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Review on Gods Unchained by Josh Bellz


Gods unchained Is an online card game built based on the ethereum block chain platform and it is the first game to be powered by coinbase.I was quite surprised when I got to hear about the game ,what got me surprised was the fact that I could actually get paid for having fun and so I decided to take a bold step to try out the game,by trying out the game I myself got to know that I could be working and at the same time simultaneously derive pleasure and fun.

I was amazed to know that on gods unchained every player is giving an opportunity to play the game for free without the need of purchasing the deck,the mode that enables this feature is called the solo mode. The main aim of the game is to groom up new players to get accustom tho the game's rule by playing with the A.I but on this platform I didn't receive any reward or card cause the game mode had no effect on my ELO ratings. Another mode that ison the game is called the ranked standard ,this mode match's me up with other human players ,this mode of the game has an effect on my ELO rating and so it allows me to get rewards and card by playing the advanced mode. Before any one can take part in the ranked standard mode they will have to purchase a deck ,with each deck having it's own collections of cards.

I can decide to improve my collections of cards and decks by making purchase for news ones that suit my present level requirements on the game's market place. This is made easy since the mster cards are non- fungible tokens ,meaning every card is being verified before they are bought or sold out to confirm its authenticity to allow all cards holder have complete ownership over the cards in their possession ,this is why all cards owners can easily and conveniently have access to their cards when playing the game in order for me to stand a chance against my opponents. It is true that the cost of purchasing a deck is high and the gas fee needed for the transaction to take places on ethereum is not helping matters,but the fact that I can later get back the money I used in making the purchase in multiple folds within a short while is the main reason I decided to give the game a try.

The game is all about learning the technics and strategies involved in playing (this is what the solo mode is basically meant to do). In the game I and every other players including my counterparts are giving are given 30 life points,my main target is to ensure I brings down my opponent's life point down to zero in order to win. This is why the need for an in formidable and powerful army of monster cards arise with each deck and cards consisting of powerful gods with unique abilities and skill is paramountfor me to have an upper hand against my opponents.

At my leisure time all I do is pick up my device and play the game to calm down my nerves and ease myself of all tension and stress cause gods unchained is a nice game that I can play over and over again as it mimics the the physical card game and I can so generate funds from playing the game.

Pros & cons

  • it is fun and interesting
  • The game has a nice graphics and display
  • it allows new users to play the game for free before buying decks
  • the cards can be exchanged for funds
  • They games charges for the deck is high
  • making purchase might appear difficult to new users