with the mail and a verification code and that's it. I like its website, although it could be a bit confusing for beginners who do not master all the concepts, it allows the exchange of some fiat currencies to cryptos, purchases with credit cards (fiat to crypto), exchange of digital assets. It operates with lots of crypto allowing trade between them, instant zero commission exchange and large quantity exchanges. Manage contracts. To earn interest, it has several modalities such as: lending money, earning for keeping your cryptos and tokens, if you buy their tokens and you keep it you earn a bonus, affiliate bonus, referral plan you get a bonus for each person you refer. At KuCoin with no minimum deposit or transaction limitations. Important Data operates with many cryptocurrencies including Revain.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Introduction to Blocktres. The blockchain technologies maintain its sweeping advance despite the regulations and prohibitions to which it has been subjected this year, which have had a great impact? ..... Yes, but it has not stopped its advance and we see how today there is a significant recovery of the crypto market, many believers in conspiracy theories speculate about a new economic order, and do not realize that they already have it under their noses, the possibility of doing business globally from person to person without intermediary, without barriers of language, countries, distances, and without friction, instantly, I consider it is already a new economic order, something that is missing is the unification of low commissions, eliminate friction between blockchains and an exclusive social network for the blockchain, that is why for me it is a pleasure to write a review about a project as important as Blockters, the first social network exclusively for cryptographic projects. What is known? There is little information available on the network, which I will present below, but I joined the list of users of the new social network and in the telegram group I contacted the administrator, who quickly provided me with the white paper of the development, very well prepared, I denote much professionalism, I have first hand information that I will share with all of you, From the little information it is clear that the beta version is already released, not yet open to the public, already have a group of qualified writers, but still open to new cryptographic experts, may be marketed within the network so that open profits for both writers and users, there will be an exchange of information, reviews and ratings of experts, news from the cryptographic world and people with little knowledge will have an ideal place to learn and get advice. Not bad. There will be a blog available to share information, videos, images and something good, you can form groups and thus divide into communities of friends, acquaintances or simply form elite groups of something in particular, I can think for example Bitcoin group, For the perceived advertising will be less expensive than traditional networks, that will attract and open assets to share with experts, journalists and others who will make life in the network. It will integrate Wallet and Exchange service. The platform will have its wallet and access to an exchange to trade its native token the BXR which is a token of the ethereum chain of the ERC20 type, this will be used to make payments for advertising and receive rewards for various reasons. It already has an affiliate program ready to interact and earn rewards, it should be noted that initially 1 BXR is equivalent to 1 dollar. First-hand information gathered from their white paper Its mission Connect crypto enthusiasts globally, create quality content and news, serve as a source of information and learning and earn assets. Most importantly, it will have a real-time messaging application for P2P. Strategic partnership with Revain and conclusions An important event was the union between Revain and the new Blockters project, See Image 2, it will be of great benefit to both platforms, that users can access to important valuations already captured in revain about important cryptographic projects, it will be great, a win-win relationship, we all win. This partnership will allow users from all over the world to see the masterful reviews already produced in Revain for 4 years on blockchain projects, a priceless treasure. They will be able to learn and get insights from successful projects and new ones. They will also be alerted about projects that did not achieve their goal, The Blockters network comes as a life saver and a great solution that will publicize new blockchain projects, in no network there was no room and many good projects have succumbed to lack of information and promotion, it is a matter of marketing, if a product is not publicized and made known, it will be uphill to succeed, with this network all projects can be known and users will be a multiplier effect, that already guarantees that if it is good, it will be successful and will scale. Many users without knowledge in cryptographic matters will have a window to learn, see news and much more as mentioned above. As an appetizer I will show its ambitious work path, something very good indeed, see image 3 which speaks for itself. To conclude I can say that as a lover of the fascinating world of blockchain, I am very happy that soon we will have our social network, I invite everyone to join which is very easy, with only the email, a password and confirm the mail, and will be on the waiting list of users to the network, and from now on you can get rewards for various tasks, see image 4. