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Review on Eidoo by José A Rodríguez

Eidoo: a DeFi Multi-currency Wallet with Options for Professional Investors

Eidoo is a digital cryptocurrency wallet with good developments and excellent design. It works in multiple ways, but its major advantage is to serve as a partner not only to store but also to show support into the decentralized finances of the marketplace, just those connected to it, of course. It is available since so very long in different options, so it is practical to try it for free. I suggest the desktop options that it is more comfortable and even available to use off-line. The good thing about it is that it is a multi-currency wallet with a good token selection. It also counts with the special support from nay leading companies. Some of them are even new in the crypto-world, but they provide reliable support and services.

The company besides having released this product to store multiple tokens also brings support to the companies linked to it. It helps them with their DeFi since it was designed specially to cover this task. The wallet has been updated with a new protocol and the most innovative technology support. It counts with a system called PNT that empowers all sections of the entire ecosystem of the wallet and even the platform. When I think of this wallet I imagine more another blockchain release as an exchange service, instead of being a real wallet. There are no issues with this, but this product serves more to investments instead of just storing and trading.

However, another good thing about it is that it permits to link different debit cards from the company itself where the user has an account to trade and buy with multiple coins. The mobile app will provide them with excellent alternatives to make the payments, and they will show every transaction registered as a common blockchain. It also has an exchange with a standard design, but so much lucrative for the company. It is not the best and most unique creation, but the company is committed to provide good things to their customers and boost even more the current DeFi associations.

In conclusion, Eidoo wallet is just a good design available for free in the marketplace. It is recommendable to use just if the customer is self-centred in DeFi options because it works from that way, it means it is better for professional investors. It is not a common product to store tokens but it is doing good labour. However, the company is still waiting to release so many other things. Their actions are not yet completed.

Pros & cons

  • Unique design for promotions Not only a way to store tokens but also chances to trading them and understanding the DeFi world.
  • App available everywhere for mobiles and desktop. Both version are great to use and very practical when doing any of the different actions it permits.
  • Good technology support and excellent partnership with decentralized companies looking to grow up, even more, the finances for everyone.
  • Not a common wallet. Using it can be disruptive and difficult to new users in the marketplace looking for a product just to store limitless tokens.
  • There are many things with the operative system yet to improve. The company is waiting to announce new updates.
  • There is no clear knowledge of what kind of tokens it support, at least the user enters to it and gets the app.