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Review on Guarda Wallet by Joseph Bello

Combining Massive Security Features And A Nice Interface Can Only Be Done By The Guarda Wallet

The Guarda wallet happens to belong to the group of crypto wallets that has caught my fantasy majorly due to the numerous security features they possess and display. I would be talking majorly about these security features in my review. The Guarda wallet has been I existence for some years now and has been able to make some major achievement like partnering with the major exchange platform in the blockchain network, Binance. They have also been able to make their platform captivating by developing an interface that suites both newbies and experienced traders. This has just been able to prove their high level of expertise in what they do. The wallet has their mobile application available on both mobile (Android and iPhone OS) and desktop devices (Linux, Windows and Mac OS) and I had mine downloaded on my mobile device. I really got interest in the wallet when I discover that they don't only permit the use of fingerprint to unlock a user account but also allow face ID. It happen to be one of the wallets that allows that and I've come across. The numerous security features they offer are as follows:

1. Encryption Of Private Keys: The Guarda wallet has been able to successfully encrypt users private keys and have them stored on the browsers cache. This would help to prevent any form of hack involving the use of private keys. They also encrypt backups and have them stored on the users

2. Allows The Use Of Face Or Touch ID: As I've said earlier, the Guarda wallet happens to be amongst the very few crypto wallets that allows user gain access to their wallet via face ID. I find it interesting and less stressful to use my fingerprint or face ID to gain access to my account on the Guard

3.Compatibility With Hardware Wallets: The Guarda wallet is compatible with Hardware wallets. This would help to enhance its security when in usage. Hardware wallets like Trezor can be connected directly to the Guarda wallet to give the best of security system you want.

4. Shielded Wallet: The Guarda wallet has been able to make a shielded wallet available for the privacy token, Zcash. This would help to make transactions involving this token more

The Guarda wallet has been able to provide all the security features I need, what else do I need as a prove to show how secured it is? Nice work from the establishes actually

Pros & cons

  • They have put in place many security features to protect their users funds
  • Allows multi signature, for the sole purpose of securing funds
  • Their fees are affordable, although not too cheap
  • They allow staking of funds on their platform
  • Applications available on both mobile and desktop devices
  • The Guarda wallet seems to have just positive features to me
Thalhat Shuaib
January 10, 2021
This were the exact reasons why I picked Guarda Wallet, because of the security put in place. I am glad you spotted that out, hence other users will be happy storing their coins un wallets they trust