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Introduction To understand well this promising and futuristic project it is enough to investigate well about it, then its wallet following with the innovative bridge to finish with its exchange Ton swap and it is precisely what concerns us in this review, order as defined in the great competition that launched the Free Ton project in our Revain platform, on the other hand I do not think it will be the last competition, It will be the last for now, I have no doubt that there will be more in the near future due to the overwhelming development of this platform, apart from the success of the contest, it is clear from the strong interaction reflected in twitter, which promotes the project very well, Ton swap is about the product that was missing from the platform to be a complete whole, the exchange. The exchange Ton Sap is a decentralized exchange that despite the short time in operation already has a good liquidity, something that has suffered the decentralized exchanges, its great advantage is its very low commissions. It still has very few pairs, but there are the most used stable coin. The best option to access important information about ton swap is available on the official broxus lagina from there you can access the github repository where you can find the programming codes, the complete guide and direct access to the exchange. How to operate with the exchange? The process to operate with the exchange is simple, I see 3 processes involved, I will describe the exchange of pare as I consider the least documented in the guides and is not well explained, Steps to follow to exchange Ton Cristal to USDT in the Ton Swap exchange. First of all you must convert the amount of Ton Cristal you need available in your Ton Wallet, this is necessary because the Ton Swap exchange protocol does not operate directly with the Ton Cristal token, but with the WTON wrapped Ton token, on the other hand if it is the first time you operate with the wallet you must add the USDT token to your wallet, it is already available you just have to check it and add it. (Important to know that 1 ton crystal = 1 WTON) To do this go to the official Ton Swap website and select the WTON tab. It will ask you to connect to the wallet and enter the amount of ton crystal you want to wrap, that is, Ton Crystal to WTON converter. After that it will ask you to send the request and then you will have to enter your ton wallet password and confirm. It will send you a message of the converted WTON and now you can go to the Ton Swap to exchange WTON to USDT. (Do not get confused if you notice that in the wallet you do not see the WTON amount, but you will notice that it is already discounted and when you enter the exchange you will see that the amount is credited). The process of using the bridge is very safe if you follow to the letter the very well explained guide that is available in the bridge guide from Ton To Ethereum and vice versa. To document my experience I used the bridge to move 21 USDT resulting from the process described above, I followed the guide step by step and you can make the move from one chain to the other, now in recommendations to minority investors at the end of this review there is a very important observation, from my personal experience using the bridge. The processes of adding liquidity to the pairs and agriculture in which you can have profits are more extensive but easy, I recommend following step by step the respective guides which are well prepared and you can check them available on the official website of Ton swap, I also recommend from the official website of broxus, There is a section from which you can access the GITHUB repository to see the open codes, the documentation and the Ton swap application directly. What I must emphasize is that in the swap process you can not operate directly with Ton crystal token, as the protocol is designed to operate with the WTON wrapped ton token, in a simple process you must wrap the amount you want to operate. The ratio is always 1 to one, i.e. 1 Ton crystal = 1 WTON, on the other hand the profit coming from farming you will get it in LP token. It is worth noting that you can trade on the exchange with erc20 tokens coming from the ethereum chain, using the ton bridge you can use the exchange using erc20 tokens coming from the ethereum chain, that is one of the great advantages of trading transactions on the ton platform to trade directly on the ton swap exchange, with extremely low commissions compared to trading on the ethereum chain, something that until now was prohibitive to minority traders, however I do not recommend to minority investors for reasons that I will expose later, in the recommendations section. Conclusions and recommendations Once the cycle of detailed valuations to the Free Ton project is finished And being able to operate on the platform, now with a clearer vision from my own experience I can issue recommendations. Recommendations for individuals Taking into account the great contribution that the Ethereun Free Ton bridge is representing with the versatility of the missing product to the Free Ton chain such as the Intercanbio Ton Swap, added to the large number of new financial products that will emerge, I personally maintain my investment and I invite interested people to follow this project closely because if no imponderable happens in the cryptographic world that negatively impacts the cryptographic market, In my personal experience I have already had a