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Review on Gods Unchained by Adejoh Samuel

Building An Undefeatable Team On The God's Unchained

The gods unchained is a fantasy card game that is built and relies on the Ethereum network. It is one of the prominent and well known crypto game in the industry till date. The game itself isn't based on the blockchain network but the card is. These collectible cards are purchase using the Ethereum token. These Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), meaning a type of token that can be bought and sold as you please is available for purchase on Ethereum wallets. Each new member enjoys about 70 free cards to start with. If more cards are needed, the progress you have made on the game would determine that and it can also be purchased (as I have said earlier).

The game story line is such that you would have to build a great army, which is the card actually. These armies would go to battle with real players and when these battles are won, progresses are made. Money can also be made from this platform and money must be spent to progress higher. To be able to progress and do it faster, one would have to purchase these cards which are as follows in respect to their complexity: Legendary, Shiny Legendary, Epic, Rare and Common. Obviously, getting the Legendary is the best but, it is more expensive. In order to make purchases, one would have to connect his or her Ethereum wallet to this site (I have gotten my Metamask connected) as this is where all purchases are made.

The game is really interesting but they still have some flaws. One is the cryptocurrency they use. Ethereum purchases happens to charge alot as gas fees. These fees happens to be highly pronounced as buying a card of about $25 (the Legendary pack) would cost me $32.50). This fee happens to be really high, I think they should work on changing the crypto they use to something like Tron or any other one out there. Another thing is the fact that they are yet to have their mobile version. This game has been limited to PCs and Mac devices only and are yet to have a mobile version for players. This happens to be mainly because they are new to the system but I feel getting a mobile version would increase the number of active players. Because, playing with mobile devices is more comfortable than with a PC and many people uses mobile phones while few uses PC.

They have been able to make a very intuitive platform that caught my fabtasy. Everything needed is properly outlined and the game can be played by even a person new to the blockchain world. Building an undefeatable team of players is the main aim of the game, this has resulted into making the game a very competitive and fun packed one. It has created a platform for gamers out there to show off their gaming skills.

Pros & cons

  • The game is completely decentralized
  • They makes use of an NFT, making all purchases easily executable
  • They have a nearly designed UI
  • Its token is built on the Ethereum network, one of the most popular crypto in the world
  • Due to the fact that it's tokens are built on the Ethereum network, having an Ethereum wallet has been necessitated to gain access to the game
  • The Ethereum cryptocurrency happens to charge high gas fee for transactions made
  • They are yet to have their mobile versions designed
Praise Olagbadun
December 20, 2020
Card games happens to be one of the toughest type of games that can be played. This is mainly because it requires strategy to gain mastery. The gods Unchained is also a card game but this time around with a difference. This one would have one putting in real money to it and in return one can get real cash. It's a nice game but I don't really like card games
Killer Bean
December 20, 2020
Wow! Gods Unchained, what an awesome game, i just got mine but i haven't played it yet, it is really saddening that this game doesn't have a mobile app. This review about Gods Unchained is elaborate and concise, nice one !