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Review on Gods Unchained by Eunice Olagbadun

God's Unchained, The First Card Game I've Played

Before now, I never imagined that I would be so interested in playing games until I came across the blockchain games. I actually love their mastery in mixing colours and the fact that one plays the game in return for little money or funds as rewards. It got me checking out games that has the highest reviews and positive comments and in that process, I came across the Gods Unchained. Well, before now; I have never played a game of cards (that is, games that involve cards). Most of the blockchain games I play belong to the monster-breeding classor action games with little of strategy. So getting adapted to this game became some sort of a problem to me but thanks to their customer support team and their interface that is simple to understand, as in a matter of days I got used to the game and today, I'm almost an expert in it.

The God's Unchained is a card and strategy game that is built on the blockchain technology and makes use of the ERC-20 and ERC-721 to play. The term ERC is used for Ethereum-based or built tokens. Well, the fact that it uses these tokens becamea kinda problem to me as the GAS fees charged by the Ethereum network is much. But that wasn't much of a problem any longer as I am preparing to make my first withdrawal from the game. To start playing the game, one would need an Ethereum wallet (take myself as an example, I made use of the Metamask) and some Ethereum is needed to make purchases (like buying the cards you would use to play the game).

My experience with the game wasn't much of a stress to me as they have their tutorials available where players fight an virtual opponent. This mode is used for practice mainly making ones progress or card save in the process of playing it. After going through this mode, I proceeded to the main game mode which would involve one facing real players around the world, this mode is known as the Ranked Constructed. Although at first I found it difficult to win battles and cards simultaneously (as every battle won gifts players some cards). But when I implemented the steps I learnt from the solo mode, I wasn't finding it difficult any longer. Lest I forget, for one to play this game, you would have to choose a deck (a god or the character you would love to use). These decks comes in the forms of the following:

1. The god of war which is known as Auros.

2. The od of magic, Elyrian

3. The goddess of death, Malissus

4. The goddess of deception, Ludia

These are the ones I've been able to use and enjoy although they have others like the god of light and the goddess of nature. One should know that just one character is used for each game and if any of these decks doesn't match your standard, you would be able to make your own deck but would require a higher rating (which I haven't attained yet and makes me not too qualified to talk about it). The God's unchained being the first card game I've played in the blockchain network turned out nice, I guess I would have to try out some couple of card games.

Pros & cons

  • Their interface turned out beautifully designed
  • Their customer support team were very supportive and they also have a practice mode available
  • One can earn by winning and getting cards in return
  • The game requires strategy
  • I don't really know if they have a mobile application because I played the game on Chrome
Mathias David
January 23, 2021
If the gods Unchained looks this interesting to you, I'm just wondering what would happen if you get to know about another card game, Splinterlands. I guess Splinterlands graphics are better than gods Unchained and some other factors out there