profit from keeping my Ton crypto, I will invest in the agriculture option that will give me good dividends, always taking into account that any financial investment involves a risk, but in this case it is minimal because there is always the option of taking refuge in the stable coin as the USDT that is listed on the exchange. Recommendation for Minority Investors I definitely do not recommend using the Ton Bridge to minority investors, I say this from my own experience, testing the Ton Bridge I tried to transfer an amount of 21 dollars in the USDT token from the Free Ton chain using my Ton Cristal Wallet and the Bridge Bridge to the Ethereun chain represented by my Metamask wallet, the process worked perfectly as I described initially, my surprise was that at the end of the transaction and to credit the 21 dollars in USDT, I asked for 78 dollars of commission to make the transaction, something totally implausible, I went to help in the telegram group Ton Bridge and to my surprise, it is not possible to cancel the transaction, it is not possible to cancel the transaction, that is to say I must pay the 78 dollars to receive 20, I expressed in the group of which I am part since I am an active member of the Free Ton platform, that I gave those 20 dollars for lost, but as long as that is so, I can never recommend to minority investors to use the bridge to the Ethereun chain, I want to make clear that it is not in any case of guilt in the free ton chain, the problem is the great speculation still reigning in the ethereum chain by the group of miners in the amount to charge for transactions, Now if you are a strong investor and do not mind paying the commission that is, if I recommend you use the bridge. See Image 1 Recommendations to the Free Ton project IT'S NOT A DARE, IT'S MY JOB TO DESIGN WEBSITES. EVALUATE EXISTING WEBSITES AND IMPROVE THEM, LOOK FOR BUGS AND REPORT THEM. FINALLY I would highly recommend to centralize the accesses directly in the main web of free ton the direct accesses to bridge, wallet and exchange, that would be great. That the main web page has direct accesses to the wallet, to the exchange and create a VERTICAL tab with the tutorials to BRIDGE, WALLET and EXCHANGE and in this last one the tutorials of staking and agriculture. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Octus Bridge

The problem and what leads to create an Ethereun Ton Free bridge? Many will ask, and rightly so, why create a bridge to a blockchain as successful as Ethereun if it has a market cap that exceeds 400 billion dollars, and the answer lies precisely there in large part, a liquidity as colossal as that requires a platform that will have many transactions and that is the big problem of the Ethereun chain, It scaled to a very high level which resulted in a bottleneck that makes the blockchain very heavy and leads to slow transactions that are accompanied by very high commissions to carry out the transactions, this creates the need for a workload that can be delegated to another more agile layer for the process and that is precisely the objective of the Ton bridge, now the founder and SEU of ethereun raised the need to create bridges to other faster chains, Telegram in its eagerness to create its own blockchain develops an ultra fast chain but due to legal problems that I still do not fully understand, is almost forced to abandon the project, a large community of developers hand in hand with the company Broxus formed by a group of Russian engineers of the highest level, accept the challenge and give life to a great project that seemed to die, rapidly develop the chain and new tools such as the wallet and the Ton Bridge, Another factor that influenced Ethereun to be the first bridge, I think it is because both platforms are developed with almost the same computer programming languages and that definitely facilitates the work to be done, in that sense it is worth noting that it is not about few developers, just look at the number that make up the development group in telegram and exceed 690 developers and the list continues to rise. However, following the development of the new Ethereum 2 platform, it is worth asking, will the bridge be necessary? I will give the answer in my conclusions later on. Let's do an abstraction exercise to visualize more of what the Ton Bridge is all about. I took the liberty of designing an image that reflects the above exercise. It could be thought that in the future it would not be so necessary to continue proliferating in creating new blockchains in an anarchic manner as is currently the case, so that the most effective and efficient in terms of transaction speed, low commissions and offering convenient development tools, could be servers of functionalities to other platforms. See Image 1 Functionality and what is the bridge for? By means of the bridge you can interconnect both chains and pass Ethereun token to Free Ton and vice versa, it seems very complex but in reality it is not, it is something similar in computing when we want to emulate a system in another, it only requires a cross-reference table and some programming for it, in the case of ethereun Free ton the cross reference consists of taking the token from the source chain and creating an equivalent token in the receiving chain, if a return of the token is required the reverse step is done, the token is passed from the receiving chain and the corresponding value is returned to the previously transferred token returning them to the new owner. How is the process? The process to operate with the bridge is simple, you must