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Review on Guarda Wallet by José A Rodríguez

Solving Crypto Storage Limits with a Multi-Functional Shield

With the growing fact of blockchain networks and cryptocurrencies; nowadays based on more than 5,000 different projects, companies decided to create wallets to store our assets fastly and securely. Many projects give a sense of trustworthiness to new users by showing effectiveness and privacy at the moment of checking our funds' storage.

Among those sort of wallets, there exists one that has implemented until now five steps to become a reliable and secure crypto storage service, Guarda Wallet represents a stronger shield in the crypto market, and for that reason, I based its benefits in today's review. 

Guarda Wallets is one of those post-projects designed for saving cryptos that worked out a feasible plan of development for protection and multiple tasks. I opened an online account to this wallet to check its effectiveness and explore the list of coins currently admitted. I liked the interface a lot, it goes directly to the point of storing without causing bad impressions. It runs fast and operates 24/7. After registering the wallet gives users the option of downloading a backup recovery seed. I think the backup is so long, but it is for extra protection in case of losing access to the wallet keys.

I also noticed the wallet has certain different functions for all cryptos and utility tokens listed on it. In the case of Bitcoin, the company released a Multi-Sig feature that improves security and transaction availability among parties. For other services, I offer you the following list of benefits I encountered more important:

:emoji: Advanced and Improved security. The wallet available for different access operates under an Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), perhaps it seems to be basic, but it is potent. Thereby, digital access is protected against anonymous servers.

:emoji: Multi-service wallet support. I've reviewed multi-currencies wallets before. Most of them have different services, but in the case of Guarda there are more and efficient services listed like options to buy and exchange cryptos, generate blockchain domains

:emoji: Cryptocurrency price's informer. I noticed that in any token I choose to send or receive assets, the app updates the current prices in the entire market, showing the deflationary statistics as well as the general movements.  

:emoji: All-in-one technology. Browsing through Guarda Wallet is understanding the amount of time invested to set a functional technology based on modern development.

Informative Blog. Having the wallet is not enough, for that reason, Guarda Wallet's team created an academic blog to maintain users informed of the latest agreements, updates, and coming functionalities. Besides, it publishes other projects' status which is a good point for keeping updated.

All these advantages could serve as pros, but they are just part of something bigger. In conclusion, Guarda Wallet is trusted and a very effective shield for our token storage as its logo shows. I'm giving it a try and I expect new users looking for a safe wallet to also consider it.

Pros & cons

  • Great multi-server availability. It is easy to set up the wallet whatever the device is, it works digitally and in mobiles. It is available for iOS, Android, Windows (32bits), Linux. 
  • Efficient multi-features wallet. It runs with many services that include great cryptos receptivity, low fees, exchanging, and so on.
  • Innovative wallet with speed-centered features. Every transaction is executed within minutes.
  • Checked security and privacy. The safety features of this wallet are also updated. Although they are based on standard encryption, the process is enough to be secure.
  • Staking options. Guarda wallet users can generate incomes for staking the trades coins.
  • Needs to give multi-sig features to other potent altcoins running through the ERC-20 feature.