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Review on CryptoFlowers by Francisco Varela

Revainrating 4 out of 5

CryptoFlowers Game

It is an ideal game for lovers of collectible games, this time it is not about monsters or cards but flowers, which are created by mixing two flowers and the resulting hybrid flower is genetically composed with unique characteristics obtained from their parents.
This game is based on the ethereum blockchain which guarantees players complete ownership of the flowers.
To start the game you must invest a minimum amount in the purchase of a flower in the expoflowers which is like a kind of market where the flowers are auctioned to other flower growers, it is advisable to buy two and immediately start raising and growing flowers and make a profit of them.

  • Although they are not properly coins, they provide the same level of security.
  • It has augmented reality that makes the flowers much more beautiful and vibrant.
  • The value of the flowers increases proportionally with the rarity and exuberance of it.
  • Similar games that attract more public.

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