have downloaded the Ton wallet and the metamask wallet to withdraw the ethereun tokens. Interconnect the wallets and that's it. I will not go into detail about the whole process but I recommend to follow the operating guide of the bridge available on the official website of broxus and from a link to it on the Free ton page, there is a section from which you can access the GITHUB repository to see the open codes, the documentation and the application directly. Who benefits from the bridge Decentralized finance on the ethereun chain is open to large investors, minority investors were practically nullified by the impossibility of paying the high transaction fees, which makes it an unprofitable option and practically at a loss, with the Ton Bridge this possibility is opened since the transaction fee almost disappears, investors are also benefited by passing amounts of ethereun to Free Ton can take advantage of the opportunities offered by agriculture in the Ton chain which leaves good profits, Finally, large investors find a well-paid opportunity by opting for the option of becoming transaction validators by investing in the Bridge token created for this purpose, it should be noted that they also become part of the governance with the right to vote, finally we can say that the Ethereun chain wins since it is freed from transactions that overload its processing capacity and Free Ton wins since it acquires good liquidity and resources for its development. Conclusion and the question is sustainable Tron bridge over time? My recommendation to follow this project and invest something in it becomes stronger. I have no doubt if there are no other imponderables such as regulations and bans as was the case in China which brought negative effects to the crypto world affecting the entire market in general. If there is no imponderable, the Ton Cristal token will rise until it reaches the value it had in its beginnings, which was over 3 dollars, As for the question I posed in my introduction, it is because ethereun is rapidly developing its new platform based on the ethereun 2 protocol, which they indicate will be ultra fast with low commissions, the question arises whether the bridge will be necessary and I really think so, There will always be very interesting applications in both chains and the interconnection is not superfluous, what I am almost sure is that broxus must be programming the necessary interfaces in parallel so that when the time comes and the new ethereun platform is active, the bridge can continue to operate, otherwise the bridge will most likely stop working. I know that they are working on the Ton bridge to the Polkadot platform, but this development must be about to be finished. I have no doubt that the result of this relationship Free Ton Revain has been of great benefit to both platforms, the mere fact that many people can see and understand through these reviews the scope and benefits of the project is already something of great value, it is a multiplier effect of followers, also the observations are of great importance. I take this opportunity to reiterate to the development community of the Free Ton project the need to redesign its main website and highlight more some important information such as more detailed information about the Ton bridge. And why not? Include Revain reviews in your website revain API. Tam incelemeye bakın

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EVER Wallet

What parameters to evaluate when deciding which crypto wallet to adopt. The financial world with the emergence of cryptocurrencies has been evolving in a dizzying way, the convenience of transferring currency from one person to another in a fast way without intermediaries is the raison d'être of the wallets, that is precisely the first parameter to take into consideration when choosing a wallet, It is very easy to write about wallets, They all pursue the same functionality, only the difference is the security, where they reside and how to operate it, in this case we are dealing with an online wallet, it runs as an extension of google chrome with a lot of security within what fits in a wallet of its kind and has a very intuitive and easy to use design. It is developed by the development company Broxus as a fork of the desktop wallet from the initial TON platform project when its development depended on the Telegram company, it is open source and free and can be seen in the Github repository. There are other wallets on that Ton blockchain but in my opinion this is the main one. The wallet is available on several operating systems either Windows, Android, IOs in which case it is installed as a google crome add-on, it is also available for Linux, Some cryptocurrencies are available to operate in your wallet as Ton Cristal, USDT, WBTC, DAI, among others, really they are few but you can enter new tokens in a custom way if you wish, When you install you can choose between 5 different formats, but I recommend leaving the SafeMultisig option which is the default. An important feature is the ability to support multiple networks such as testNet, MainNet, What is its mission? Its mission is to store in a safe and easy way the TON CRISTAL token which is the utility token of the FREE TON network, blockchain with a futuristic potential that is lost of sight, nothing better than this wallet to store the token. There is within the website of the TON platform specifically in the section FREE TON HOUSE see Image 1, a very good guide for the wallet that would be good to incorporate it as an aid to the extension, I recommend before