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Review on Crypto Assault by Adejoh Samuel

Strategy Plus Action Gives Crypto Assault

I am a type of person that enjoy action type of games mostly. This has been shown by the type of games I play on my mobile devices, games like San Andreas, Call off duty and Modern Combat (all these games aren't online, blockchain based games but easily download-able offline games). I mostly enjoy the mass destructions, bloodshed and 3D effects they display on these types of games. Interestingly, I got distracted from these types of games ever since I got introduced to the blockchain games. Coming to these types of games, I was somehow disappointed (not because the game's I saw weren't interesting but because I thought they didn't have the genre I love) at the type of games I saw, games like blockchain cuties (Monster games) and gods Unchained (card game). This continued to more than a year until I came across the game, CryptoAssault. It's a 3D action game that was developed by CryptoAssault inc. under the management of Dan Chao. They have made the game interesting by using high quality graphics and a no-story storyline (meaning the storyline of the game is determined by the player). Playing the game is easy but gaining Mastery requires time and dedication to it as it is a Strategy game.

First, all purchases are made using Ethereum. Units are the things to be purchased and are ERC-721 based tokens. This purchased units would have to go to the global map, compete amongst the thousands of available players and if battles are won, bring back rewards. These units are six in number and exists in the form of Tank, Truck, Mech, Jet and Helicopter. These forms can be regrouped as the Land and Air units with each unit having their strength and weakness. For example, that Land units would have to avoid water, trees and many other obstacles but the air unit would simply fly over them. These units have a sole function of capturing territory. Each territory captured gives the players rewards. Moreover, the more territories captured, the more probability of having the daily drop of a satellite packed with mouth watering rewards. Rewards are also distributed according to the number of territories a player have in control. Resources can also be mined on the game, these resources brings rewards in the form of Ethereum tokens.Another feature of the game is the possibility of making an alliance. For an assured victory, alliances are advice able. When a player allies with another, the player beind faced will have little or no hope of winning the battle. This would come as a disadvantage when you are the one being attacked, making alliances a very vital key in winning battles and consequently earning much on this game.

The game happens to be nice and seriously working on advancements especially in the prices of units. I also think they would have to upgrade their graphics. Although it was actually nice, I was expecting better. Having an up-to-task competitor is also something I hope to see in the nearest future as this would make each of the competitor focuses and keen on giving out the best.

Pros & cons

  • It's an action game with good graphics that can still be worked upon
  • The game is completely decentralized as this is shown in the company that produced it
  • Buying units require the use of one of the most popular cryptocurrency, Ethereum
  • They tend to give daily rewards to players
  • They have made alliances possible on the game
  • It is a very competitive type of game that involves each and every player putting his or her best to it
  • They are yet to have an up-to-task competitor in the industry and I feel this would make them a bit relentless in making advancements
Praise Olagbadun
December 20, 2020
The Crypto Assault is a nice game actually. You would have to get your units stong and ready for battle in case of my invasion. Alliances can also be made. I'd prefer allying with otyye players online cos this would ascertain victory.
Naomi Ilani
December 20, 2020
Action games are actually nice, although they are not my type of genre. This Crypto Assault is a nice game actually. The most part of the game I enjoy is the fact that rewards are easily gotten from the game. I think it would actually require expertise to earn on this game, that alone would discourage me from playing the game. I would therefore recommend it to real gamers.