installing take a look at that complete operational guide of the wallet, very well explained the simple installation process, at this point I want to point out something very important and is as soon as you install the wallet you must save in a safe place the recovery phrase, In my case due to electrical problems my server was damaged, fortunately I had sent the recovery phrase to two local computers within my small network, so I installed the wallet again and with the recovery phrase I did not have the slightest problem in having the wallet again, as I mentioned adding the page from where the wallet is installed, from the guide, which complements a lot. Already in my review of the Free Ton platform I warned that there is a lot of hidden information on the web, such as the case of joining the community, so is the guide to the Ton Cristal Wallet. It would be good to incorporate that guide on the broxus link page from where the extension is downloaded. Consideration to take into account when using wallets based on my personal experience with wallets. Personally I operate with desktop wallets when I require maximum security for my coins that I keep for a long time, I also use the wallets of exchanges like Kucoin or Binance when I need to keep coins for the purpose of trading and also by need and requirements of some applications generally used Metamask, however I find Tonal Cristal Wallet as a wallet easier, faster and friendlier, with the same functionality as Metamask, which is why I will use it in the future, it would be great if they released a desktop version in which incorporate access to exchanges. Tam incelemeye bakın

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INTRODUCTION Given the completeness and extensiveness of this project I considered it pertinent to divide my review into 4 bodies or sections to give the most information without extending too much and these are: An INTRODUCTION to the project, WHAT IT IS AND HOW IT WORKS I will outline what it is about and briefly explain how it works, INTERESTING PROJECTS ALREADY IN DEVELOPMENT section in which I will describe some projects already developed and in the process of it using this platform taking into account in my opinion the most relevant. Finally, JOIN THE TON COMMUNITY in which I will give a guide on how to join the community and mention my personal experience in the project. Very young project created in May 2020 but with a great future for the characteristics of the project, there are important projects of similar cut to this that pursue the same purpose, each pushing on their own side, with the aim of creating a fully decentralized blockchain, open source where anyone can join to develop, fast transaction speeds, low commissions, versatile and optimal management of smart contracts, real governance of the community and that is highly scalable, coupled with great security. those are characteristics that define the FREE TON project. WHAT IT IS AND HOW IT WORKS FREE TON can be defined as a system composed of many programs that articulate to give functionality to what is today the TON protocol, a whole ecosystem for development of decentralized financial applications with ultra fast transactions of millions of transactions per second, under a strong security and a well democratized governance where all development is available in open source in the GITHUB repositories, providing developers with tools to developers so they can create new currencies, smart contracts and decentralized financial applications. With the main attraction of extremely low commissions, which will be of great benefit to many, many people who engage in free trade. The platform is open to any development in a rapid manner, opening the way for the creation of new secure and ultra fast ecosystems within the TON chain, based on consensus participation. The TON protocol is still under development supported by a fully independent community and some organizations, which decided to continue with the initial TON Project created by Telegram, which due to legal problems was abandoned, the community did not give up and launched the FREE TON Project. The way the platform works is not well documented, the development is available and there is a large community willing to clarify doubts in one of the accounts available on Telegran. But basically there is no single blockchain, instead it is fragmented into three blockchains with functionalities to each of them, the main chain would be the blocks, in another chain called working chain reside the smart contracts and transactions are executed and a third chain where the accounts reside, creating independence and separate operation avoids bottlenecks and therein lies its ultra speed, The utility token is the TON coin on which the economy of the platform is based, the consensus algorithm used is the POS and uses the so called master nodes already known as a non-traditional mining called by many ecological where transactions are validated using frozen coins, also called staking, which are placed by the validators, to collaborate with the project validating transactions, ie proof of participation. INTERESTING PROJECTS ALREADY UNDER DEVELOPMENT To date, more than 60 interesting projects are already operating on its platform. The most outstanding ones are: Serverspace which is a payment platform that operates with the TON currency, Combot which is used to interact with your Telagran group, a platform for creating content, the decentralized wallet FREE TON WALLET which we will describe in another review. Project to create smart contracts in short a series of interesting projects which you can see in its entirety on their website. However, the one that caught my attention the most is the Ethereum bridge project which will be very beneficial as it will allow transactions between the Ethereun blockchain and the TON, solving problems of transaction speed and the high commissions in ethereun. The ethereun token is mined and blocked so that its counterpart on the TON chain is issued in TON currency. The transaction is effected as the smart contract is brought in and the ethereun coin is returned to its new owner. Pretty cool. This will bring up a number of use cases that are lost sight of. JOIN THE TON COMMUNITY I already had knowledge of the project since last year in a digital magazine mentioned the benefits of this nascent network and that many opportunities were opening for developers who wish to join their community, however I did not join because the development tools with which I feel more comfortable for these developments are phython and javascrips and the ones used in Free ton are C, and Solidity, which is the programming language used in the Ethereum blockchain, something similar to javascrips, so I gave up on entering development, however writing this review I came across the possibility of entering as a validator, and thus being able to use the staking option to contribute to the development and I will receive rewards for it as a transaction validator as a participating node, If you are a developer and you know the languages used in the FREE TON network you can join the community, although the option to join the community is not placed visible on the web, but I will explain how to do it. Before I must warn you that they do not admit residents of the United States, at least for now. And this is not due to discrimination, it is due to legal problems that arose with Telegran when the original TON Project was implemented. I could say that this is an inherited evil. joining the TRON community, although it is not explicitly stated on their website and that is a suggestion. There should be a tab labeled JOIN THE COMMUNITY on their web page, however I will give you the steps to join In the search bar place Sign the free declaration of decentralization, Select the box that will appear immediately at the bottom, with the same legend, When you select the option or box you will be presented with the declaration of decentralization document, so you can read it carefully, then select the Join and sign button, which will invite you to fill out the simple form to be accepted into the community, you can enter as a developer and validator or other. In my case I selected only validator. Once you have submitted the form with all the data you will automatically receive an email welcoming you to the community. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Since the appearance of cryptocurrencies I have always followed the subject with great interest, I think that if ethereum had appeared on the scene first, today Ethereum cryptocurrency would be the queen, Many people think that ethereum is only a cryptocurrency, but it is not, it is all a technological platform based on the Blockchain. I consider that since cryptocurrencies appeared at the beginning the boom and growth was exponential, The first ones took a high value, then came in a fall, later the recovery came and each one has currently recovered ground but moving its value in bands with maximums and minimums very small, I think the new cryptographic technology stalled for a long time, until the Etherum platform launched the concept of the token, something that for me is great and exciting, The Ethereum platform comes out of stagnation and the called ether token arise, which is nothing more than a cryptocurrency for internal use, externally it will be called ethereum. This new innovation will continue to grow and I predict a successful future, I repeat the concept of having actions called tokens on projects or companies seems great to me. The blockchain platform Ethereum was chosen to Tokenize the rewards of the Reddit social network. This says a lot about your near future, I am sure that the value of your cryptocurrency and your ether token will have a sustained upward trend, despite the issue of coronavirus. On the other hand many complain that it is a slow platform, however recently after many announcements and delays its protocol is being updated which will make your platform faster. It will surely increase the cost of transactions, but making an analogy if you want to have a good and luxurious car, it is logical that its maintenance will be more expensive. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Nxt NXT: Another complementary product to the Ardor platform

It has its own chain of blocks on which there are very specific features, is considered a child block of the Ardor platform that we remember was composed of multiple blocks in a hierarchical tree with the main block Ardor. Under this product operates the exchange of assets completely decentralized, I see it as the module that manages the financial part, under this chain of blocks can be issued any token for multiple uses at the discretion of whoever issues the token. Other relevant functionalities that we can mention are: allows management of surveys, messaging, digital commerce with prices based on their NXT token, transfer data to the block chain, In short, it is an important product that complements the brilliant Ardor platform with its specific functionalities Tam incelemeye bakın

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